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Default Re: Bank of Baroda General Awareness Papers

Hello, here as per your demand I am providing you Bank of Baroda General Awareness Question Paper:-

Bank General Awareness Question Paper:

1. Who amongst the following returned to earth after a long 195 days stay in space ?

(a) Angei Brewer

(b) Mike Leinbach

(c) Shruti Vadera

(d) Sunita Williams

(e) None of these
2. European leaders agree on treaty was the news in leading news paper in recent past . Which of the following was the treaty on which leaders were of diverse views (Pick up the correct statement) ?

1. The treaty was to make the EURO money a universal currency for all financial / monetary transaction done by all the member countries w.e.f. April 2009.

2. Treaty was to defunct constitution of the European Union by a new one.

3. Poland one of the newest members of the union was threatening to use its veto power if any change is done in the present set up of the organization.

(a) only 1

(b) only 2

(c) only 3

(d) Both 1 and 2

(e) Both 2 and 3

3. Madhesi national liberation front (MNLF) is an organization active in which of the following countries ?

(a) Pakistan

(b) Myanmar

(c) Uganda

(d) Iran

(e) Nepal

4. Which of the following sector banks brought its equity share (follow on public issue) for the price was set as Rs. 940 per equity ?

(a) ICICI Bank

(b) Karnataka Bank

(c) UTI Bank

(d) HDFC Bank

(e) None of these

5. Which of the following States achieved 100% financial inclusion (each and every family in the state has at least one bank account). ?

(a) Delhi

(b) Maharashtra

(c) West Bengal

(d) Kerala

(e) None of these

6. Who amongst the following has taken over as the chairman of the 18th Law Commission set-up recently ?

(a) Justice A.R.Lakshmanan

(b) Justice Bhagwan Das Rana

(c) Justice T.L.Venkatraman Iyer

(d) Mrs. Suryakanta Patil

(e) None of these

7. Who amongst the following actors won the award for Best actor in 8th International Film Academy Award Ceremony held recently?

(a) Saif Ali Khan

(b) Sanjay Dutt

(c) Arshad Warsi

(d) Abhishek Bachchan

(e) Hrithik Roshan

8. The world Economic forum was held recently in –

(a) Malaysia

(b) Kuwait

(c) Iran

(d) Brazil

(e) Indonesia

9. ‘Dausa’ which has been in news recently is a town in –

(a) Gujarat

(b) Madhya Pradesh

(c) Bihar

(d) Uttar Pradesh

(e) Rajasthan

10. Which of the following countries has decided to build a road to the Base camp of Mt. Everest ?

(a) India

(b) China

(c) Nepal

(d) Myanmar

(e) None of these

11.India has different categories of Commercial banks. Which of the following is not one such category?

(1) Private Banks

(2) Commodity Banks

(3) Nationalised Banks

(4) Co-operative Banks

(5) Foreign Banks

12.Who amongst the following was the Captain of the Indian cricket team which won the Twenty20 World Cup2007 ?

(1) Yuvraj Singh

(2) M.S. Dhoni

(3) Rahul Dravid

(4) Sourav Ganguly

(5) None of these

13.Which of the following organisations / agencies has established a fund known as Investor Protection Fund ?

(1) SEBI


(3) Bombay Stock Exchange

(4) Ministry,.of Health

(5) None of these

14.Which of the following types of banks are allowed to operate foreign currency accounts ?

(A) Foreign Banks

(B) Regional Rural Banks

(C) Nationalised Banks

(1) Only A

(2) Only B

(3) Only C

(4) All A, B & C

(5) None of these

15. Which of the following countries does not play international cricket?

(1) Russia

(2) England

(3) South Africa

(4) Pakistan

(5) India

16.Many times we read in financial newspapers about FII’. What is the full form of FII ?

(1) Final Investment in India

(2) Foreign Investment in India

(3) Formal Investment in India

(4) Fair Institutional Investment

(5) Foreign Institutional Investment

17.One of the former Prime Ministers of which of the following countries was detained in house arrest for a short period after his/her return from a long exile?

(1) Germany

(2) France

(3) Pakistan

(4) Brazil

(5) None of these

18. Benazir Bhutto is associated with which of the following political parties?

(1) Muslim League

(2) Pakistan People’s Party

(3) Pakistan National Congress

(4) Islamic Movement of Pakistan

(5) None of these

19.Manmohan Singh called George Bush to explain the difficulties he is having in implementing agreements related with which of the following with USA?

