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Default ICAR NET Previous Year Question Papers

Can you please give me the Indian Council of Agricultural Research National Eligibility Test previous year question papers?
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Default Re: ICAR NET Previous Year Question Papers

As you want to get the Indian Council of Agricultural Research National Eligibility Test previous year question papers so here is the information of the same for you:

1. Horticulture today contributes around of agril. GDP. (a) 30 (b) 24 (c) 20 (d) 18

2. The CII in India is (a) 160 (b) 145 (c) 140 (d) 130

3…. is the selective herbicide for broad leaved plants (a) Paraquat (b) Diquat (c) 2, 4-0 (d) None

4. Silver shoot symptoms in rice is due to…. (a) Gall midge (b) GLH (c) BPH (d) Powdery mildew

5. ICAR was established on the recommendation of Commission (a) Mehta (b) Lold Linlithgow (c) B. Vishwanath (d) None

6. Tetrad formation occur during (a) Leptotene (b) Pachytene (c) Zygotene (d) Diakinasis

7. Photolysis of water occur during (a) Respiration (b) Dark reaction (c) Cyclic photophosphorylation

(d) Non cyclic photophosphorylation

8. Vernalization treatment is necessary for (a) Flowering (b) Vegetative growth (c) Fruiting (d) Germination

9. Grassy shoot of sugarcane is caused by (a) Mycoplasma (b) Virus (c) Fungus (d) MLO

10. Prokaryotes has --- ribosome unit (a) 80 S (b) 70 S (c) Both (d) None

11. Mean, Median & Mode are same in the distribution (a) Standard (b) Binomial (c) Normal (d) Poisson

12. The total food grain production during 2002-03 (a) 190MT (b) 195 MT (c)212MT (d) 182 MT

13. Marthandam project was started by (a) F.L. Brayne (b) Spencer Hatch (c) Co\. Shitole (d) S.D. Dey

14. ----- is called as stress hormone (a) Auxin (b) Gibberllins (c) Cytokinin (d) ABA

15. Net capital ratio is Total assets Total current assets (a) Total liabilities (b) Total current liabilities Current assets (c) Owner's equity (d) None

16……. is the migratory pest (a) Catterpillars (b) Nematodes (c) Locusts (d) Mites

17. Certification of GM crops is done by ' Genetic Engg. Approval committee (a) JARJ (b) GEAC (c) GAEC (d) Govt. of India

18…… crop/crops is fare suitable for greenhouse cultivation (a) Sweet pepper b) Cucumber (c) Tomato (d) All

19. is the father of rose breeding (a) Dr. B.P. Pal (b) Mukherjee (c) Bhattachaterji (d) None

20. Which of the following is total root parasite (a) Cuscuta (b) Orabanche (c) Striga (d) Loranthus

21. Growing of crops in between kharif & Rabi seasons is (a) Relay cropping (b) Catch crop (c) Zaid cropping (d) None

22. The Brix reading of sugarcane should be before harvest (a) 16-18% (b) 18-22% (c) 22-24% (d) 24-26%

23.Bitterness in groundnut is due to (a) Alkaloid ( b) Tannin (c) Chemical spraying (d) Aflatoxin

24. …… discovered the animal cell first (a) Swan (c) Robert Hook (b) Schleiden d) Robert Brown

25. Yellow revolution is related to (a) Fisthery (b) Agroindustry (c) Onion d) Oilseed

26. is awarded as 'Bharatratna' for Green revolution (a) M.S. Swaminathan (b) K. Subramanyam(c) Dr. B.P. Pal (d) None

27. Hortscience is published by (a) ICAR (b) Hortil. Soc. of India (c) ASHS (d) Govt. of India

28. The is done to obtain virus free plants (a) Pollen culture (b) Cell culture (c) Embryo culture (d) Meristem culture

29.……is the siteof beta oxidation in the cell. (a) Chloroplast b) Vacuole (c) Mitochondria (d) Ribosomes

30. The present DG of ICAR is (a) Dr. R.S. Paroda (b) Dr. K.L. Chandha (c) Dr. Mangala Rai (d) Dr. G. Kaloo

31. India stands 1st in the production of (a) Tomato b) Cabbage (c) Onion (d) Okra

32. NBRI is situated at (a) New Delhi (b) Calcutta (c) Lucknow (d) Kanpur

33. Indian cardamon export is set back by __ country (a) Malaysia (b) Indonesia (c) Guatemala (d) China

34. India ranks in natural rubber production (a) 1st (b) 2nd (c) 3rd (d) 4th

35.___ is called a paddy straw mushroom (a) Volvariella (b) Shitake (c) Button (d) Oyster

36. country has highest productivity of Grape (a) India (b) Italy (c) Bulgaria (d) USA

