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Default Re: Patni Placement Aptitude Test Question Paper

Computer Systems, presently iGATE after merging with it is a provider of IT services & Business solutions and is a subsidiary of iGATE Corporation.
List of few aptitude questions are given below:
1. square root of(PQ)=8 then 4 options
Ans+q =1: is not possible

2. equilateral triangle of side 10 units. cow is teethered with a rope of length 7 units at one of the vertex. Find the area of the field grazed.

3. Series till 50 terms: 2+3-5 +2+3-5+.

4. when x is diveded by 299 remainder is 100. then when x is divided by 23 remainder is ?

5. there r 2 groups A and B. A boy goes from gp A to gp B. When he goes the ave wt of both the gps A and B increases. Then?
ans:ave wt of gp A>wt of boy is>ave wt of gp B

6. (7^2)^3 and 7^2^3. What is the relation between the 2 . ie >,< ,=
ans- (7^2)^3<7^2^3.

7. Train speed 36kph. Dist travelled in 3minutes in meters

8. with the digits 1,2,3,4,5,6 make all 6 digit nos which r not divisible by 5. The no of such 6 digit nos is

8. x 2.5 3.5 1.5 y25 49 9 then what is the relation between x and y
ans:y is directly proportional to (2x)^2

9. 18kg of fresh grapes have 90% water. dry grapes have 20% water. then the weight of the dry grapes is

10. population is 20000. Pop increases by 10% every year, then the pop after 3 years is?

For more questions,here I am giving attachment
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Default Re: Patni Placement Aptitude Test Question Paper

Here I am giving you iGATE Patni’s previous year’s placement test question paper of Aptitude and Computers.

Patni Placement Paper (Aptitude)

1. if jacob sold a watch costing rs.400 to john at 15% profit and john sold the same to sudhir at 15% profit, what is the price paid by sudhir?

a.460 b.510 c.529(ans) d.560

2. In a shop 80% of the articles are sold at a profit of 10% and the remaining at a loss of 40%.what is the overall profit/loss?

a.10% profit b.10% loss c.15% profit d. no profit, no loss(ans)

3. if an article with marked price of rs.400 is sold at successive discount of 10%,25% and 15%,what is the price the customer has to pay?

a.360 b.300 c.230(ans) d.270

4. the sides of a triangle are in the ratio 37.if the perimeter is 60 cms, the longest side is

a.7 b.30 c.28(ans) d.14

5. an article with cost price of 180 is sold at 15% profit. what is the selling price?

a.198 b.200 c.204 d.207(ans)

6. what part of x*x is power(x,2/3)?

a.60% b.66.7% c.69% d.can't say(ans)

7. 15% of 75 is the same as vx% of 450.find x.

a.1 b.2.5(ans) c.3 d.5

8. if the selling price of an object is rs.2300 and the profit percent is 15,what is the cost price?

a.1995(ans) b.1945 c.2000 d.2645

9.70% of x is greater than 1/3rd of x by 110.what is x?

a.100 b.200 c.300 d.350(ans)

10. the age of a and b are in the ratio 4:5 and of b and c in the ratio 3:2.the youngedt of three is

a.a b.b c.c(ans) d.can't say

11. a man buys postage stamps of denomination of 30ps. and 50 ps. for rs.10.00. he buys 22 stamps in all. find the no of 30ps. stamps bought by him.

a.5(ans) b.6 c.17 d.8

12. the ages of a and b are in the ratio 9:4. after 7 years the ratio of their aghes will be 5:3.find b's present age.

a.18 b.8(ans) c.7 d.16

13. if 28 is divided into two parts such that one fourth of the greater part is equal to one third of the lesser part,then the greater part is

a.16(ans) b.18 c.20 d.24

14.a man and a woman, walking together start out by both taking a step with the left foot. in order to keep together, the man whose stride is longer, takes two steps while the woman takes three. how many steps will the woman have taken they are both about to step out on the right foot for the first time together?

15. for communicating with its satellite,NASA has only two codes is equal to 2 and<= is equal to 3.whenever the two symbols appear together the value is taken as sum of each symbol. for example <=<=*** is equal to 3+3+2+2+2=12.which of the following is equal to <=<=<=** minus <**?

a.<=* b.<=** c.<=**** d.<=<=(ans)
16. if i sell two articles, one at 20% profit for rs.100 and the other at 20% loss for rs.100, what is my net profit/loss?

a.4.16 profit b.4.16 loss c.8.33 profit d.8.33 loss(ans)

17. if 85% of the population of an ant colony is red, and of these 45% are females, then what % of the total ant population are male red ants?

a.46.75(ans) b.40 c.33.66 d.66.66

18. what is the cost price of an article sold at rs.199 after two successive discount of 10% and 15%?

a.260(ans) b.200 c.234 d.220

19. if A and B can do a piece of work in 10 days and A alone can do it in 15 days, how long will B take to do it?

a.25 b.20 c.15 d.30

20. if 12 men working 2 hours a day take 10 days to complete a job, how long will 8 men working 6 hours a day take to do the same work?

a.5(ans) b.8 c.12 d.3

21.a mixture contains spirit and water in the ratio 5:1. another mixture contains spirit and water in the ratio 2:1.what is the ratio in which two mixtures are added to get the mixture in the ratio 5:2

a.5:2 b.2:5(ans) c.2:7 d.3:2

22..x:y=7:11, y:z=1:7.what is the least possible integral values of x given that z is 11x.

a.3(ans) b.9 c.7 d.10

23. pqrs is a rectangle having area 50. rx=1/4sr.what is the area of pqxs?

a.37.5 b.42.5 c.12 d.3

24.what is the area of a circle having the same perimeter as that of a square whose area is 121.

Patni Aptitude Placement Question Paper

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