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Default Re: SSLC Exam of Karnataka Question Papers

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board came in to being in 1966, has been conducting SSLC and other examinations. Every year its student strength is increasing tremendously.

English Question Papers:

1. Which of the following is not a pre-requisite for a person to think freely ?
(A) Security (B) Ethics
(C) Leisure (D) Society.

2. We are considered civilized to the extent we can balance individual liberty and
(A) social justice
(B) social conduct
(C) social behaviour
(D) social responsibility.

3. Sudha felt very happy after the release of her films as
(A) people were inspired by her life story
(B) she was invited for shows all over the world
(C) her life took an interesting turn
(D) she was warmly welcomed as a talented dancer.

4. The Indian Navy supported Mihir Sen’s adventure by
(A) waiving travel regulations
(B) navigating the swim
(C) gathering comprehensive range of facts
(D) providing trained pilots.

5. Identify the example for exaggeration.
(A) Dr. Follicle used a magnifying glass to examine the patient’s face
(B) The shoe shine boy was left handed
(C) Dr. Follicle refused to be held responsible for the postponement of the shave
(D) Dr. Follicle waived aside the question of fees.

6. The ‘lonely cheer’ in the silent tarn is
(A) sounding blast
(B) spreading rainbow
(C) echoes of the raven’s croak
(D) leaping fish.
7. Autumn personified as a woman, is sound asleep on a half reaped furrow as she is
(A) tired gleaning the crop
(B) idle watching oozing cider
(C) drowsy with the fumes of poppies
(D) sitting careless on a granary floor.
8. The carriage passes by the school and moves towards the setting sun. This symbolises
(A) journey from childhood to old age
(B) eternal journey with death
(C) sights during the journey with death
(D) imaginary journey after death.
9. God will gain the love of man by
(A) blessing him (B) granting rest
(C) pouring riches (D) withholding rest.
10. The word in which ‘un’ is not a prefix is
(A) untidy (B) unclear
(C) unrest (D) understand.
11. “Truth sits upon the lips of dying men.”
The figure of speech used in this sentence is
(A) metaphor
(B) simile
(C) personification
(D) metonymy.
12. Cycling keeps Sandeep fit and strong, ………………… ?
Complete the statement with a suitable question tag.
(A) doesn’t it (B) does it
(C) does he (D) doesn’t he.
5 14-E
13. He was in ………………… Andamans for ………………… few years.
The correct articles to fill in the blanks are
(A) a, a (B) the, an
(C) the, a (D) a, the.
14. Arjuna aimed the arrow …………………… the eye of the fish.
Complete the sentence with a suitable preposition.
(A) to (B) in
(C) on (D) at.
15. Give a suitable synonym for the word ‘perilous’.
(A) pretentious (B) dangerous
(C) courageous (D) anxious.

Social Science Question Papers:

I. Four alternatives are given for each of the following questions / incomplete
statements. Only one of them is correct or most appropriate. Choose the correct
alternative and write the complete answer along with its alphabet in the space
provided against each question.

1. The Governor General who planned to have all season trunk roads all over the
country was
(A) Lord Dalhousie
(B) Lord William Bentinck
(C) Lord Cornwallis
(D) Lord Wellesley.

2. The journalist who was jailed for his anti-British writings from Bijapur was
(A) Jaya Rao Nargund
(B) R. R. Diwakar
(C) Hanumantha Rao Mohare
(D) K. C. Reddy.

3. The project undertaken to provide shelter to the refugees from East Pakistan
who were settled in Orissa is
(A) Hirakud project
(B) Ganga Cauvery Project
(C) Dandakaranya project
(D) Mundgod and Bailukuppe project.

4. The correct group of NAM leaders among the following is
(A) Sukarno, Mussolini, Nehru, Nasser
(B) Nehru, Gandhiji, Nasser, Tito
(C) Sukarno, Nasser, Tito, Nehru
(D) Tito, Nasser, Nehru, Adolf Hitler.

5. The result of New Deal policy was
(A) U.S.A. once again became an economic power
(B) Friendship between U.S.A. and China improved
(C) America entered into World War II
(D) America lost its hold on Pearl Harbour.
Ans :
6. Hitler was from Germany whereas Mussolini was from
(A) America
(B) Russia
(C) Italy
(D) China.
Ans :
7. The year which is declared as Women Empowerment Year is
(A) 2001
(B) 2010
(C) 1999
(D) 2004.
Ans :

8. An exclusive attachment or loyalty to one’s own region or state is
(A) Communalism
(B) Regionalism
(C) Linguism
(D) Casteism.
Ans :
9. The religious head of Tibet who took shelter in India was
(A) Chou En-lai
(B) Mao Tse-tung
(C) Dalai Lama
(D) Sun Yatsen.
Ans :
10. Mango shower is the name given to pre-monsoon shower in
(A) Karnataka
(B) Andhra Pradesh
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Kerala.
Ans :

11. Mahogony is to Evergreen vegetation, whereas date and palm is to
(A) Mangrove vegetation
(B) Tropical deciduous vegetation
(C) Himalayan vegetation
(D) Desert vegetation.
Ans :
12. India has given top priority to develop solar energy because
(A) of a favourable location for its development
(B) it is an unstable energy
(C) it is an exhaustible source of energy
(D) it is used only for limited purpose.
Ans :
13. Ruhr of India is
(A) Chota Nagpur Plateau
(B) Gorakhpur
(C) Mumbai
(D) North Indian plain.
Ans :

14. When goods are exchanged for goods, then it is called
(A) Entrepot trade (B) Import
(C) Export (D) Barter system.
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Default question papers

Send me the model question papers of SSLC exams Karnataka Board 2013 exams
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