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Default Re: DRDO General Awareness Questions with Answers

As you are looking for important questions of General Awareness section for DRDO CEPTAM Exam, so here I am providing important questions:

DRDO CEPTAM Exam Important Questions for General Awareness Section
1. Asbestos is:
(1) Man made fibre product
(2) Naturally occurring mineral
(3) Naturally occurring ore
(4) Product of-cement

2. Who is the head of the committee which was formed by the Government to determine price and taxation on petroleum products?
(l) C Rangarajan
(2) Mani Shankar Aiyar
(3) Murali Deora
(4) Montek Singh Ahluwalia

3. If a person is suffering from defective double-layered valve, then which organ of the body is affected ?
(1) Stomach
(2) Lungs
(3) Small intestine
(4) Heart

4. Which of the following is the most important factor for the increase in number of diabetic patients in India?
(1) Distress in daily life
(2) Bad food habit
(3) Dull life style
(4) All the three

5. The spinal column of man is protected by
(1) Skull
(2) Vertebrae column
(3) Pericardium
(4) Perichondrium

6. Which of the following is the smallest ocean?
(1) Pacific
(2) Indian
(3) Arctic
(4) Atlantic

7. Where can you find the “Sea of Tranquility”?
(1) Mars
(2) Saturn
(3) Moon
(4) Sun

8. Who was the first speaker of Lok Sabha?
(1) Ananthasayanam Ayengar
(2) G.V. Mavlankar
(3) Sardar Hukum Singh
(4) N. Sanjeeva Reedy

9. ‘Maple leaf is the symbol of which country?
(1) Canada
(2) Australia
(3) Kenya
(4) Brazil

10. Apart from New Delhi which other Indian city did U.S. President
George Bush visit during his recent visit to India?
(1) Hyderabad
(2) Bangalore
(3) Mumbai
(4) None of these

11. The Sir Creek lies in the:
(1) Ranna of Kutch
(2) Palk straits
(3) Andamans
(4) British Isles

12. The character ‘Gulliver’ was created by
(1) Jonathan Swift
(2) John Gulliver
(3) William Shakespeare
(4) P.G. Wodehouse

13. Of the States going to polls in 2006, which has the highest number of voters?
(l) Kerala
(3) Tamil Nadu
(4) West Bengal

14. Which of the .following Indian birds is facing extinction due to environmental pollution?
(1) Chicken
(2) Parrot
(3) Vulture
(4) Duck

15. Quit India Movement was launched due to:
(1) Involvement of India in Second World War by England.
(2) Failure of Cripps Mission
(3 arrest of Congress leaders
(4) Improper implementation of 1935 Act

16. Which Indian language referred to as ‘Italian of the East”?
(1) Urdu
(2) Tamil
(3) Telugu
(4) Oriya

17. If the Postal Index Number (PIN) begins with ‘6’ then the post office is probably situated In the State of
(1) Maharashtra
(2) Kerala
(3) Karnataka
(4 Andhra Pradesh

18. Kunwar Singh led Sepoy Muting against British in:
(3) Buxar
(4) Patna

19. How many districts were included under Employment Guarantee
Act in the first phase?
(3) 220
(4) 200

20. Which of the following forms of carbon can be used as lubricant in heavy machines? (1)Diamond
(2) Dry carbon
(3) Carbon powder
(4) Graphite

21. Rail and telegraph services were started during the reign of:
(1) Lord Canning
(2) Lord Rippon
(3) Lord Dalhousie
(4) Lord Minto

22. Which of the following crops increases nitrogen fixation in soil?
(1) Wheat
(2) Beans
(3) Tobacco
(4) Cotton

23. Which part of the Union. Territory of Pondicherry is physically situated in Andhra Pradesh?
(1) Karaikal
(2) Mahe
(3) Yanam
(4) Divi

24. Name the British historian who was jailed by an Austrian Court for denying horrors of holocaust during Nazi rule:
(1) Christian Fleck
(2) Christopher Reed
(3) Don McKinnon
(4) David Irving

25. Which of the following places is not associated with ship manufacturing?
(1) Mumbai
(2) Vishakhapatnam
(3) Kochi
(4) Alang

26. Kannauj was the capital of which king in ancient time?
(I) Harshavardhana.
(2) Chandragupta I
(3) Pulkeshin II
(4) Samudragupta

27. In which of the following Iraqi cities is situated the famous’ Al Askari. place of worship of Shias?
(1) Basra
(2) Baghdad

28 In which of the following Indian cities there is possibility of maximum temperature during summer?
(1) Chennai
(2) Nagpur
(3) Hyderabad
(4) Puri

29.The statue of Bahubali in Shravanbelgola was carved during the reign of:
(1) Chalukya
(2) Chola
(3) Ganga
(4) Rashtrakuta

30. Which of the following diseases is not transmitted by mosquito?
(1) Malaria
(2) Filaria
(3) Dengue Fever
(4) Sleeping sickness

31. The root of Naxalite movement is in:
(1) Andhra Pradesh
(2) Chhattisgarh
(3) West Bengal
(4) Jharkhand

32 Which of the following taxes/duties are levied by the Union but appropriated by the States?
(1) Income-tax
(2) Wealth-tax
(3) Stamp duty
(4) Excise duty

33. Rajdhani Express trains run:
(1) Only between New Delhi and all state capitals
(2) Only between New Delhi ‘and state capitals
(3) Only between New Delhi and important cities
(4) Only between New Delhi and Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai

34. How many times has the Indian Constitution been amended so far?
(1) 95
(3) 102
(4) None of these

35. There is a wide variation of fauna and flora on the earth due to:
(1) Varied biosphere
(2) Varied hydrosphere
(3) Atmospheric changes
(4) Different physical environment

36. Large scale flowering of bamboo plants in the North-Eastern region of the country may result in:
(1) Increased output of bamboo
(2)Increase in rainfall
(3) Better paddy harvest
(4) Famines

37. Which of the following is not a National Championship Game?
(1) Rangaswamy Cup
(2) Durand Cup
(3) Ranji Trophy
(4) Santosh Trophy

38. Before joining the Union of India, Goa was under the occupation of:
(1) Portugal
(2) France
(3) Denmark
(4) Britain

39. In how many Commands the Indian Navy is organised?
(1) One
(2) Two
(3) Three
(4) Four

40. In which of the States, State Assembly functions in two cities?
(1) Uttaranchal
(2) Himachal Pradesh
(3) Maharashtra
(4) Madhya Pradesh
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