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Default Last year solved question papers of English for CBSE 12th board

Here I am searching for the English Question paper of CBSE 12th board, Can you please help me in my searching??

Yeah sure, here I am giving you the English Question paper of CBSE 12th board

As Teacher Coordinator of the Quiz Club of AMM School, Pune, draft a notice in not more than 50 words informing students of the inter-class quiz contest asking them to register their names with the Secretary of the Club within a week. 5 Marks

Mr. Rao, of 43, Nehru Nagar, Chennai, a retired Lecturer in Chemistry, is planning to start a coaching centre offering specialized guidance for competitive examinations. Draft, a suitable advertisement in not more than 50 words giving necessary details.

Vinay Mehta, a staff reporter of `The Times of India' has been asked to cover an awards function organized by the State Government on 'Teacher's Day'. Write a report of the programme in 100-125 words.

Write a factual description of the children's park in your locality in 100-125 words. Include special features such as water fountain, play equipment, animal corner, etc.

Vishal / Veena, a student of Class XII of 10, Green Park, New Delhi is interested in learning languages. He / She sees an advertisement in `The Times of India' issued by `The Institute of Foreign Languages', New Delhi about the certificate course in Japanese offered by them. He/She decides to write a letter to the Director of the institute seeking more information about the course duration, working hours, fee structure, etc. Write the letter.

1. Read the passage given below and answer the question that follow :
(1) The role friends play in our lives has become significantly greater than at any other time in our history. Today many of us live and work great distances from where we born or grew up and are separated from our original families. The pain we feel when we are away from our families can be significant.
(2) The happiness of individual relies on friendship which form a necessary human connection. It is perfectly normal to need and want friend and depression is more prevalent among those who lack friends. They lack the intimacy and richness friends can bring into our lives. Frequently friends reflect similar values to us. Yet these values are often different from the ones we grew up with; they are the values we created for ourselves in our adult lives.
(3) Communication skills are fundamental in all friendships. The more friends and acquaintance one has, the greater are one's communication skills. Some call these, People skills.
(4) Like watering a plant, we grow our friendship (and all our relationship) by nurturing them. Friendship need the same attention as other relationships if they are to continue. These relationships can be delightfully non-judgmental. supportive, understanding and fun.
(5) sometimes a friendship can bring out the positive side that you never show in any other relationship. This may be because the pressure of playing a 'role' (daughter, Partner, or child) is removed. with friends you are to be yourself and free to change. Of course you are to do this in all other relationships as well but in friendships you get to have lots of rehearsals and discussion about changes as you experience them. It is an unconditional experience where you receive as much as you give. you can explain yourself to a friend openly without the fear of hurting a families member. How do friendships grow ? The answer is simple. By revealing yourself; being attentive remembering what is most important to your friend and asking them about it; putting yourself in their position; showing empathy; seeing the world through the eyes of your friend, you will understand the value of the friendship. All this means learning to accept a person from a completely different family to your own or perhaps someone from a completely different culture background. This is the way we learn tolerance. In turn we gain tolerance and acceptance for our own differences.
(6) Friendships are made by being considerate which means all the communication skills come into play: active listening skills, questioning skills, negotiation skills, reflecting content skills, reflection emotion skills, and editing yourself.
(7) Friendships offer a great opportunity to learn about yourself because a friend can reflect back to you 'how you come across in world'. They also allow you to practice skills in dealing with 'personal boundaries' by looking after yourself as well as your friend. They help you develop resilience in relation to the wider social world beyond your family.
(i) Why do friends play a more significant role today than ever before ? 2
(ii) Why is friendship considered an essential human need ? 2
(iii) How is friendship different from other relationships ? 2
(iv) Mention two essential human values that help friendship to grow . 1
(v) Which communication skills help in building friendship ? 2
(b) Pick out words from the passage which mean the same as each of the following : (1X3 = 3)
(i) basic / essential (para 3)
(ii) mutual discussion to reach an agreement (Para 6)
(iii) Chance (para 7)
2. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :
Effective speaking depends on effective listening. It takes energy to concentrate on hearing and concentrate on understanding what has been heard.
Incompetent listeners fail in a number of ways. First, they may drift. their attention drifts from what the speakers is saying. Seconds, they may counter. They find counter arguments to whatever a speaker may be saying, Third, they compete. Then, they filter. they exclude from their understanding those part of the message which do not readily fit with their own frame of reference. Finally they react. They let personal feeling about speakers or subject override the significance of the message which is being sent.
What can a listener do to be more effective ? The first key to effective listening is the art of concentration. If a listener positively wishes to concentrate on receiving a message his chances of success are high. It may need determination. Some speakers are difficult to follow, either because of voice problems, or because of the form in which they send a message. There is then particular need for the determination of a listener to concentrate on what is being said.
Concentration is helped by alertness. Mental alertness is helped by physical alertness. It is not simply physical fitness, but also positioning of the body, the limbs and head. some people also find it helpful to their concentration if they hold the head slightly to one side. One useful way for achieving this is intensive note-taking, by trying to capture the critical headings and sub-heading the speaker is referring to.
Note-taking has been recommended as an aid to the listener. It also helps the speaker. It gives him confidence when he sees that listeners are sufficiently interested to take notes; the patterns of eye-contact when the note-taker looks up can be very positive; and the speaker's timing is aided - he can see when a note taker is writing hard and can then make effective use of pauses.
Posture too is important. Consider the impact made by a less competent listener who pushes his chair backwards and slouches. An upright posture helps a listener's concentration. At the same time it is seen by the speaker to be positive feature amongst his listeners. Effective listening skills have an impact on both the listener and the speaker.
(a) On the basis of your reading of the above passage make note on it using heading and sub-headings. Use recognizable abbreviations wherever necessary. 5 Marks
(b) Write a summary of the passage is not more than 80 words using the notes made and also suggest a suitable title. 3 Marks.

Rest of the Questions are attached in below file which is free of cost..
Attached Files Available for Download
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