(l}Supply of Sugar

(2) Civilian Nuclear Cooperation

(3) Purchase o£ Fighter Planes

(4) Purchase of Gas/Petroleum

(5) None of these

20.The Orange Coalition Government was formed once again in which of the following countries?

(1) Russia

(2) Ukraine

(3) France

(4) Germany

(5) None of these

21.Who amongst the following leaders from USA visited Israel and Palestinian West Bank so that a solution to the Israel and Palestinian problem can be worked out?

(1) George Bush

(2) Al Gore

(3) Bill Clinton

(4) Condoleezza Rice

(5) None of these

22.Which of the following countries is not happy with the USA’s decision to award a Congressional Medal to Dalai Lama of Tibet?

(1) India

(2) Pakistan

(3) Nepal

(4) Myanmar

(5) China

23.India won the ONGC Nehru Cup Football Tournament 2007 by beating

(1) Syria

(2) Pakistan

(3) Britain

(4) France

(5) None of these

24.Shinzo Abe who was on a visit to India in recent past is the

(1) Prime Minister of South Korea

(2) Prime Minister of North Korea

(3) Prime Minister of Japan

(4) President of South Korea

(5) None of these

25.Hem Dutta who was honoured with the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi National Sadbhawana Award 2007 is a famous

(1) author

(2) social activist

(3) player

(4) film producer

(5) scientist

26.The World Athletics Championship 2007 was organised in

(1) Beijing

(2) New Delhi

(3) Osaka

(4) Dhaka

(5) London

27.As per the recent agreement between India and one other country the Indian Rupee can be easily swapped with

(1) Taka

(2) Riel

(3) Kyat

(4) Yen

(5) Rubble

28.India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves declined sharply in recent past. What was the main reason for the same?

(1) Heavy demand of the same by foreign tourists

(2) Import of wheat from Pakistan & South Korea

(3) Appreciation of Rupee Value

(4) Instability in coalition government in Centre

(5) None of these

29.Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Meet was organised in September 2007 in

(1) New Delhi

(2) Beijing

(3) Tokyo

(4) London

(5) Sydney

30.India launched which of the following satellites in September 2007?





(5) None of these


1. (d)2. (b)3. (e)4. (a)5. (d)6. (a)7. (e)8. (a)9. (e)10. (b)11. (2)12. (2)13. (1)14. (3)15. (1)16. (5)17. (3)18. (2)19. (2)20. (2)21. (4)22. (5)23. (1)24. (3)25. (2)26. (3)27. (5)28. (3)29. (5)
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Default Re: Bank of Baroda General Awareness Papers

Hello sir I am preparing for the PO/Clerk level exam of bank so please provide me the question papers of previous years.
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Default Re: Bank of Baroda General Awareness Papers

Bank of Baroda announces the vacancies for the post of PO/Clerk so it is better option for preparation of these exams with the help of papers of previous years.
So on your demand I am giving you the details of such exams.

Bank of Baroda PO Syllabus:

Candidates admission will depend on

Online test
Offline descriptive exam of English Language,
GD & Interview performance.

Paper pattern

Type of Exam Name of Test No. of Questions Duration of Time Total Marks

Objective Reasoning 50 50
Quantitative Aptitude 50 50
2 hrs

English Language 50 50

General Awareness 50 50

Descriptive Test
English Language (Comprehension, Short Précis, Letter Writing & Essay)

