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Default Re: CAT air force general awareness previous year solved papers

As per your request here I sharing the AFCAT general awareness previous year solved paper:

1. Haier, which is a major home appliances company, is a company from
A. North Korea
B. South Korea
C. China
D. Japan
2. Which football player was named 2004 FIFA World Footballer of the year?
A. Zinedine Zidane
B. Thierry Henry
C. Ronaldinho
D. A. Shevchenko
3. Which part of Maharashtra is demanding for a separate statehood?
A. Rayalseemai
B. Vidharbha
C. Konkan
D. Satpura
4. Which of the following states saw a series of protests against the Armed Forces Special Powers Act
in 2004
A. Andhra Pradesh
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Mizoram
D. Manipur
5. After the attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in 2001, militant groups have
targeted many countries. In September they occupied a school in Russia and hundreds of hostages
were killed in the gun battle. In which town was this school located?
A. Moscow
B. Vladivostok
C. St. Petersburg
D. Beslan
6. Earlier this year, President Bush revoked a trade embargo against a country that had been
declared a terrorist state earlier. This allows US companies to invest in this country for the first time
since 1986. Which is the country?
A. Egypt
B. Sudan
C. Nigeria
D. Libya
7. On 20th September 2004, ISRO launched the GSLV carrying Edusat, which supposed to help take
distance learning to millions of villages. From which base was this launched?
A. Balasore
B. Chandipur
C. Sriharikota
D. Ahmedabad
8. Tata Consultancy Services offered 55 million equity shares through its initial public offering in
2004. On which stock exchanges did the
company list?
D. BSE & Nasdaq
9. An Indian pharma company received The Economic Times Award for Corporate Excellence last
year. Which company are we referring to?
A Ranbaxy
B. Reddy Labs
C. Biocon
D. Wockhardt
10. This year, low budget airlines started service in India in a big way. Which was the world’s first low
budget airline?
A Virgin Blue
B, Virgin Atlantic
C. South west Airlines
D. Deccan
Directions (Qs. 11—15): Read the following information carefully to answer these questions.
(i) Six flats on a floor in two rows facing North and South are allotted to P, Q, R, S, T and U.
(ii) Q gets a North facing flat and is not next to S.
(iii) S and U get diagonally opposite flats.
(iv) R, next to U, gets a South facing flat and T gets a North facing flat.
11. Which of the following combinations get South facing flats?
D. Data inadequate
12. Whose flat is between Q and S?
A. T
B. U
C. R
D. P
13. lf the flats of T and P are interchanged, whose flat will be next to that of U?
A. P
B. Q
C. R
D. T
14. The flats of which of the other pairs than SU, is diagonally opposite to each other?
C. PT •
15. To arrive at the answers to the above questions, which of the following statements
can be dispensed with?
A. None
B. (i) only
C. (ii) only
D. (iii) only
Directions (Qs. 16-20): An Assertion (A) and a• Reason (R) are given in. each of these questions.
Make the answer as .
A. if both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
B. if both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.
C. if A is true but R is false.
D. if A is false but R is true.
16. Assertion (A): India has a tropical monsoon type climate.
Reason (R): India is located exactly between the tropical latitudes.
17. Assertion (A): Africa has one of the largest water power potential in the world.
Reason (R): A large number of hydel power projects have been constructed in Africa.
18. Assertion (A): Mercury is the farthest planet from the Sun.
Reason (R): Mercury is the smallest planet in the entire Solar System.
19. Assertion (A): Ashoka pillars have retained their gloss on their surface.
Reason (R): Moisture laden winds do not blow in the areas where Ashoka pillars are located.
20. Assertion (A): Forest cutting is undesirable from the point of view of soil erosion
Reason (R): Cutting of forests reduces the interception of rain water.
Directions (Qs. 21-25): Each of these questions has two statements P and Q. They may look factually
absurd. You have to ignore this absurdity and concentrate only upon the logic involved in each
statement. Mark the answer as
A. if both P and Q are true.
B. if both P and Q are false or doubtful.
C. if P is true and Q is false or doubtful.
D. if.P is false or doubtful and Q is true.
21. P: Jackals live in forests. Cities are in forests. Therefore jackals live in cities.
Q: Some tables are grass. All stools-are grass. Therefore all tables are stools.
22. P: Cups play chess. Chess is a difficult game. Therefore cups play a difficult game.
Q: Reena is a girl. All girls are timid. I Therefore Reena is timid.
23. P: Some musicians are not rich. All musicians are polite. Therefore not all polite persons are rich.
Q: All musicians are rich. No rich person is polite. Therefore musicians are not polite.
24. P. Some mangoes are- apples. All grapes are mangoes. Therefore all apples are grapes.
Q: Some mangoes are apples. All apples are grapes. Therefore some mangoes are
25. P: All fish can fly. Some fish are birds. All birds are naughty. Therefore some naughty can fly.
Q: Some fish are birds. All birds are naughty. Therefore all fish are naughty.
Directions (Qs. 26-30): Each of these questions consists of a statement followed by two arguments
numbered I and II. You have to decide which of the arguments is a ‘strong’ argument and which is
‘weak’ argument.
Mark the answer as
A. if only argument! is strong.
B. if only argument II is strong.
C. if either I or H is strong.
D. if neither I or II is strong.
26. Statement:
Should India give away Kashmir to Pakistan?
I. No, Kashmir is a beautiful state. It earns a lot of foreign exchange for India.
II. Yes, this would help settle conflicts.
27. Statement:
Should India have no military force at all?
I. No, other countries in the world do not believe in non-violence.
II. Yes, many Indians believe in non-violence.
28. Statement:
Should students` union in universities be abolished?
I. Yes, students can pay full attention to their career development,
II. No, all the great leaders had been student’s union leaders.
29. Statement:
Should higher education be reserved for deserving few?
I. No, it will increase unemployment.
II. Yes, it will minimize wastage in higher education.
30. Statement:
Should those who receive dowry, despite the law prohibiting it, be punished?
l. Yes, those who violate the law, must be punished.
II. No, dowry system is firmly rooted in the society since time immemorial.
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