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Default Re: Jindal Exam Syllabus

Jindal Steel is one of the leading Steel Producing companies in India.. it is organizes many examination for recruitment on various posts..

Here I am giving you information about syllabus for recruitment examination organizes by Jindal Steel..

Technical subjects to study for written test
Mainly physical metallurgy
Material science,
Fluid mechanics,
TOM etc

Written test comprises of two papers that is –
Aptitude Section
Technical Section.

Aptitude Section
READING comprehension,
word meanings.

Technical Section
Numerical aptitude
Logical Reasoning
Pattern recognition etc.

Selection process :
Written test
Group Discussion
Technical and H R interview
Physical Fitness Assessment
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Default Re: Jindal Exam Syllabus

As you want I am here providing you Jindal exam syllabus for Mechanical Engineering students.


Applied Mechanics and Design
Engineering Mechanics:
Free body diagrams and equilibrium
Kinematics and dynamics of particles and of rigid bodies in plane motion
Trusses and frames
Virtual work

Theory of Machines:
Critical speeds of shafts
Dynamic analysis of slider-crank mechanism
Effect of damping
Free and forced vibration of single degree of freedom systems
Gear trains and flywheels
Velocity and acceleration analysis of plane mechanisms
Vibration isolation

Strength of Materials
Stress-strain relationship and elastic constants
Euler’s theory of columns
Shear force and bending moment diagrams
Mohr’s circle for plane stress and plane strain
Strain energy methods

Failure theories
Design for static and dynamic loading
Fatigue strength and the S-N diagram
Principles of the design of machine elements
Syllabus for Fluid Mechanics and Thermal Sciences

Fluid Mechanics
Bernoulli’s equation
Boundary layer
Control-volume analysis of mass, momentum and energy
Differential equations of continuity and momentum
Elementary turbulent flow
Fluid acceleration
Fluid properties
Viscous flow of incompressible fluids

Dimensionless parameters in free and forced convective heat transfer
Effect of turbulence
Heat exchanger performance
LMTD and NTU methods
Modes of heat transfer
Radiative heat transfer, black and grey surfaces, shape factors and network analysis
Thermal boundary layer
Various correlations for heat transfer in flow over flat plates and through pipes

Analysis of thermodynamic cycles related to energy conversion
Behavior of ideal and real gases
Calculation of work and heat in ideal processes
Carnot cycle
Irreversibility and availability
Thermodynamic system and processes
Zeroth, First and Second laws of thermodynamics

I.C. Engines
Power Engineering
Refrigeration and air-conditioning

Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering
Engineering Materials
Heat treatment
Stress-Strain diagrams for engineering materials
Structure and properties of engineering materials

Metal Casting
Riser and gating design
Design considerations
Design of patterns, moulds and cores
Solidification and cooling

Adhesive bonding
Design considerations in welding
Physics of welding, brazing and soldering

Fundamentals of hot and cold working processes
Load estimation for bulk and sheet metal forming processes
Plastic deformation and yield criteria
Principles of powder metallurgy

Machining and Machine Tool Operations
Economics of machining
Mechanics of machining
Principles of design of jigs and fixtures
Principles of non-traditional machining processes
Principles of work holding
Single and multi-point cutting tools
Tool geometry and materials
Tool life and wear

Metrology and Inspection
Alignment and testing methods
Form and finish measurement
Gauge design
Limits, fits and tolerances
Linear and angular measurements
Tolerance analysis in manufacturing and assembly

Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Basic concepts of CAD/CAM and their integration tools

Production Planning and Control
Aggregate production planning
Forecasting models
Materials requirement planning

Inventory Control
Deterministic and probabilistic models
Safety stock inventory control systems

Operations Research
Linear programming
Network flow models
Simple queuing models
Simplex and Duplex method
Jindal placement exam paper1
1. The process of joining two metals is— sintering, thumbling, coining?
2. Ratchet is provided in micrometer screw gauge to-maintain uniform pressure…
3. Strain energy is -the energy stored up to elastic limit..
4. Taper angle is measured by-Sine bar, bevel protector?
5. A centrifugal governor is – Hartnell, Porter, Proell?
6. Numerical on Gate design?
7. Equivalent length in saw is measured from- start point to finish point, from first teeth to last teeth?
8. Anemometer is used for measuring- temperature of air, velocity of air, viscosity of fluid?
9. In neutral equilibrium position of meta center is- coincides with center of gravity..
10. If young’s modulus increases what is the change on thermal coefficient of expansion..?
11. Kaplan turbine- low head, high discharge..
12. Strain- (L-l)/L..
13. Economisor is used for-pre heating feed water..
14. In reciprocating compressor clearance is provided for- cushioning effect and saves the piston from hitting the cylinder head..
15. Function of governor is- maintain a constant speed in parting load conditions..
16. Heat Transfer from hot body to cold body takes place without affecting intervening medium is-radiation..
17. When conduction will not take place-when temp. of both bodies are equal..
18. Which of these defines pitch circle diameter-circular pitch, module,diametral pitch(all of these)..
19. Which of these governor is known as dead weight governor- Portor governor..
20. Property which resist elastic deformation-stiffness..
21. Continuous beam is a beam with- more than 2 supports..
22. More than two supports is known as continuous beam..
23. For self locking of screw-helix angle > friction angle..
24. Involute profile is preferred in gears as-it transmits maximum power..
25. The gear which resists axial thrust-herringbone gears..
26. For large power transmission, square threads- wear out, less efficient, production is costly..
27. The weakest part in flange coupling is-key..
28. Cage is provided in ball bearing to –keep balls in position..
29. When a mass of critically damped style, degree of freedom of system is deflected from its equilibrium position and then it is released then-it will oscillate with increasing time period.
30. 30(+0.05)(-0.03) is- bilateral type of tolerance..
31. Numerical on hoop’s stress?
32. When a cylinder is compressed over another then-hoop stress is reduced.

Jindal placement exam paper 2
1. Reynolds numer is?

2. Biot number is used for solid or liquid?

3. Shear stress on principl plane is?

4 T time of flight in projectile motion is?

5. Velocity of a body while ascending will be more or less than the velocity while decnding?

6. Boundary separation wil occur when press.gradient will?

7. Elongation in tapered bar will be formula?

8. Small numerical on parallel flow heat exchanger.

9. Relation b/w poissions ratio and young modulus.

10. Grashoof number expression.

11. Expression of torque in hollow and solid shaft.(2 questions)

12. Hardness and tensile stength can be increased by which process?

13. If load will be increased on free end of cantiliver beam than it wil break 4m fixed or free end?

14. Tension on tight side side of rope drive will be?

15. Coefficient of fluctuation of speed in governor will be formula?

16. Geneva mechanism will be used in?

17. Double pn junction is used in rectifier, transtitor, photovoltaic call?

18. If the velocity of a body on 2 different points on radius of a circle are given than find the radius of that circle?

19. Gear ratio is define as?

20. Bearing is made up of material for carrying high load?
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