Question papers
1. Left Front has come into power in Tripura for the
________ consecutive term.
(1) Second (2) Third
(3) Fourth (4) Fifth
(5) Sixth
2. Who is the new head of SEBI?
(1) M. Damodaran (2) C.B. Bhave
(3) Ravi Kumar (4) A.K. Khandelwal
(5) Rajiv Chouhan
3. Who has won the just concluded Bangalore Open
Tennis women’s single title?
(1) Venus Williams (2) Maria Sharapova
(3) Justin Hennin (4) Serena Williams
(5) Sania Mirza
4. Who is the Chief Minister of Meghalaya?
(1) P.A. Sangma (2) Donkuper Roy
(3) D.D. Lapang (4) Y.C. Apang
(5) None of these
5. India was finally defeated in recently concluded
Olympic Qualifying Hockey Tournament held
Santiyago by
(1) Britain (2) China
(3) Austria (4) Russia
(5) Japan
6. Between April and December 2007, India’s personal
tax collections have risen
(1) 40 per cent (2) 45 per cent
(3) 50 per cent (4) 60 per cent
(5) 55 per cent
7. According to a NasscomDeloitte
study, the Indian
information technology industry’s contribution to the
country’s GDP in the year 200607
(1) 3.2 per cent (2) 3.8 per cent
(3) 4.6 per cent (4) 5.2 per cent
(5) 7.2 per cent
8. On February 10, 2008 the Grammy award for the album
of the year went to
(1) River : The Joniletters
(2) Rehab
(3) Stupid boy
(4) Call me irresponsible
(5) Once more
9. Which actress won on February 10, 2008 in London
the best actress BAFTA award?
(1) Julie Christie (2) Keira Knightley
(3) Jodic Foster (4) Marion Cotillard
(5) None of these
10. Russy Karanjia, the editor of the India’s first tabloid
weekely passed away in Mumbai on February 1,2008
at the age of 95. What was the name of that tabloid
(1) Surya (2) Illustrate Weekely
(3) Blitz (4) The Week
(5) Sunday Times
11. As per the state of the forest Report, 2005 released on
February 12, 2008, in percentage of the country’s total
land area, the forest cover stands at
(1) 19.7 per cent (2) 20.6 per cent
(3) 23.8 per cent (4) 18.3 per cent
(5) 25.5 per cent
12. According to the 2005 report, which state has the
largest area under forest cover?
(1) Chhattisgarh
(2) Jharkhand
(3) Madhya Pradesh
(4) Andhra Pradesh
(5) Odisa
13. Global Internet major Google is going to set up its first
campus in India in __________
(1) Chennai (2) Bangalore
(3) Mumbai (4) Hyderabad
(5) Kolkata
14. Which country was in February 2008 threatened by
Russia of a nuclear attack in case it joins NATO and
allows the developemnt of the American missile
defence shield on its territory?
(1) Belarus (2) Ukraine
(3) Uzbekistan (4) Armenia
(5) None of these
15. Under the recently launched National Health
Insurance Scheme for the unorganised sector BPL
workers, the total sum insured would be _______
(1) Rs. 20,000 (2) Rs. 30, 000
(3) Rs. 50, 000 (4) Rs. 75, 000
(5) Rs.80, 000
16. Fulfilling the longheld
demand of the people of
Darjeeling, the Union Cabinet decided to create an
autonomous selfgoverning
Gorkha Hill council under
the _________ of the constitution.
(1) Fourth schedule (2) Fifth schedule
(3) Sixth schedule (4) Third schedule
(5) Seventh schedule
17. As per the new advertisementpolicy what percentage
of all DAVP (Directorate of advertising and Visual
Publicity) advertisements in rupee terms will go to big
(1) 40 per cent (2) 50 per cent
(3) 60 per cent (4) 70 per cent
(5) 80 per cent
18. As per the new policy what percentage of all DAVP
advertisements is to go to small publications?
(1) 15 per cent (2) 20 per cent
(3) 25 per cent (4) 30 per cent
(5) 35 per cent
19. According to new policy, English newspapers are
entitled to ___________ of all advertisements.
(1) 40 per cent (2) 60 per cent
(3) 30 per cent (4) 50 per cent
(5) 65 per ent
20. According to the latest data released by the World
Bank, the top remittance receiving country in the world
is __________
(1) India (2) China
(3) Mexico (4) Brazil
(5) Russia
21. Which company reently claimed to have developed
the world’s most powerful memory chip, which could
help create a memory card capable of storing 80 DVD
(1) LG (2) Nokia
(3) Samsung (4) Motorola
(5) Sony
22. The first case of genome sequencing of an individual
in Asia has been reported from ____
(1) Japan (2) China
(3) South Korea (4) Singapore
(5) Mexico
23. As part of the 11 th plan UGC is preparing an action
plan for setting up __________
(1) 8 Universities (2) 9 Universities
(3) 11 Universities (4) 15 Universities
(5) 20 Universities
24. The commission, centre is going to set up to look into
