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Default Materials for KVPY Exam preparation

I need the question paper of the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) examination, can you provide me the same????
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Default Re: Materials for KVPY Exam preparation

As you need the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY), here I am sharing the same:

46. The Bowman’s capsule, a part of the kidney is the site of
(A) filtration of blood constituents
(B) re-absorption of water and glucose
(C) formation of ammonia
(D) formation of urea
Sol. In Bowman’s capsule ultrafiltration of blood occur.
Ans. (A)

47. In human brain the sensation of touch, pain and temperature is controlled by the
(A) parietal lobe of cerebrum
(B) limbic lobe of cerebrum
(C) temporal lobe of cerebrum
(D) frontal lobe of cerebrum
Sol. Parietal lobe is sensory lobe for touch, pain temperature.
Ans. (A)

48. A pathogan which can not be cultured in an artificial medium is,
(A) protozoan (B) virus
(C) becterium (D) fungus
Sol. Virus multiplies only in living cells
Ans. (B)

49. Meiosis I and Meiosis II are characterised by the separation of,
(A) homologous chromosomes; sister chromatids
(B) sister chromatids; homologous chromosomes
(C) centromere; telomere
(D) telomere; centromere
Sol. Meiosis I – Reduction Division (2n n), Separation of Homologous Chromosomes results in reduction
of chromosome ploidy to half
Meiosis II – Similar to mitosis sister chromatids separate
Ans. (A)

50. People suffering from albinism cannot synthesize
(A) suberin (B) melanin (C) keratin (D) collagen
Sol. Melanin pigment synthesized from Tyrosine amino acid impart colour to skin.
Ans. (B)

51. Short sightedness in humans can be corrected by using
(A) concave lens (B) convex lens (C) cylindrical lens (D) plain glass
Sol. Image is formed before retina in short sightedness
Ans. (A)

52. A person with blood group "A" can (a) donate blood to, and (b) receive blood from,
(A) (a) persons with blood group "AB", and (b) persons with any blood group
(B) (a) person with blood group "A" or "AB", and (b) "A" or "O" blood groups
(C) (a) person with blood group "B" or "AB", and (b) "B" or "O" blood groups
(D) (a) person with any blood group, and (b) "O" blood group only

Remaining questions are in the attachment, please click on it…….
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Default Re: Materials for KVPY Exam preparation

KVPY (Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna) exam is a highly-competitive exam among the fellowship/scholarship programmes of its kind and as you want study Materials for this Exam preparation ,s o I want tell you that study material including like question paper books , syllabus. Notes etc.

This time I have a question paper which sharing with you along with some tips for this exam preparation

KVPY Exam preparation tips
Analyse your Strengths and Weaknesses
Integrate your KVPY preparation with regular studies
Refer to NCERT text books
Make a four-month strategy: you have enough time
Group study: a miracle
Practice and revision: a key
Revisit question bank: avoid mistakes
Take as many Mock tests as possible
Take sound sleep before the exam day and relax
Stay focused and clam during KVPY exam

KVPY Exam books

KVPY Exam paper
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