37.The productivity of vegetable in India is (a) 11.2% (b) 14.4% (c) 12.8% (d) 15%

38. Which of the following is 'Nobel' winner for peace

(a) Dr. V. Kurian (b) Dr. Narman Bor1aug (c) M.K. Gandhi (d) Rabindranath Tagore for Literature

39. var. was introduced for improvement of skin colour in mango (a) Sensation (b) Tommy atkins (c) Carabao (d) Combodian

40.Bitterness in cucumber is due to (a) Glucosides (b) Acids (c) Alka1oides (d) Metaxenia

41. The 2n no. of Apple is (a) 32 (c) 24 (b) 34 (d) 40

42. Origin of Papaya is (a) Tropical America (b) South America (c) South Africa (d) Asia

43. The storage temperature of Banana is (a) 10°C (b) 13°C (c) 14-15°C (d) 8-9°C

44. Mutant var. of Mango is (a) Himsagar (b) Carabao (c) Rosica (d) Creeping

45. The wilt resistant rootstock of Guava is (a) P. guajava (c) P. friedrichthalinum (b) P. benjamina (d) None

46. is the cheapest for inducing artificial ripening of Banana (a) Ethrel (c) Calcium carbide (b) 2, 4-0 (d) Acetylene

47. Which of the following crop show protandry (a) Carrot (b) Tomato (c) Chilli (d) Brinjal

48. ------ onion var. are suitable for coloured dehydration (a) Red b) Yellow (c) White (d) All

49…… is the seedrate for pole variety of French bean (a) 60 kg/ha (c) 40-45 kg/ha (b) 80 kg/ha (d) 25-30 kg/ha

50.___ is the sexually sterile diploid (a) Chekurmanis (c) Garlic (b) Rhubarb (d) Beet

51. var of cabbage is resistant to black leg (a) Pusa Mukta (b) Pusa drum head (c) Golden acre (d) None

52. Fruit of crop is called 'Heap' (a) Rose (b) Jasmine (c) Chrysanthemum (d) Orchids

53. Seeds of …….. are devoid of endosperm. (a) Orchids (c) Rose (b) Anthurium (d) Carnation

54. Male sterile line in onion is isolated by…. (a) Pusa Red (c) Pusa Madhavi (b) Pusa Ratnar (d) Arka Bindu

55.____ element is necessary for root growth (b) P (d) Zn (a) N (c) K

56. Pineapple requires __ as N fertilizer (a) CAN (b) Urea (c) Ammonium sulphate (d) Amm. Phosphate

57.___ crop is devoid of root hairs (a) Mangosteen (c) Durian (b) Kiwi (d) Persimmon

58. The acid present in kokum…….. (a) Citric (c) Acetic (b) Malic (d) Hydroxy citric

59. Seedlesness in sindhu is due to __ parthenocarpy (a) Vegetative (b) Stenospermocarpy (c) Induced (d) None

60. Papaya shows sigmoidal curve (a) Single (c) Triple (b) Double (d) None

61. Banglore blue x Anab-e-shahi is a cross of var (a) Arka Hans (c) Arka kanchan (b) Arkavati (d) Arka shyam

62.Strawberry is resistant to …… deficiency (a) Mo (c) Zn (b) Mg (d) Mn

63. …… is used for flowering in plants (a) NAA (c) Ethrel (b) 2, 4-0 (d)All

64 Jelly seed is a disorder of (a) Banana (c) Mango (b) Papaya (d) Guava

65. reported Black tip disease in Mango (a) Santaram (b) Woodhouse (c) G.S. Cheema (d) Burn & Prayag

66 Banana streak virus is transmitted through… (a) Aphids (c) Mealy bugs (b) Thrips (d) Nematodes

67. NA-5 (Krishna) is a chance seedling of (a) Banarasi (c) Francis (b) Chakaiya (d) NA

68.Guava wilt is most common is ….. soils. (a) Acidic (b) Alkali (d) Sodic (c) Neutral

69. Edible part of litchi is (a) Seed (c) Mesocasp (b) Freshy aril (d) Kernel

70. Arka sahan is a cross between (a) A. squamosa x A. atemoya (b) A. atemoya x A. glabra (c) A. atemoya x A squamosa

(d) None

71.Pecanut belongs to family (a) Rosaceae (c) Juglandaceae (b) Actinidiaceae (d) Anacardiaceae

72. Santa rasa is popular hybrid of (a) Apple (b) Pear (c) Peach (d) Plum

73. Edible part of strawberry is (a) Mesocarp (b) Fleshy thalamus (c) Pericarp (d) None

74. is the recommended pollenizers in apple (a) Golden delicious (b) Royal delicious (c) Red delicious (d) Ambri