discrimination against deprived groups in the public
and private sector is _________.
(1) Justice Commission
(2) Equality Commission
(3) Equal Treatment Commission
(4) Equal Opportunities Commission
(5) None of these
25. The first of six scorpene submarines, being built by a
French company in Mazgaon is expected to be
delivered by the year______.
(1) 2010 (2) 2011
(3) 2012 (4) 2015
(5) 2018
26. Which state has been selected by the Union
Government for the National Tourism Award, 200708
in the best tourism performing state/UT category?
(1) Karnataka (2) Andhra Pradesh
(3) Tamil Nadu (4) Madhya Pradesh
(5) Maharashtra
27. Who recently replaced Fidel Castro as the President
of Cuba?
(1) Raul Castro (2) Jean Castor
(3) Peiter Feith (4) Paul Skinner
(5) None of these
28. Who has been recently selected for the 17 th Saraswati
Samman for his collection of Short stories Taoos
Chaman ki Myna?
(1) Girija Guleri (2) Naiyer Masud
(3) Ram Narayan Mishra
(4) Shyam Kumar Ashq
(5) Nirja Guleri
29. Rajendra Nath who died on February 13, 2008 was a
(1) Urdu writer (2) Southampton
(3) London (4) Melbourne
(5) Colambo
30. Where is the bronze statue of legendry cricket umpire
Dickie Bird going to be established?
(1) Barnsley (2) Southampton
(3) London (4) Melbourne
(5) Colambo
31. Who was the captain of U19
Indian team that won
the U19
cricket world cup concluded recently in Kuala
(1) Vira Kohli (2) Ajitesh Argal
(3) Sreevats Goswami (4) Ravindra Jadeja
(5) Ajeet Narayan
32. India won the U19
cricket world cup, 2008 by beating
_________ in the final.
(1) Pakistan (2) Sri Lanka
(3) South Africa (4) Australia
(5) England
33. Who won the Johnie Walker classic golf tournament
in Gurgaon on March 2, 2008?
(1) Shiv Kapur (2) Jyoti Randhawa
(3) Vijay Singh (4) Mark Brown
(5) Tiger Wods
34. Who was the man of match of the second final played
in Brisbane on March 4, 2008, between Australia and
(1) M.S. Dhoni (2) Sachin Tendulkar
(3) Pravin Kumar (4) Sreesanth
(5) Yuvraj Singh
35. With the victories in both their games in the finals at
Sydney and Brisbane India registered a traingular
series win in Australia for the __________.
(1) First time (2) Second time
(3) Third time (4) Fourth time
(5) Fifth time
36. Who was adjudged player of the Commonwealth Bank
traingular series recently concluded in Australia?
(1) Brett Lee (2) Nathan Bracken
(3) Ishant Sharma (4) Gautam Gambhir
(5) Ricky Ponting
37. Who was the leading rungetter
on the either side in
the Commonwealth Bank traingular series?
(1) Sachin Tendulkar (2) Mathew Hayden
(3) Gautam Gambhir (4) Adam Gilchrist
(5) Michel Hassy
38. Jose Ramos Horta who was recently injured in a
predawn attack on his home by fugitive members of
the country’s armed forces is _________.
(1) Prime Minister of Kosovo
(2) President of Serbia
(3) Prime Minister of East Timor
(4) President of East Timor
(5) None of these
39. Jens Stoltenberg who was on a satevisit
to India in
March, 2008 is _______.
(1) Prime Minister of Canada
(2) Prime Minister of Norway
(3) Prime Minister of Denmark
(4) President of Greece
(5) President of Japan
40. Amaresh Bachi who died on February 20, 2007 was a
(1) Educationist
(2) Economist
(3) Scientist
(4) Novelist
(5) None of these
Directions for Questions 41 to 50:
Read the following passage and answer the questions
given below it. Certain words/phrases in the passage have
been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering
some of the questions.
Marc Rodin flickedoff
the switch of his transistor radio
and rose from the table, leaving the breakfast tray almost
untouched. He walked over to the window, lit another in the
endless chain of cigarettes and gazed out at the snowen crusted
landscape which the late arriving spring had not yet
started to dismantle.
He murmured a word quietly and with great venom,
following up with other strong nouns and epithets that
expressed his feeling towards the French President, his
Government and the Action Service.
Rodin was unlike his predecessor in almost every way.
Tall and spare, with a cadaverous face hollowed by the hatred
within, he usually masked his emotions with an unLatin
frigidity. For him there had been no Ecole Polytechnic to
open doors to promotion. The son of a cobbler, he had
escaped to England by fishing boat in the halcyon days of
his late teens when the Germans overran France, and had
