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Default DOEACC B Level Course Management Fundamentals and Information Systems previous years

Will you please give me the DOEACC B Level Course Management Fundamentals and Information Systems previous years question papers as it is very urgent for me?
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Default Re: DOEACC B Level Course Management Fundamentals and Information Systems previous ye

As you want to get the DOEACC B Level Course Management Fundamentals and Information Systems previous years question papers so here is the information of the same for you:

a) Explain the contribution of Henry Fayol in the field of management studies.
b) Explain any five barriers to the process of communication.
c) What are the characteristics of good leadership?
d) What are the 4P’s of Marketing?
e) What do you understand by Working Capital and Fixed Capital?
f) Explain the role of e-commerce in Business Management.
g) Distinguish between Job Rotation and Job enlargement.

a) What is planning? Explain the different components of planning.
b) Define Marketing Research. Explain briefly various objectives of Marketing Research.


a) What is meant by delegation of authority? What are the difficulties in the process of
b) Explain the term Performance Appraisal. What are its key objectives?
c) Distinguish between line and staff authority.

a) Define Inventory. What is ABC analysis in Inventory Control?
b) What do you mean by decision making? What are its basic characteristics?
c) Explain the role of information system in business management.

a) State the meaning of Quality Control. Discuss the main techniques of statistical Quality
b) What is control? Explain the various characteristics of Managerial control.

a) What is Capital Budgeting? Explain the techniques of Capital Budgeting.
b) Discuss the following:
i) Decision Support System
ii) Transaction Processing System

a) Explain the role of Information System in the field of Sales and Distribution.
b) Write short notes on any two:
i) Supply Chain Management
ii) CRM
iii) ERP

a) Explain the role of E-Commerce in the functional area of Marketing.
b) What is Knowledge Management System? How will it help an organization?
c) How do information systems facilitate supply chain management? Explain briefly.
d) Explain the concept of matrix organization.
e) Given a choice between delegations and empowerment, suggest which one should be adopted
by a HR-Manager to enhance organization’s efficiency and effectiveness.
f) What is the role of Artificial Intelligence in Modern Business Organisation?
g) “Job rotation is one of the ways to make a job enriched.” Is the statement true or false? Justify.

a) “Sound organizational structure is an essential prerequisite of effective management”.
b) What is the relevance of forecasting in business? Name any two forecasting tools widely used
in business forecasting.
c) Explain the role of an expert system in business decision making.

a) What are the four stages of decision making as described by Simon?
b) What is the impact of the Internet on organizations and their process of management? How is
the Internet changing the economics of information and related business models?
c) What is channel conflict? Why is it becoming a growing problem in electronic commerce?

a) ‘Formal and informal organizations are not two different forms, but are two
dimensions of the same organizations.’ Discuss and bring out clearly the differences
between the two.
b) Describe different phases of System Development Life cycle.
c) What is a product life cycle? Discuss different stages in the life cycle of a product.

a) Discuss the concepts and perspective of human resource management.
b) Describe various capital budgeting techniques.

1. Answer question 1 and any FOUR questions from 2 to 7.
2. Parts of the same question should be answered together and in the same
c) Explain the role of information systems in enterprise resource management.

a) Why is innovation a very important expect of sustainence in modern businesses? How is
innovation typically managed in an organization.
b) What is case-based reasoning? How does it differ from an expert system?
c) State the role of a good management information system in achieving an efficient and effective
control system in an organisation.

a) Explain briefly Transaction Processing System (TPS). What is OLTP?
b) Distinguish between “Mission” and “Vision”. How are goals set in Management by objectives?
c) What is the importance of working capital management in an organization?

a) What is productivity and how can it be measured?
b) What is transaction processing system?
c) What is the difference between Authority and Power?
d) Explain four Ps’ of Marketing?
e) What are the Qualities of good leaders?
f) What is the role of MIS in an organization?
g) What are the objectives of Performance Appraisal?

a) What is Forecasting? Explain the various tools of Forecasting?
b) What is a decision support system?

a) Explain the concept of Staffing? What is its importance in an organization?
b) What is Communication in Management? What are different barriers of communication?
c) What is SWOT Analysis?

a) What are the essentials of effective control system? How will you design an effective
control system?
b) Discuss the following:
i) ABC analysis
ii) Economic Order Quantity
iii) Use of Control Charts

a) What is Marketing Research? Explain the process of marketing research?
b) What do you mean by break-even analysis? What are its uses and limitations?

a) What is Compensation? Explain the requirements of good compensation plan?
b) Define Information System? Explain the various approaches to information system?

a) Explain processes requirement for designing efficient Sales and Marketing information
b) What is E-commerce? Explain its role in modern business.

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