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Can you give me question paper for University of Pune-B.Tech 2nd Semester-Basic Electronics Engineering examination?

Here I am giving you question paper for University of Pune-B.Tech 2nd Semester-Basic Electronics Engineering examination in PDF file attached with it so you can get it easily.

Draw and explain Forward and Reverse Characteristics of
Zener Diode. [06]
(B) Write short note on Multiplexed Display. [06]

(C) A Bridge Rectifier Circuit has Secondary Voltage of 16Vrms.
Assume Secondary Resistance and Diode Forward Resistance
negligible. Load Resistance is 1kΩ. Calculate Peak Load Current,
D. C. Load Current, RMS Load Current and P.I.V. of each Diode. [06]
Q.2) (A) For Half Wave Rectifier drive equation of Ripple Factor and

B) Explain in detail following L.E.D. Configurations : [06]
(1) Discrete
(2) 7-Segment
(C) What is Voltage Regulator ? Explain the working of Zener Voltage
Regulator. [06]
Q.3) (A) Compare CE, CB and CC BJT Configurations. [06]
(B) The datasheet of 2N5459 JFET gives IDSS = 9mA and
VGS(off) = –8V. Using these values, determine the drain current
for VGS = 0V, –1V and –4V. [06]
(C) List applications of SCR, DIAC and TRIAC. [04]
Q.4) (A) Draw the construction diagram and explain operation of n-channel
(B) Draw the practical frequency response of CE Amplifier and justify
its nature. [06]
(C) Give and explain specifications of JFET. [04]
Q.5) (A) Draw and explain the block diagram of Op-Amp. [08]
(B) With the help of neat circuit diagram and waveforms
explain Triangular Wave Generator. Also give equation of Output
Frequency. [08]
Q.6) (A) With neat circuit diagram explain Operation of Grounded Load
V to I Convertor. Give its application. [08]
(B) In the Non-inverting Summing Amplifier V1 = 1V, V2 = 2V and
V3 = 3V. Input resistor for all three inputs are same equal to
1kΩ, the feedback resister is 2kΩ. [08]
(1) Draw neat circuit diagram
(2) Find Output Voltage.

Q.7) (A) What is MUX ? Give the relation between Member of Inputs
and Number of Select Lines. Draw the block schematic of
2 : 1, 4 : 1 Multiplexer with Strobe Input. [08]
(B) Draw and explain block diagram of Microprocessor and
Microcontroller. [08]

Q.8) (A) Explain the operation of CMOS AND Gate with the help of neat
circuit diagram. [08]
(B) What is Full Adder ? Give its truth table and equation for Sum
and Carry. Implement it by using Logic Gates. [08]
Q.9) (A) Draw the block diagram of Digital Thermometer and explain its
operation. [08]
(B) Compare Thermocouple, RTD and Thermistor. [08]

Q.10)(A) Draw and explain the block diagram of PLC and give its
applications. [08]
(B) What is Strain Gauge ? What are its different types ? Briefly
explain working of Semiconductor Strain Gauge. [08]

Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf University of Pune B.Tech 2nd Semester-Basic Electronics Engineering Exam Paper.pdf (21.9 KB, 15 views)

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