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Default Re: Download PTU MCA 4th Semester Exam Question Papers

Here I am giving you question paper for Punjab technical university MCA 4th Semester Examination in PDF file attached with it so you can get it easily..

PTU MCA 4th Semester Exam Question Papers

Time: Three Hours Maximum Marks :75
Note: Attempt ten question in all. Q. no. 1 is compulsory.
Part – A (15x2=30)
1. (a) Illustrate three important AI techniques.
(b) What is our goal in trying to produce programs that do the
intelligent things that people do?
(c) What is production system & what is it consists of.
(d) How the A* algorithm works.
(e) Compare between Best-first search & problem reduction.
(f) In good system for the representation of knowledge, which are the
four properties domain should posses
(g) What is unification technique of prolong & how to use it.
(h) Compare Rule-Based & Case-Based reasoning.
(i) write recursive search in prolong?
(j) Draw Transition n/w definition of a definition of simple English
(k) How we define Meta predicates in prolong?
(l) What is Rule_based expert system?
(m) Write different levels of symbolic analysis for natural language.
(n) Compare syntactic processing
(o) Draw ATN grammar that checks number agreement & builds a parse tree.
Part – B (5x9=45)
2. List & discuss two potentially negative effects on society of the development of Artificial
intelligence techniques
3. Discuss why do you think the problem of machine “learning” is so difficult?
4. Create a relationship database in PROLOG & represent the data tuples as rules
5. Represent the database in PROLOG database with suitable examples might be from stock in a
department store or record in a personal office
6. Write and compare Procedural & Inferential Knowledge with diagram.
7. Give benefits for expert systems in terms of intellectual, social or financial results
8. Write a PROLOG program to answer the questions(of any problem which you have read in your
textbook like Wirth`s “ I am my own grandfather” problem)
9. Explain rule-based system architecture for expert system.
10. Build a Case-Based reasoner for an application of your choice.
11. Write down natural language application of the following: (i) Story understanding & questioning
answers. (ii) Data base front end
12. Write down natural language application of the : Using learing algorithm to generalize Extracted
13. Discuss the representational structure & knowledge necessary to understand the following sentence.
The brown dog ate the bone. Attach the large wheel to the axle with the hex nut.
Marry watered the plants. The spirit is willing but flesh is weak. My kingdom for a horse!

PTU MCA 4th Semester Exam Question Papers

Punjab Technical University
Master of Computer Application Examination
Time: Three hours Maximum: 100marks
PART A Answer all questions (8x5=40 marks)
1. (a) Discuss about the client /server development tools. Or (b) Write a note on
integrated services.
2. (a) Write a note on user productivity of client/ server computing. Or (b) What is
Request for service? Explain the basic service provided by the NOS.
3. (a) Discuss about the database services of client. Or (b) compare DDE and OLE
4. (a). Write note on Banyan Vines. Or (b) Discuss about the security services of server.
5. (a). Explain the network operating system. Or (b). Discuss about the LAN cabling.
6. (a). Explain the Internet working devices. Or (b) Write short notes on the following:
(i) WORM (ii) RAID-Disk Array.
7. (a) Explain the need for platform migration and re-engineering of existing systems. Or
(b) Write short note on the following: I) Reliability II) Serviceability.
8. (a) Discuss about operating system issues. Or (b) Explain the function of software
distribution in service and support for client /server systems development.
PART B Answer ALL questions (5x12=60 marks)
9. (a) Explain in detail the right sizing and downsizing in client/server computing. Or (b).
Explain the mainframe-centric in client/server computing.
10. (a). Briefly explain the client services. Or (b) Explain the following: I) CORBA. II)
Fax/Print services III) Remote boot services.
11. (a) Discuss about the Database services of server. Or (b) Explain Novell Netware
architecture with neat diagram.
12. (a) Explain in detail the OSI model. Or (b) Write a brief note on the following: I) ATM
in the wide area network. Ii) CD-ROM
13. (a) Briefly discuss about the End user training in client/server development. Or (b)
Explain the following functions in service and support for client/server systems
development: I) Licensing.
ii) Serviceability iii) Remote System Management.
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Default Re: Download PTU MCA 4th Semester Exam Question Papers

If you want to know the details about PTU MCA 4th Semester Exam Question Papers, you can download the attachment given in this answer.
For more information about PTU MCA 4th Semester Exam Question Papers, you can write in comment box below.
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc Download PTU MCA 4th Semester Exam Question Papers.doc (28.0 KB, 1 views)
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