75. Kiwi fruit is propagated by a) Stem cLltting (b) Grafting (c) T-budding (d) Patch budding

76. Tea require months from plantation to reach plucking (a) 18-20 (b) 22-24 (c) 36-40 (d) 30-34

77. Fruit of coffee is (a) Pome (b) Drupe (c) Berry (d) Aggregate

78. Coconut water is rich source of (a) Vit B, (c) Vit B6 (b) Vit B2 (d) Vit C + Cynocobalamin

78.___ var. of coconut is used for tender water purpose (a) Banawali (c) Laksha ganga (b) Pratap (d) Gangabondam

79.___ is imp disorder of Rubber (a) Bleeding (c) Brown blast (b) Pink disease d) None

80.Chinease potato (b) Canna indica (d) WI Arrowroot (a) Coleus (c) Giant taro

82. Fufu is imp. product made from (a) Bottlegourd (b) Muskmelon (c) Calocasia (d) Yam

83. Sree harsha is a variety of (a) Yam (c) Calocasia (b) Cassava (d) Sweet Potato

84…. Is also called as four angled bean a)Broad bean (c) Winged bean (b) French bean (d) Indian bean

85. Dry matter yield is increased with the appln of __ fertilizers (a) N (c) K (b) P (d) Micronutrient

86. Disc florets of aster are (a) Staminate (b) Pistilate (c) Hermaphrodite (d) All

87.__ has origin in India (a) Balsam (c) Gaillardia (b) Amaranthus (d) Sun flower

88. Shalimar garden was made by (a) Akbar (b) Jahangir (c) Shah Jahan (d) Humayun

89……highest recovery of oil (a) Rose (c) J. grandiflorum (b) J. auriculatum (d) J. sambac

90.Mudigree is a var. of (a) B. Pepper (b) Cardamom (c) Cinnamon (d) Clove

91. …. Has anti oxidant property (a) Black pepper (c) Kokum n (b) Cardamom (d) Turmeric

92.Tea is propagated by (a) Stem cutting c) Single node cutting (b) Leaf cutting (d) Seed

93._ seedling bears tuber above roots (a) Coconut (c) Cocoa (b) Arecanut (d) None

94……. has anti-malarial property (a) Cinchona (b) Poppy (c) Rouvolfia (d) Asparagus

95.Pyrethrum belongs to family (a) Rosaeceae (c) Caryophyllaceae (b) Compositae (d) Orchidaceae

96, is a semi aquatic pel'ennial herb (a) Davana (b) Ipecac (c) Sweet flag (d) Agave

97.The following fruit is not a monocotyledonous (a) Pineapple (c) Banana (b) Papaya (d) Date

98. gardens are also called as nature in miniature (a) Japanese (c) Italian (b) Mughal (d) English

99. Flower colour of Antigonon leptopus is (a) Blue (b) Pink (c) Yellow (d) Dark red

100.--- is/are used as (a) Khirni (c) Sapota seedlings rootstock for Sapota (b) Mahua (d) All

101, Calyx splitting is a disorder of a) Rose (b) Carnation (c) Gerbera (d) All

102. is used for p reparation of dry flowers (a) Althea rosea (b) Acroclinum roseum (c) Centurea (d) All

103. is called as 'food of God' (a)Tea (c) Cashew (b) Coffee (d) Cacoa

104. ------ state production (a) Karnataka (c) Tamilnadu (b) Kerala (d)AP

105.Water use efficiency is highest in (a) Pineapple (c) Pea (b) Sorghum (d) Banana

106. Sreedhara is avariety of (a) Sweet Potato (c) Coleus (b) Cassava (d) None

107.Hybrid RS-841 is a rootstock for (a) Pointed gourd (c) Muskmelon (b) Watermelon (d) Cucumber

108.India ranks in milk production (a) 1st (b) 2nd (c) 3rd (d) 4th

109. Paradox is a variety of (a) Almond (c) Pecannut (b) Walnut (d) Peach

110. Sunscald is a disorder of (a) Mango (c) Papaya (b) Banana (d) Pineapple

111. Artificial tetraploid of Banana is (a) BodIes Altafort (b) Klue teparod (c) Pisanglin (d) Gros Michel

112. var. of Banana is used for making baby food (a) Virupakshi (c) Kunnan (b) Nendran (d) Monthan

113.Beetalians is pigment of (a) Beet (c) Cactus fruits (b) Bougainvillea (d) All

114. the maximum limit of coaltar dye (a) 0.02% (b) 0.2% (c) 0.25% (d) 0.28%

115. _______ reagent is used for determination of chlorophyll (a) Acetic acid (b) Ethanol (c) Petroleum ether (d) Acetone

