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Default Re: Aptitude Question Paper for PATNI Placement

Here I am giving you question paper for Aptitude placement examination question paper of PATNI in PDF file with it …

Some questions are given below :

1. Six years ago I was three times as old as my brother, and now I am twice as old my brother. Find my brother's age.

a) 8 years b) 24 years c) 12 years d) 16 years

2. A boy standing idle sounds a whistle to his friend at a distance of 1200 m moving away from him in a speeding car at 108 kms /hr. Find the duration after which his friend is going to hear him. (Speed of sound = 330m/sec).

a) 3.6 secs b) 4.00 secs c) 40 secs d) None of these

3. Sneh's age is 1/6th of her father's age. Sneh's father's age will be twice of Vimal's age after 10 years. If Vimal's eighth birthday was celebrated two years before, what is Sneh's present age?

a) 24 years b) 30 years c) 6 2/3 years d) None of these

4. Three years ago the average of A and B was 18 Years. With C joining them now, the average becomes 22 years. How old is C now?

a) 24 years b) 27 years c) 28 years d) 30 years

5. A train traveling at 42 kms/ hr passes a cyclist going in the same direction in 9 secs. If the cyclist had been going in the opposite direction, the train would have passed him in 5 secs. Find the length of the train.

a) 75 meters b) 60 meters c) 90 meters d) 80 meters

6. A person walks a distance of 18 kms at a particular speed. For the next 30 kms he increases his speed by 2 kmph. Had he walked the entire distance at 3 kmph more than his initial speed, he would have reached 4 hours earlier. Find his initial speed.

a) 3 kms/hr b) 2 kms/hr c) 4 kms/hr d) None of these

7. A man starts from B to K, another starts from K to B, at the same time. After passing each other they complete their journeys in 3.33 and 4.80 hours respectively. Find the speed of the second man if the speed of the first is 12 km/ hr

a) 12 kms/hr b) 10 kms/hr c) 14 kms/hr d) Data inadequate

8. A train traveling at 40 kms / hr while inside the tunnel meets another train of half its length traveling at 60 kms / hr and passes it completely in 4.5 seconds. Find the length of the tunnel if the first train passes completely through it in 4 minutes 37.5 seconds.

a) 2000 meters b) 3000 meters c) 4000 meters d) 5000 meters

9. When a stone is dropped from a building 200 m high, its speed is proportional to the time elapsed after dropping. The distance traveled is proportional to the square of the time elapsed. After 1 second the speed of the train was 10 m/sec and it was 190 m above the ground. When its speed is 25 m/sec, what would be its distance from the ground?

a) 140 m b) 137.5 m c) 125.75 m d) 142.5 m

10. The ratio of 3x years from now?

a) 18 b) 24 c) 30 d) 54

11. If A is 25 kms east of B, which is 12 kms south of C, which is 9 kms west of D. A person starts walking at 3 kms/hr from A towards D. Calculate the distance of the point from A where he is going to meet a person from D walking towards A at 2 kms / hr.

a) 20 b) 12 c) 8 d) 20 sqrt (12*8)

12. Walking at 6/7th of his usual speed, a man is 25 mins too late. His usual time is

a) 7.5 hrs b) 1.5 hrs c) 2.5 hrs d) 1.67 hrs

13. Excluding stoppages, the speed of the bus is 54 kms /hr and with stoppages, it is 45 kmph. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour?

a) 9 b) 10 c) 12 d) 20

14. The average age of 12 students is 20 years. If the age of one more student is included, the average decreases by 1, what is the age of the new student?

a) 5 b) 7 c) 9 d) 11

15. The ratio of the ages of Mona and Sona is 4:5. Twelve years hence, their ages will be in the ratio of 5:6. What will be Sona's age after 6 years?

a) 8 b) 10 c) 12 d) 14

16. Conversation between two mathematicians:

First: I have three children. The product of their ages is 36. If you sum their ages, it is exactly same as my neighbor's door number on my left. The second mathematician verifies the door number and says that it is not sufficient. Then the first says "Ok one more clue is that my youngest is really the youngest". Immediately the second mathematician answers. Can you answer the question asked by the first mathematician? What are the children ages?

17. A train after traveling 50 kms from A meets with an accident and proceeds at 4/5th of the former speed and reaches B, 45 min late. Had the accident happened 20 kms further on, it would have arrived 12 mins sooner. Find the original speed and the distance.

18. Recently, I decided to walk down an escalator of a tube station. I did some quick calculation in my mind. I found that if I walk down twenty " six steps, I require thirty seconds to reach the bottom. However, if I am able to step down thirty " four stairs, I would only require eighteen seconds to get to the bottom. If the time is measured from the moment the top step begins to descend to the time I step off the last step at the bottom, can you

Patni Computers Placement Question Paper
1. square root of(PQ)=8 then 4 options
Ans+q =1: is not possible

2. equilateral triangle of side 10 units. cow is teethered with a rope of length 7 units at one of the vertex. Find the area of the field grazed. ans-77/3

3. Series till 50 terms: 2+3-5 +2+3-5+. ans:5

4. when x is diveded by 299 remainder is 100. then when x is divided by 23 remainder is ? ans:8

5. there r 2 groups A and B. A boy goes from gp A to gp B. When he goes the ave wt of both the gps A and B increases. Then? ans:ave wt of gp A>wt of boy is>ave wt of gp B

6. (7^2)^3 and 7^2^3. What is the relation between the 2 . ie >,< ,= ans- (7^2)^3<7^2^3.

