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Default Kalyani university MA Economics syllabus

Hello sir I am doing MA economics from Kalyani university for study plan here I have come to get syllabus of this program can you plz provide me ???

Don’t worry I will providing you the syllabus of the MA Economics of the Kalyani university.

the syllabus of the MA Economics of first sem consisit of the following subjects that are:

Micro Economic Analysis-

Paper-102 Macro Economic Analysis-

Paper-103 Quantitative Methods-

Paper-104 Public Economics-.


Option (i) Financial Economics-I

Option (ii) Demography-I

Option (iii) Economics of Infrastructure-I

Option (iv) Economics of Insurance-I

Option (v) Economics of Labour-I .

Option (vi) Computer Applications

Economic Analysis-I (60 Theory + 20 Practical)

Option (vii) Mathematical Economics-I

Option (viii) Economics of Regionalism-I

in second sem the subjects are:

Micro Economic Analysis-

Paper-202 Macro Economic Analysis-II

Paper-203 Quantitative Methods-II

Paper-204 Public Economics-II


Option (i) Financial Economics-II

Option (ii) Demography-II

Option (iii) Economics of Infrastructure-II

Option (iv) Economics of Insurance-II

Option (v) Economics of Labour-II

Option (vi) Computer Applications in

Economic Analysis-II (60 Theory + 20 Practical)

Option (vii) Mathematical Economics-

the syllabus consisit in the file given below:

Ma Economics Syllabus of the Kalyani university

Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf Ma Economics Syllabus of the Kalyani university.pdf (851.6 KB, 65 views)

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Default Re: Kalyani university MA Economics syllabus

Kalyani university department of economics offered M.A. in 'Economics' - a two-year post-graduate degree in following Specialisations
Agricultural Economics
Population Economics
International Economics
Planning, Input-Output Economics and Industrial Organisaton
Natural Resources and Environmental Economics
Financial Economics
Comparative Economic Systems
Mathematics for Economics
Applied Econometrics

As you are looking for syllabus of MA economics so here I am providing for you

Kalyani university MA Economics syllabus

Paper-101 Micro Economic Analysis-I
Paper-102 Macro Economic Analysis-I
Paper-103 Quantitative Methods-
Paper-104 Public Economics-I
Option (i) Financial Economics-I
Option (ii) Demography-I
Option (iii) Economics of Infrastructure-I
Option (iv) Economics of Insurance-I
Option (v) Economics of Labour-I
Option (vi) Computer Applications in
Economic Analysis-I (60 Theory + 20 Practical)
Option (vii) Mathematical Economics-I
Option (viii) Economics of Regionalism-I

Theories of Demand: Indifference curve approaches; Income and Substitute effects
(Hicks and Slutsky); Revealed preference theory; The Consumer’s surplus. Applications
of Indifference Curve Analysis; Demand function and Elasticities (Price, cross, income)
of demand. Revision of Demand theory by Hicks; Linear expenditure system.

Production function and Laws of production; Technical Progress and production
function; Equilibrium of the firm; Derivation of cost function from production
function;(using Cobb-Douglas function); Equilibrium of Multi-product firm; Theories of
costs – traditional and modern; Analysis of economies of scale.

Perfect competition – Short and long term equilibrium of the firm and industry.
Monopoly – short run and long run equilibrium; Price discrimination; Multiplant firm;
Bilateral monopoly.
Monopolistic competition - Chamberlin’s approaches to equilibrium of the firm.

Oligopoly – non-collusive models: Cournot, Bertrand, Chamberlin, Kinked-demand
curve and Stackleberg solution.
Collusive models: Market sharing cartels; Price leadership models.
Basic Reading List
• Kreps, David M. (1990), A Course in Microeconomic Theory, Princeton University
Press, Princeton.
• Koutsoyiannis, A. (1979), Modern Microeconomics, (2nd Edition), Macmillan Press,
• Layard, P.R.G. and A.W. Walters (1978), Microeconomic Theory, McGraw Hill,
New York.
• Sen, A. (1999), Microeconomics: Theory and Applications, Oxford University Press,
New Delhi.
• Varian, H. (2000), Microeconomic Analysis, W.W. Norton, New York.

National Income and Accounts
Circular Flow of Income in two, three and four-sector economy; different forms of
national income accounting – social accounting, input-output accounting, flow of funds
Consumption function
Keynes’ Psychological law of consumption – implications of the law; Empirical evidence
on consumption function; Reconciliation of short run and long run consumption function
– absolute income, relative income, permanent income and life cycle hypotheses.