enlisted as a private soldier under the banner of the Cross of
Promotion through sergeant to warrant officer had
come the hard way, in bloody battles across the face on
North Africa under Koenig and later through the hedgerows
of Normandy with Leclerc. A field commission during the
fight for Paris had got him the officer’s chevrons his
education and breeding could never have obtained and in
France the choice had been between reverting to
civillian life or staying in the Army.
But revert to what? He had no trade but that of cobber
which his father had taught him, and he found the working
class of his native country dominated by Communists, who
had also taken over the Resistance and the Free French of
the Interior. So he stayed in the Army, later to experience the
bitterness of an officer from the ranks who saw a new young
generation of educated boys graduating from the officer
schools, earning the theoretical lessons carried out in
classrooms the same chevrons he had sweated blood for.
As he wanted them pass him in tank and privilege the
bitterness started to set in.
There was only one thing left to do, and that was join
one of the colonial regiments, the tough crack soliders who
did the flighting while the conscript army paraded round
drill squares. He managed a transfer to the colonial para troops.
Within a year he had been a company commander in
living among other men who spoke and throught
as he did. For a young man from a cobbler’s bench, promotion
could still be otained through combat, and more combat. By
the end of the IndoChina
campaign he was a major and after
an unhappy and frustrating year in France he was sent to
Algeria. The French withdrawal from IndoChina
dn the
year he spent in France had turned his latent bitterness into
a consuming loathing of politicians and Communists, whom
he regarded as one and the same thing. Not until Franco
was ruled by a soldier could she ever be weaned away from
the grip of the treators and lickspittles. who permeated her
public life. Only in the Army were both breeds extinct.
Like most combat officers who had seen their men die
and occasionally buried the hideously mutilated bodies of
those unlucky enough to be taken alive. Rodin worshipped
soldiers as the true salt of the earth, the men who sacrificed
themselves in blood so that the bourgeoisie could live at
home in comfort. To learn from the civilians of native land
after eight years of combat in the forests of IndoChina
most of them Cared not a fig for the soldiery, to read the
denunciations of the millitary by the leftwing
for more trifles like the toturing of prisoners to obtain vital
information, had set off inside March Rodin a reaction which
combined with the native bitterness stemming from his own
lack of opportunity, had turned into zealotry.
He remained convinced that given enough backing by
the civil authorities on the spot and the Government and
people back home, Army could have beaten the VietMinh.
The cession of IndoChina
had been a massive betrayal of
the thousands of fine yound men who had died there
seemingly for nothing. For Rodin ther would be, could be,
no more betrayals. Algeria would prove it. He left the shore
of Marseilles in the spring of 1956 as ner a happy man as he
would ever be, convinced that the distant hills of Algeria
would see the consummation of what he regarded as his
life’s work, the apotheosis of the French Army in the eys of
the world.
41. What was the period when Rodin escaoed to England?
(1) First half of the late arriving spring
(2) The time when Germany occupied France
(3) The period when Cross of Lorraine was disbanded
(4) When Rodin was a child cobblers work
(5) None of these
42. Which of the following best described the phrase
______ cared not a fig _______ as used in the
(1) Only A (2) Only A and B
(3) Only C (4) Only B
(5) Only B and C
43. Which factors made Rodin stay in the Army?
(A) He did not have any big business in civil life
(B) The parent country had Communist domination
(C) He wanted to experience the bitterness of officer
(1) Only A (2) Only A and B
(3) Only C (4) Only B
(5) Only B and C
44. According to the passage, who resisted the dominance
of Communists?
(1) The native of Viet Mihn
(2) The fredom loving citizens of Algeria
(3) The Marc Rodin
(4) The people of France
(5) None of these
45. Which of the following best described the meaning of
the phrases officer from the ranks as used in the