7. Train speed 36kph. Dist travelled in 3minutes in meters ans-1800m

8. with the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6 make all 6 digit nos which r not divisible by 5. The no of such 6 digit nos is ans:600

8. x 2.5 3.5 1.5
y25 49 9 then what is the relation between x and y
ans:y is directly proportional to (2x)^2

9. 18kg of fresh grapes have 90% water. dry grapes have 20% water. then the weight of the dry grapes is ans:2.25kg

10. population is 20000. Pop increases by 10% every year, then the pop after 3 years is? ans-26620

11. Dist bet 2 places A and B is given. A man P starts from place A at 9 pm and another man Q goes from B at 10pm . Speed of Q is double of that of P. Both cover 1/4 dist in the same time interval. then A travels the entire dist in time ? ans:8hrs

12. Entry fee is Re1. There r 3 rides each is of Re1. Total boys entering is 3000. Total income is Rs 7200. 800 students do all the 3 rides. 1400 go for atleast 2 rides. None go the same ride twice. Then no of students who do not go any ride is
ans:1400 (check-1000)

13. 1,23,45,67 ans:-89

14. m is div by 5, n is div by 5 ,m-n is div by 5 m*n is div by 25
ans:then m+n is not div by 10

15. Cube of side 5 cms is fully painted in alll the 6 sides. it is then cut into cubes each of side 1 cms. then prob that 2 sides r painted is ans:36/125

16. A is 25% bigger than B B is 20% less than C then the relation bet A, B, C ans 5:4:5

17. A cone and a sphere have the same radius. and in the cone we put the sphere then how much of sphere will be inside the cone
a)1/2 b)>1/2 c)<1/2 ans d)1/4

18. there r 5 papers Ratio of marks obtained in each subject is 6:7:8:9:10. Total marks obtained is 60%. 50% is pass marks. In how many subjects did he get above 50%. ans:4

19. which one is not correct a)cube rootof 343.
b)3.24 is not an integer Ans:none of these

20. A and B r 2 men who enter into business and they invest Rs 1000, Rs 2000resp. How will they divide the income of Rs 5000 .ans 5000/3 & 5000(2/3)

21. 9C2 + 9C3 +10C4=? ans 11c4

22. 10^23-7 is divided by 6, remainder is? ans-3

23. if x+y+z =1. then xy+yz+zx is
a)<1/2 ans b)>1/2 c)=1/2

24. .nos from 1 to 100.
a)find all the nos which r divisble by 3,9,27 "33
b)at least 2 "11
c) only 2 "8
d) none "67

25. 3 balls inside a bag having nos on it written 1 , 2, 3 on it. a ball is taken and then put inside it. Find probability that all 3 nos r the same when it is taken 3 times ans-1/27

26. 15c6+15c7+16c8=== 17cx ans- x== 8 or 9.

27. three men invested sum. and their ratio is 5:7:6. profit is 5400.then b's share ans"2100

28. sum of all 5 digit nos formed using 1,3,5,7,9. ans"6666600 (11111+33333+55555+77777+99999)*24. each digit occupies all the places for 24 times.

29. x and y even nos. x>y which is even. a)x+y b)x-y c) 2x/y (not)

30. 1/2 divived by 1/2 of 1/2 ) whole divided by 1/2 +1/2 of 1/2
ans"" 2 2/3. or 8/3.

31. trees of heights 30 and 40 sepatated by a river. fish in the river is at equal dis from top of the trees where two birds r
there.ratio of the distances from fish to the root of the tress

32. three cones (r=r,l=2r)are arranged upright so that each cone is in contact with other two .and a circle is formed passing
through its vertices. what will be its radius. ans 2r/sqrt(3)

33. What number must be added to 1/x to make it equal to x. Ans. (x2-1)x

34. Some pen bought something at loss for Rs 60.He then sold it the price of 81 and his profit was 20% of the loss.At what price did he buy the object. Ans. calculate. ans-77.50

35. one disk of 20cm radius, out of that 4 disk of 5cm are cut , find diffrence of leftout and cut out area:ans-200pi

36. (X)+(1/x)=3 then (xsquare) + 1/(xsquare) = ??ANS-7

37. a box contain 4 small bos, each small box again contain 3 box,again these box contain 2 box . total how many boxes ANS-1+4+12+24=41

38. between 100 to 200 how many no are divisible by both 3 and 2 and 100,200 are inclusive? ans-68

39. How many two digit no you make by 1,2,3,4,0 Ans=16 because 0 is not in the 10th place.

40. (25) 32 and (25.)31 in both cases 6 in the last position. What should be in the blanks? Ans 6

41. In a GD there is no restriction in saying something between the participants. A, B, C, D, E be the participant. What's is probability to say B before A. i) 20%, ii) 40%, iii) 50%, iv) none of these. Ans. 50%.

