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Default DOEACC - O level, M4.2-R3 Programming Through Visual Basic previous years question pa

Can you please give me the DOEACC - O level, M4.2-R3 Programming Through Visual Basic previous years question papers?
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Default Re: DOEACC - O level, M4.2-R3 Programming Through Visual Basic previous years questio

As you want to get the DOEACC - O level, M4.2-R3 Programming Through Visual Basic previous years question papers so here is the information of the same for you:

Some content of the file has been given here:

There are TWO PARTS in this Module/Paper. PART ONE contains FOUR questions
and PART TWO contains FIVE questions.
PART ONE is to be answered in the TEAR-OFF ANSWER SHEET only, attached to the
question paper, as per the instructions contained therein. PART ONE is NOT to be
answered in the answer book.
Maximum time allotted for PART ONE is ONE HOUR. Answer book for PART TWO will
be supplied at the table when the answer sheet for PART ONE is returned. However,
candidates, who complete PART ONE earlier than one hour, can collect the answer
book for PART TWO immediately after handing over the answer sheet for PART ONE.

Each question below gives a multiple choice of answers. Choose the most
appropriate one and enter in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the question
paper, following instructions therein. (1 x 10)
1.1 Which of the following event is not associated with Form?
A) Initialize
B) Load
C) Deactivate
D) QueryReload
1.2 Which type of variable’s value is preserved during procedure calls?
A) Static Local Variable
B) Global Variable
C) Module Variable
D) Dynamic Local Variable
1.3 In each project you can have only one
A) Form
B) BAS module
C) Class module
D) MDI Form
1.4 Which control is used to inform the user about the progress state of a lengthy operation?
A) StatusBar
B) ProgressBar
C) ToolBar
D) CoolBar
Which of the following menu lists a collection of commands related to external modules
that integrate into the environment?
A) Help Menu
B) Tools Menu
C) Add-In Menu
D) Window Menu

1.6 Windows API is
A) a collection of exe files
B) a collection of DLLs
C) a collection of VB files
D) a collection of GUI files
Which object in the Data Environment designer represents an action performed on a
A) Control
B) Form
C) Action
D) Command

You can write diagnostic messages from your application’s code to immediate window
using which of the following statement.
A) Print
B) Out
C) Debug. Print
D) Put

Which object lets you specify all the necessary parameters – for example, the server and
the database names, the user’s name and password and the timeout – before opening
the data sources?
A) The Connection
B) The RecordSet
C) The Command
D) The Parameter

Which of the following commands, when pressed on a keyboard, will lead to the event
A) KeyType
B) KeyPress
C) KeyEnter
D) FormLoad

Each statement below is either TRUE or FALSE. Choose the most appropriate one
and ENTER in the “tear-off” sheet attached to the question paper, following
instructions therein. (1 x 10)
When a control is created from the Toolbox, its Font
property reflects the font of the
parent form.
Label control cannot get focus.
End toolbar will end the current running application and return you to Run mode.
ComboBox controls is support multiple selections.
The Parent
property is a run time only property (that is, you don’t see it in the Properties
window), which returns a reference to the form that hosts the control.
Visual Basic 6.0 is command driven programming.
You can also use the Public attribute for module-level variables, for all module types
except BAS modules.
Option Explicit statement is used to force declaration of variables.
Shortcut keys allow the user to access menu function using a single key or key
is the ability of different classes to expose similar (or identical) interfaces
to the outside.
Match words and phrases in column X with the closest related meaning/
word(s)/phrase(s) in column Y. Enter your selection in the “tear-off” answer sheet
attached to the question paper, following instructions therein. (1 x 10)
3.1 The Erase statement A. Exposes only two meaningful properties: Interval
and Enabled.
3.2 DirList Box B. Is the method that can be used to redraw a
content of control?
3.3 Object C. The intrinsic controls that benefit most from the
3.4 Int D. Can be used to destroy an array
3.5 twips E. Is the measure by which default Top and Left
properties are measured in relative to a
container control
3.6 label control F. Controls background color is active only if you
also set the Style
property to 1-Graphical.
3.7 Timer control G. A file control that displays the folders of the
current drive.
3.8 Refresh H. Is used to create a method for a class
3.9 TextBox controls I. Is an entity that embeds both data and the code
that deals with it
3.10 CommandButton J. Is the function used to truncate a number to the
integer values equal or lower than its argument
K. Where& characters have no special meaning
L. Can be used to destroy text

Each statement below has a blank space to fit one of the word(s) or phrase(s) in
the list below. Enter your choice in the “tear-off” answer sheet attached to the
question paper, following instructions therein. (1 x 10)
A. tiff B. twip C. MouseUp
D. Index E. Ctrl+L F. Password Char
G. Toolbar control H. Value I. ListBox
J. Visibility K. Property Get L. Polymorphism
M. Mouse N. PictureBox O. MouseDown

The Image control is similar to the ________ control, but it can’t act as a container for
other control and has other limitations.
The Call Stack window appears only when you break the execution of a running program
and press ________.
________ and ComboBox controls also fire Click
events whenever their ListIndex
properties change.
The Button
parameter passed to ________ events reports which button has just been
________ is the default property of Option Button.
________ of a variable is the portion of code from which that variable can be accessed.
Visual Basic’s default coordinate system uses a unit called ________.
The ________ field is used to create an array of menu commands.
The ________ exposes the Buttons collection, which in turn contains Button objects.
The ________ property of TextBox hides text with a single character.
M4.2-R3 Page 4 of 5
January, 2009

5 a) What do you mean by “Event-Driven-Programming”? What are the basic components of
any VB Project? Explain the different project types available in VB.
b) What is an MDI Form? Explain, how it differs from normal form. Which property has to
set to make a form a child form of the MDI parent form?
c) Differentiate between followings:
i) Picturebox and Image Controls
ii) Combobox and Listbox Controls
iii) Checkbox and OptionButton
a) Types of data that can be stored in variable are associated with data types. Visual Basic
Applications supports several native data types. Explain Visual Basic data types by
giving example for each.
b) A control array can be created only at design time and at least one control must belong
to it. Which are the different ways to create control array? How control array adds
flexibility to programs?
c) Visual Basic supports pop-up menus, those context-sensitive menus that most
commercial applications show when you right-click on an user interface object. How
pop-up menu can be created in Visual Basic? Explain with example.
a) What do you mean by bug and debugging? Explain in brief types of errors in VB. Also
list down the statements of Error Handling.
b) Explain the following constructs with properties, events and methods.
i) TextBox
ii) Label
iii) Command Button
c) The common dialog control provides a standard set of dialog boxes for operations such
as opening and saving files, setting print options and selection colors and fonts. Explain
various methods to display the desired dialog box of common dialog control.
a) What is an array? Explain declaration and processing of one and two dimensional array.
How to create dynamic array?
b) What is a module? Give different types of module with examples.
c) How many cursor types and lock types are there in ActiveX Data Objects (ADO)?
a) Forms are used to develop the user interface. Explain Form in brief with its important
properties. Also list the sequence of events while opening and closing the Form. Write a
program to create and remove forms at run time.
b) Create a database application using Datagrid Control and Data Access Objects (DAO)
control. Show the steps and coding for Displaying, Adding and Removing Data from
Datagrid Control.

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