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Default Re: VTU MP Notes

As you said you doing B.tech in CSE from VTU university and here looking for 4th sem MP (Microprocessor) notes syllabus , so on your demand I am telling same :


1 7 Hours Introduction, Microprocessor Architecture

A Historical Background, The Microprocessor-Based Personal Computer Systems.

The Microprocessor and its Architecture: Internal Microprocessor Architecture, Real Mode Memory Addressing.

2 7 Hours Microprocessor Architecture

2, Addressing Modes:
Introduction to Protected Mode Memory Addressing, Memory Paging, Flat Mode Memory Addressing Modes: Data Addressing Modes, Program Memory Addressing Modes, Stack Memory Addressing Modes

3 6 Hours Programming

Data Movement Instructions: MOV Revisited, PUSH/POP, Load-Effective Address, String Data Transfers, Miscellaneous Data Transfer Instructions, Segment Override Prefix, Assembler Details. Arithmetic and Logic Instructions: Addition, Subtraction and Comparison, Multiplication and Division.
UNIT - 4 6 Hours Programming

Arithmetic and Logic Instructions (continued): BCD and ASCII Arithmetic, Basic Logic Instructions, Shift and Rotate, String Comparisons. Program Control Instructions: The Jump Group, Controlling the Flow of the Program, Procedures, Introduction to Interrupts, Machine Control and Miscellaneous Instructions.
UNIT - 5 6 Hours Programming

Combining Assembly Language with C/C++: Using Assembly Language with C/C++ for 16-Bit DOS Applications and 32-Bit Applications

Modular Programming, Using the Keyboard and Video Display, Data Conversions, Example Programs
UNIT - 6 7 Hours Hardware Specifications, Memory Interface

Pin-Outs and the Pin Functions, Clock Generator, Bus Buffering and Latching, Bus Timings, Ready and Wait State, Minimum versus Maximum Mode.

Memory Interfacing: Memory Devices

7 6 Hours Memory Interface

2, I/O Interface

Memory Interfacing (continued): Address Decoding, 8088 Memory Interface, 8086 Memory Interface. Basic I/O Interface: Introduction to I/O Interface, I/O Port Address Decoding.
UNIT 8 7 Hours I/O Interface

2, Interrupts, and DMA:
I/O Interface (continued): The Programmable Peripheral Interface 82C55, Programmable Interval Timer 8254. Interrupts: Basic Interrupt Processing, Hardware Interrupts: INTR and INTA/; Direct Memory Access: Basic DMA Operation and Definition
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