42. You have only 1 kg weight. You have to weight 31kg. Min number of measurements you have to done. Ans. 5 as 1+2+4+8+16=31.

43. Min (a, b, c)=min of a, b, c Max (a, b, c,)=max of a, b, c then what is the value of MAX {min (2,5,7), max (-7, -2, -3), 3}. ans-3

44. The product of two consecutive odd no is -1, then what is the value of the sum of them. Ans. 0 as -1*1 becomes -1.

45. Few years ago on 31st January on her 26th birthday a lady laid a baby. Now what's the sum of their ages? i) 37, ii) 38, iii) 43, iv) 51. I am confused about the answer. It may be any even no. as (26+x)+x. So I think it are 38.

46. 81*82*83*84*85*86*87*89. What should be in the unit place in this product?
Ans. It must be 0 as 5*2=10

47. In a company ones salary increases 6/5 times in every year. After 4 year of joining average salary is 1342. Then what's the starting salary of the company? A) 900, b) 1000, c) 1100, d) 1200. Ans.= 1000

48. Perimeter of an equilateral and isosceles is 45 and 40 respectively. At least one of the sides of isosceles is equal to the equilateral. What's the base of isosceles triangle? Ans. 10. As. 45/3=15. 15+15+10=40.

49. Two people P Q start a race in a circular track in opposite way different but constant speed. First they meet 900m cw from the starting pt. Then they meet 800m ccw from the starting pt. What's the circumference of the circle.
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Default Re: Aptitude Question Paper for PATNI Placement

You are asking for the PATNI Placement papers. Here I Am provides you the PATNI Placement papers. This is as follows:

Aptitude Questions with Answers for Time & Distance Problems

1)A train covers a distance in 50 min ,if it runs at a speed of 48kmph on an average.The speed at which the train must run to reduce the time of journey to 40min will be.

1. Solution::
Time=50/60 hr=5/6hr
New speed = 40* 3/2 kmph= 60kmph

2)Vikas can cover a distance in 1hr 24min by covering 2/3 of the distance at 4 kmph and the rest at 5kmph.the total distance is?

2. Solution::
Let total distance be S
total time=1hr24min
A to T :: speed=4kmph
T to S :: speed=5km
21/15 hr=2/3 S/4 + 1/3s /5
= 6km

3)walking at ¾ of his usual speed ,a man is late by 2 ½ hr. the usual time is.

3. Solution::
Usual speed = S
Usual time = T
Distance = D
New Speed is ¾ S
New time is 4/3 T
4/3 T – T = 5/2
T=15/2 = 7 ½

4)A man covers a distance on scooter .had he moved 3kmph faster he would have taken 40 min less. If he had moved 2kmph slower he would have taken 40min more.the distance is

Let distance = x m
Usual rate = y kmph
x/y – x/y+3 = 40/60 hr
2y(y+3) = 9x ————–1
x/y-2 – x/y = 40/60 hr y(y-2) = 3x —————–2
divide 1 & 2 equations
by solving we get x = 40

Due to stoppages,it covers 9km less.
time taken to cover 9 km is [9/54 *60] min = 10min
6)Two boys starting from the same place walk at a rate of
5kmph and 5.5kmph respectively.wht time will they take to be
8.5km apart, if they walk in the same direction

The relative speed of the boys = 5.5kmph – 5kmph = 0.5 kmph
Distance between them is 8.5 km
Time= 8.5km / 0.5 kmph = 17 hrs
7)2 trains starting at the same time from 2 stations 200km
apart and going in opposite direction cross each other ata
distance of 110km from one of the stations.what is the ratio of
their speeds.

7. Solution::
In same time ,they cover 110km & 90 km respectively
so ratio of their speed =110:90 = 11:9
8)Two trains start from A & B and travel towards each other at
speed of 50kmph and 60kmph resp. At the time of the meeting the
second train has traveled 120km more than the first.the distance
between them.8. Solution::
Let the distance traveled by the first train be x km
then distance covered by the second train is x + 120km
x/50 = x+120 / 60
x= 600
so the distance between A & B is x + x + 120 = 1320 km
9)A thief steals a ca r at 2.30pm and drives it at 60kmph.the
theft is discovered at 3pm and the owner sets off in another car
at 75kmph when will he overtake the thief

9. Solution::
Let the thief is overtaken x hrs after 2.30pm
distance covered by the thief in x hrs = distance covered by
the owner in x-1/2 hr
60x = 75 ( x- ½)
x= 5/2 hr
thief is overtaken at 2.30 pm + 2 ½ hr = 5 pm
10)In covering distance,the speed of A & B are in the ratio
of 3:4.A takes 30min more than B to reach the destion.The time
taken by A to reach the destinstion is.

10. Solution::
Ratio of speed = 3:4
Ratio of time = 4:3
let A takes 4x hrs,B takes 3x hrs
then 4x-3x = 30/60 hr
x = ½ hr
Time taken by A to reach the destination is 4x = 4 * ½ = 2 hr

Here I am also uploading a file that contains the complete Aptitude Question Paper for PATNI Placement. You can download this from here. This is as follows:
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