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Can you give me question paper for Pune University Computer Enginering 3rd Sem-Programming Problem Solving Examination ?

Here I am giving you question paper for Pune University Computer Enginering 3rd Sem-Programming Problem Solving Examination

1. (a) Consider any one problem and solve that problem using six steps
of problem solving. Explain each step in detail. [8]

(b) State and explain any four difficulties with problem solving. [4]

(c) Compare an algorithmic solutions and heuristic solution. Support
your answer with suitable example. [4]

2. (a) The railway ticket reservation system (single counter) is to be
computerized. Prepare solution to this problem using the following
tools :
(i) IPO chart
(ii) Problem analysis chart
(iii) Interactivity chart. [8]

(b) Write a pseudo code algorithm to solve the problem given in
Q. 2 (a). [4]

(c) What is the order of processing of the following equations ?
R = P < Q AND S * T OR U > V + W – C/3
R = A + (((B – C)/D) + E ^ F + (G – H) * I) ^ (J – K) [4]

3. (a) Write an algorithm to calculate and print result of your exam.
(Semester – I). Identify the modules (functions) and the
parameters to find the solution to this problem. Create a data
dictionary for the parameters you have identified. [8]

(b) Draw and explain coupling diagram for problem given in
Q. 3 (a). [4]

(c) Take three integers and find the minimum integer among three.
Create a decision table to solve this problem. [4]

4. (a) Design an algorithm to calculate the salary of an employee using
the following problem solving strategies :
(i) Sequential logic
(ii) Decision logic
(iii) Iterative logic
(iv) Selection.
To calculate the salary consider designation, no. of days worked,
wages per day, basic salary, allowances, and deductions. Calculate
salary according to the designation of an employee. [8]

(b) What are the different parameters passing methods ? Explain
each method with suitable example. [4]

(c) Explain the concept of local variables and global variables with
suitable example. [4]

5. (a) How one can develop efficient computer solutions to problem ? [4]
(b) Design and explain an algorithm to find the sum of the digits
of an integer number. [6]

(c) Design an algorithm for exchanging values of two variables. Explain
one application in detail in which we use this algorithm. [8]

6. (a) State and explain the rules for designing modules while finding
solution to a problem. [4]

(b) Design and explain an algorithm for finding the multiplication
of set of numbers. [6]

(c) Design an algorithm to calculate a result of ‘N’ students of
a class and find number of students passed in grades distinction,
first class, higher second class, second class, pass class. Also
find count value of failed students.
(For result consider the subjects of S.E. Computer Semester–I) [8]

7. (a) Design an algorithm to find the maximum absolute
difference between adjacent pairs of element in an array of
‘N’ elements. [6]

(b) Write an algorithm to find the frequency of each vowel in a
line of text. [6]

(c) Devise and write a pseudo algorithm to remove duplicate elements
from two-dimensional array. [6]

8. (a) Design an algorithm to find the maximum number occurs and
how many times it occurs in an array of ‘N’ elements. Only
one pass should be made. [6]

(b) Write a pseudo algorithm to find the sum of rows, sum
of columns, and sum of major diagonal of a square matrix
(N × N). [6]

(c) Design an algorithm to search an integer number from an array
of ‘N’ elements. Use binary search. [6]

9. (a) Write a pseudo algorithm for text length adjustment. Explain
it. [4]
(b) Write and explain an algorithm for left and right justification
for text. [6]

(c) Write and explain an algorithm that will search a string in
a text. [6]

10. (a) Take two ordered sets of numbers ‘A’ and ‘B’. Design an algorithm
to determine whether or not the set ‘A’ is contained within
the set ‘B’. [4]

(b) Design and explain an algorithm that will search a line of text
for particular substring. [6]

(c) Write and explain an algorithm to count the number of times
a particular word occurs in a text. [6]

11. (a) Explain the following features of an object oriented programming
with suitable examples : [8]

(i) Polymorphism
(ii) Encapsulation.
(b) Write a C++ program to implement the concept of inheritance
with suitable examples. [8]

12. (a) Explain with example :
(i) Visibility modifiers of C++
(ii) Constructor
(iii) Destructor. [8]

(b) Compare procedural language and object oriented language
for solving problems. What are their advantages and
disadvantages ? [8]

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