Investment Theories
Investment Function; The Marginal Efficiency of Capital Approach; Accelerator- Simple
& Flexible; Profits Theory; Financial Theory; The Neoclassical Model.

Demand for Money
Classical and Keynesian approach (The Regressive Expectations model); Post Keynesian
approaches to demand for money-Tobin (Portfolio balance approach), Baumol (Inventory
theoretic approaches) and Friedman (Restatement of quantity theory of money).

Supply of Money
Measures of money supply; Instruments of Monetary control. Mechanism of Monetary
expansion and contraction (deterministic and behavioural models); Determinants of
money supply;

Concept of Matrix and Determinant – their types, simple operations on matrices, matrix
inversion and rank of matrix; Solution of simultaneous equations through Cramer’s rule
and Matrix inverse method. Introduction to input-output analysis.

Unit II
Rules of differentiation; Elasticity and their types; Rules of Partial differentiation and
interpretation of partial derivatives; Problem of maxima and minima in single and
multivariable function; Unconstrained and constrained optimization in simple economic

Unit III
Concept and simple rules of integration; Application to consumer’s and producer’s
surplus. Difference equations – Solution of first order and second order difference
equations; Applications in trade cycle models; Growth models and lagged market
equilibrium models.

Unit IV
Linear programming – Basic concept, Nature of feasible, basic and optimal solution;
Solution of linear programming problem through graphical and simplex method.
Concept of a game; Two person Zero sum game; value of a game; strategies- simple and
mixed; Dominance rule; Solution of a game by linear programming.

Economic Rationale of Mixed Economy; Role of Government in a State; Efficiency,
markets and Governments; Market Failure and the rationale for Government Intervention;
Natural Monopolies and Market Failure; Non-Existence of Futures Markets and Market
Failure; Asymmetric Information and market Failure; The Problem of Externalities and
their Internalization

Concept, Characteristics and Types of Public Goods; Efficient Provision of Public
Goods; Pure Theories of Public Goods – Bowen Model, Lindahl Model, Pigou Model,
Samuelson Model; Empirical Theories of public goods – Wagner Hypothesis, Wiseman-
Peacock Hypothesis; Preference revelation Mechanisms for Public Goods – Thompson
Mechanism, Clarke Mechanism, Lindahl- Wicksell Mechanism; Theory of Club Goods.

Efficiency and Equity Principles of Taxation; Incentive Effects of Taxation on Labour
Supply; Supply of Savings and Risk Taking; Taxation and Investment; Other Distorting
Effects of the Tax System; Tax Incidence – Partial and General equilibrium Analysis;
Mieszkowski Analysis of Tax Incidence; Keynesian Short Run Model of Tax Incidence;
Dynamic Tax Incidence.

Normative Analysis of Taxation – Income v/s Excise Tax; Optimal Tax Mix – Optimal
Commodity Tax, Optimal Income Tax; Excess Burden of Tax and its Measurement;
Equity Considerations in the Choice of a Tax System; Corporation tax and its Effects on
Corporate Decisions; Indian Taxation System; Fiscal Reforms in India; Fiscal Imbalance
in India; Value Added Tax in India.

Nature and Scope of Financial Economics; Goals of Finance; Economics of capital
Budgeting- Investment Criteria, Estimation of project Cash Flows, Risk Analysis in
Capital Budgeting, Computation of Cost of Capital.

Economics of Capital Structure and Firm Value- Net Income Approach, Net Operating
income Approach, Modigliani and Miller Approach; Analysis of Optimal Capital
structure – EBIT & EPS Analysis, ROI & ROE Analysis, Operating and Financial
Leverage; Ratio Analysis.

Economics of Dividends- Walter Model, Gordon Model, Modigliani and Miller Model;
Economics of Working Capital- Estimation of Working Capital, Financing of working
Capital. Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis; Economics of Mergers and Acquisitions.

Economics of Cash – Cash Budgeting and its Simulation, Optimal Cash balance, Baumol
Model, Miller and Orr Model; Economics of Receivables; Discriminant Analysis and
Customer Classification; Economics of Inventory – EOQ Model, Pricing of Raw
materials, Monitoring and Control of Inventories.

To see complete syllabus , here is attachment

University of Kalyani
Near Kalyani Ghoshpara Railway Station
Kalyani, West Bengal 741235

Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf Kalyani university MA Economics syllabus.pdf (851.6 KB, 66 views)
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Default Re: Kalyani university MA Economics syllabus

hii sir, I am the student of the MA Economics of the kalyani university I lost my syllabus some where can you provide me the syllabus of the Ma Economicsa of the Kalyani university?
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