116. Syruping is done in case of (a) Vegetables (b) Fruits (c) Both (d) None

117: The ideal weight of sword sucker of Banana is (a) 500 gm (b) 750 gm (c) I kg (d) 1.5 kg

118. Gandevi selection is a selection from a) Gross Michel (c) Lalkela (b) Dwarf Cavendish (d) Poovan

119. The triploid species is (a) C. reticulate (c) C. sinensis (b) C. latifolia (d) C. grandis

120.The productivity region (a) East coast (c) S. India (b) West coast (d) All

121. __ is the better pollen parent for coconut (a) Pratap (b) COO (c) CGO d) BGR

122. var. of Pineapple is triploid (a) Kew (b) Queen (c) Mauritius (d) Cayenne

123. Banganpalli x Alphonso is a cross between (a) A. Aruna (b) A. Anmol (c) A. Neelkiran (d) A. Puneet

124. Kaveri is a var. of (a) Phalsa (c) Passionfruit (b) Avocado (d) Persimmon

125. Large cardamom is widely cultivated in (a) Kerala (b) Karnataka (c) Tamilnadu (d) Sikkim

126. Black tip of mango is due to gas (a) S02 (b) CO (c) N02 (d) All

127. Calimyrna is __ type of fig. (a) Staminate (b) Pistillate (c) Parthenocarpic (d) Hermaphrodite

128. Isolation distance of Brinjal for certified seed production is (a) 200 m (c) 100 m (b) 5 m (d) 50 m

129.Whisky is a fermented product of (a) Fruit (c) Grain mash (b) Malt (d) Cocoa

130. thermosensitive vitamin (a) Vito A (c) Vito C (b) Vito E (d) Vito D

131. FPO was promulgated in the year (a) 1949 (b) 1955 (c) 1961 (d)1963

132. Fruit of papaya is (a) Pome (c) Nut (b) Drupe (d) Berry

133. Fruits of bahar are more prone to cracking in pomegranate (a) Hasta (b) Mrig (c) Ambia (d) All

134. is the genotype for Maleness in papaya (a) M1m (b) M2m (c) mm (d) None

135. is the coloured seedless var. of Grape (a) Pusa seedless (b) Muscat (c) Thompson seedless (d) Beauty seedless

136. is the richest source of sugar (a) Sapota (b) Karonda (c) Dates (d) Mango

137. Kinnow var. of Mandarin was developed by (a) Solo (b) Olmo (c) Frost (d) Storey

138. Fruits of Ambe-bahar of Guava ripens in the month of (a) June-July (b) Feb.-March (c) Apr.-May (d) July-Sept.

139. Inflorescence of ber is (a) Panicle (c) Raceme (h) Cyme (d) Compound

140. crop show ornithophilly mechanism (a) Bel (b) Mango (c) Citrus (d) Banana

141. Alkaline soils are reclaimed by addition of (a) Acids (c) Gyspsum (b) Lime (d) Organic manures

142. The pH value of jelly at 65% TSS is (a) 2.8 (b) 3.0 (c) 3.2 (d) 3.4

143. principle used in garden to avoid monotonous views (a) Contrast (c) Proportion (b) Accent / Emphasis (d) Rhythm

144. Yellow stone is variety of (a) Gladiolus (c) Gerbera (b) Chrysanthemum (d) Rose

145.Acid present in Tamarind is (a) Citric (c) Acetic (b) Malic (d) Tartaric

146. the main constituent of cinnamon bark is(a) Eugenol (c) Eugenyl acetate (b) Cinnamaldehyde (d) Limone

147. is barrier of self pollination in vanilla (a) Labellum (b) Rostellum (c) Anther cap (d) Column

148. __ is a self blanched var. of cabbage (a) Pllsa shubhra (h) Pllsa sharad (c) Pllsa Him jyoti (d) Pllsa snowball

149. __ var. of tomato sets fruits at low temp. (a) Pllsa Ruby (h) Pant bahar (c) Hissar Arun (d) Pllsa sheetal

150.___ is a veg. of 20th century (a) Clusterbean (c) Winged bean (b) Broad bean (d) Chekurmanis

Contact Details:
Indian Council Of Agricultural Research
Krishi Bhavan,
Dr. Rajendra Prasad Road,
New Delhi,
Delhi 110001 ‎
011 2584 3277

Map Location:
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Default Re: ICAR NET Previous Year Question Papers

]Can you please give me the Indian Council of Agricultural Research National Eligibility Test previous year question papers?[/QUOTE]
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Default Re: ICAR NET Previous Year Question Papers

Respected sir, can you please give me the Indian Council of Agricultural Research National Eligibility Test previous year question papers for Plant Breeding?
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