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Default Re: NCHMCT JEE Sample Paper

NCHM JEE 2016 is conducted for the aspiants appearing in the hotel management entrance exam conducted by National Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology.

NCHMCT JEE 2016 Question Papers

Part I

Directions (Q. nos. 1 to 5 ): In each of the following questions, of the four alternatives given, marks the one which is different from the rest.

1. a) Square b) Rhombus c) Hexagon d) Line

2. a) Diamond b) Sapphire c) Marble d) Amethyst

3. a) Mediocre b) Terrible c) Average d) Medium

4. a) Horse- Stable b) Cow- Shed c) Pig – Sty d) Man- Garage

5. a) Hammer – Nail b) Pen – Pencil
c) Screwdriver – Screw d) Shovel – Mud

6.Puran has more bank balance than Sushma but less than Beant Singh. If the bank balances of Puran, Sushma and Beant Singh are x,y and z receptively, which of the following is true ?
a) x < y < z
b) y < x < z
c) z < x < y
d) None of the above

7.When seen through a mirror, a clock shows 8:30. The correct time is
a) 8:30
b) 3:30
c) 2:30
d) 5:30

8. Rays are related to Light, as Waves are related to ____________.
a) Water
b) Sound
c) World

Q. No. (9-16) are based on problem figures and answer figures. The problem figures make a series. You are to find which one of the answer figures would be the next one in the given series.

Part II
Numerical Ability and Scientific Aptitude

1. The average of first five prime numbers is
1) 5
2) 5.6
3) 4.5
4) None of the above

2. If 15% of X is the same as 20% of Y, then X:Y is
1) 3 : 4
2) 4 : 3
3) 17 : 16
4) 16 : 17

3. The average of 50 numbers is 38. If two numbers, 45 and 55, are discarded, the average of the remaining numbers is
1) 36.5
2) 37
3) 37.5
4) 37.52

4. The population of a town is 18000. If it increase by 10% during the first year and 20% during the second year, the population after years will be
1) 19800
2) 21600
3) 23760
4) None of the above

5. Sam’s monthly salary is Rs. 10,100. His son’s monthly salary is Rs. 8,200. How much should they have so that they are left with 85% of their income to expend?
1) Rs.2475
2) Rs.2754
3) Rs.2645
4) None of the above

6. An electrical device capable of transmitting sound as well as images is called
1) Telephone
2) Audiophone
3) Microphone
4) Videophone

7. A woman bought a shawl for Rs.250. For how much should she sell it so as to gain 10%
1) Rs.275
2) Rs.375
3) Rs.475
4) Rs.175

8. Bubonic and Pneumonic are which type of the deadly disease
1) Cancer
2) Plague
4) None of the above

Part III
Aptitude for Service Sector

Directions: As you read the following questions carefully, please answer all the question as best as you can without skipping any one. To each question there are four choices you can tick, either (A),(B), (C) and (D). Make sure that you answer each question honestly and try to tick the first answer that comes to your mind without changing it because the first choice is always the true one.

1. If you are severely criticized by a teacher for a task, but then given a second chance to do another task, you believe that you would
A) lose confidence due to the criticism, but still try the second task
B) try not to repeat earlier mistakes and would improve on your earlier performance
C) be fearful of being criticized and would refuse the second task
D) take the criticism positively and do very well on the second task.

2. According to you, your circle of friends is
A) you don’t really have a social circle as you interact with just one or two persons regularly
B) very large as you know a lot of people
C) you know a small number of people
D) you know many people, but consider only a few of them as your friends

3. Wedding celebrations are on in your family. You
A) participate but only if compelled
B) participate only in events where you know the other people well
C) prefer to stay at the sidelines and just watch everything.
D) Are at the forefront of all events and very participative.

4. Your colleague is having problems at work,
(A) You avoid discussing her/his problem but do so if she/he asks
(B) You advise her/him but let her/him decide on her/his own
(C) You lend her/him support and help her/him in resolving the issue.
(D) You try to stay out of her/his affairs

5. If you see your nephew crying, you want to
A) call someone else to calm the baby, but avoid doing so yourself
B) immediately pick up the baby, even if the mother is present
C) only pick up the baby, if the mother is not there
D) let the mother calm the baby, but try to avoid as much as you can

6. When communicating information on an important company policy change, what sort of medium would you choose?
A) Oral communication followed by written communication
B) Oral communication alone
C) Written communication alone
D) Written communication followed by oral communication

7. If you want to start with something new and you have little savings and few employees, what will be your first priority?
A) Generate cash flow
B) Figure out what business to be in
C) Launch products
D) Develop customers

Part III
General Knowledge

1. Which of the following is the largest telecom operator in India?
3) Tata Telecom
4) Reliance Indicom

2. “Saga Dava” is the festival of
1) Buddhism
2) Islam
3) Jainism
4) Hinduism

3. Which among the following countries offers visa to Indians on arrival?
1) Singapore
2) Oman
3) Afghanistan
4) Saudi Arabia

4. ‘Kisan Divas’ is observed on
1) December 22
2) December 23
3) December 26
4) December 29

5. 2005 Men’s Hockey Champions Trophy is schedule to be held in
1) India (Chennai)
2) Pakistan (Islamadad)
3) Australia (Perth)
4) Germany (Cologne)

6. ‘Madhushala’ the book of poetry is written by
1) Mahadevi Verma
2) Harivansh Rai Bachan
3) Jai Shankar Prasad
4) Sumintra Nandan Pant

7. Shaheed Bhagat Sigh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were sentenced to death in
1) April 1924
2) February 1933
3) March 1931
4) February 1935

8. The new name of Yugoslavia is
1) Serbia
2) Serbia and Croatia
3) Serbia and Montenegro
4) None of the above

9. Largest number of Persians reside in
1) Iran
2) Iraq
3) Jordan
4) Saudi Arabia

10. The first woman to become Governor of a State in India was
1) Sarojini Naidu
2) Fateema Biwi
3) Vijayalakshmi Pandit
4) Sucheta Kriplani
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