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Can any of you here provide me the Physics Question paper for CBSE Board Class 12th???

As you want to get CBSE 12th board Physics question paper so here I am giving you some questions of that paper:

How does one explain increase in resistivity of a metal with increase of temperature ?

Write the condition under which an electron will move undeflected in the presence of crossed electric and magnetic fields.

Give one example of broadcast mode of communication.

Draw the shape of the wavefront coming out of a convex lens when a plane wave is incident on it.

CBSE 12th board Physics Question Paper

For full question paper here is the attachment.................................
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File Type: pdf CBSE 12th board Physics Question Paper.pdf (267.5 KB, 91 views)

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Default Re: Last year solved question papers of Physics for CBSE 12th board

As you require CBSE Board Class 12th Physics Question paper, so here I am sharing the same with you

Q1. An electric dipole of dipole moment 20, X 10-6 Cm is enclosed by a closed surface. What is the net flux coming out of the surface? 1

Q2. An electron beam projected along +X-axis, experiences a force due to a magnetic field along the +Y-axis. What is the direction of the magnetic field? 1

Q3. The power factor of an A.C. circuit is 0.5. What will be the phase difference between voltage and current in this circuit? 1

Q4. Electrons are emitted from a photosensitive surface when it is illuminated by green light but electron emission does not take place by yellow light. Will the electrons be emitted when the surface is illuminated by (i) red light, and (ii) blue light. 1

Q5. What should be the length of the dipole antenna for a carrier wave of Frequency 3 X 1O8 Hz?

Q6. Define 'electric line of force' and give its two important properties.

Q7. (a) Why does the electric field inside a dielectric decrease when it is placed in an external electric field?
(b) A parallel plate capacitor with air between the plates has a capacitance of 8 PF. What will be the capacitance if the distance between the plates he reduced by half and the space between them is filled with a substance of dielectric constant K=6?

Q8. Draw V - I graph for ohmic and non-ohmic materials. Give one example for each. 2

Q9. Define the terms 'Magnetic Dip' and 'Magnetic Declination' with the help of relevant diagrams.

Rest of the Questions are attached in below file which is free of cost
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf CBSE 12 Physics Question paper.pdf (65.7 KB, 81 views)
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