(1) The person who has ll essential academic
qualifications and experience required to become
(2) The person who grows in the organization from
lowest hierarchical position
(3) An officer who is given a rank of an officer to
perform a specific task
(4) The person who struggle hard but falls to obtain
a rank
(5) None of these
46. What favourable situations did Rodin find in Indo Chian
(1) He could attain his lost seniority
(2) He could manage his desired posting to Algeria
(3) The people around him were of the same nature
as he was
(4) He attained the rank of Majore in the Army
(5) None of these
47. What option did Robin choose in post war France
(1) He joined an officer’s school for Army
(2) He monitored the army parade in drill squares
(3) He joined a colonial
(4) He preferred a cobbler’s bench
(5) None of these
48. Why the Army could not overpower VietMinh?
(1) The compating army Ignored the local civil
(2) The Government lacked political will to support
army operation
(3) The builtin
hate of the commandor did not
percolate atthe soldier level
(4) The conviction held by the army chief proved to
be false
(5) None of these
49. What were the outcome of battles in IndoChina?
(1) It removed the inbuilt
hatred in Rodin
(2) It did not achieve the objectives for which it had
been fought
(3) The French Army betraye Rodin
(4) Rodin regarded it as his life’s achievement
(5) None of these
50. Which of the following statements is TRUE in the
context of the passage?
(1) Marc Rodin was a qualified officer from Ecole
(2) Unlike his predecessor, the achievements in the
army for Rodin were easy
(3) Rodin believed that only people who are worth
their salt are soldiers
(4) Rodin’s father did not teach him the trade of a
(5) None of these
Directions of for Questions 51 to 53:
Choose the word which has most nearly the SAME
meaning as the word printed in bold as used in the passage.
51. Chevrons
(1) Colours (2) Badges
(3) Skills (4) Crowns
(5) Ranks
52. Conscript
(1) Commissioned (2) Secret
(3) Detailed (4) Compulsive
(5) Registered
53. Lickspittles
(1) Spoons (2) Approvers
(3) Sycophant (4) Witnesses
(5) Sincere
Direction for Questions 54 55:
Choose the word which isMOST OPPOSITE in meaning
to the word printed in bold as used in the passage
54. Frigidity
(1) Warmth (2) Heat
(3) Embrace (4) Negative
(5) Calm
55. Denuciations
(1) Enrolment (2) Greeting
(3) Rejections (4) Honouring
(5) Acceptance
Directions for Questions 56 to 60 :
In each question, a sentence with two words/groups
of words printed in bold type are give. One of them or both
may have certain error. You have to find out the correct
word or group of words from among the three choices A, B
or C given below each sentence which can replace the wrong
word/group of words, if any, and makes the sentence
grammatically correct. If the sentence is correct as it is, mark
(5) i.e. ‘No Correction Required’ as your answer.
56. Aerobics are found to be of exreme hlepful to diabetes
(A) Extremely helpful
(B) Of extreme hlep
(C) Of extremely helpful
(1) A only (2) B only
(3) C only (4) Either A or B
(5) No Correction Required
57. Our emphasis is also on the quality of the produce
but not on its appearance alone.
(A) Emphasizing ___________ and
(B) Emphasis ___________ and
(C) Emphasis _________ and
(1) A only (2) B only
(3) C only (4) None
(5) No Correction Required
58. Investors have been receiving better services from
Insurance Companies.
(A) Demanding ________ by
(B) Received ___________ from
(C) Received __________ by
(1) A only (2) B only
(3) C only (4) Either A or C
(5) No Correction Required
59. Our insistance had duly impact on their decision making
(A) Due impact __________ their
(B) Duly impacted _________ their
(C) Due impacting __________ them
(1) A only (2) B only
(3) C only (4) None
(5) No Coorection Required
60. Before the doctor comes, the patient had beend escaped
from the ward.
(A) Reached ________ has
(B) Came _________ had
(C) Arrived _________ had been
(1) A only (2) B only
(3) C only (4) Either A or B
(5) No Correction Required

Now I am attaching some papers of last year which will really help full for you.
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf Bank of Baroda General Awareness Papers1.pdf (1.15 MB, 46 views)
File Type: pdf Bank of Baroda General Awareness Papers2.pdf (184.5 KB, 30 views)
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