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Default Re: Starting salary for Fresher’s in HCL

The HCL Enterprise is a leading Global Technology and IT enterprise.

The HCL Enterprise comprises of 2 companies listed in India:

HCL Technologies
HCL Infosystems

Starting salary:

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Default Re: Starting salary for Fresher’s in HCL

Salary depends upon field of work. As a Fresher you might not get much but after having experience you will get high and handsome salary.

Salary packages offered by HCL for Freshers for different posts:

Software Engineer: Rs 3 – 3.50 lakh per annum.

Senior Software Engineer: Rs 5.50 - 6 lakh per annum.

Lead Engineer: Rs 5.80 - 6.30 lakh per annum.

Member of Technical Staff: Rs 3.20 - 4 lakh per annum.

Project Manager: Rs 9 - 10 lakh per annum.

Project Leader: Rs 7.50 - 8.50 lakh per annum.

Tech Lead: Rs 7.20 - 7.80 lakh per annum.

Associate Project Manager: Rs 8 -9 lakh per annum.

There are three important rounds which you have to follow for the campus placement for HCL which as follows:

Aptitude Test
Technical Interview
HR Interview.

The aptitude test pattern which was followed in the previous HCL aptitude test as follows hope it will be the same

Verbal - 25 questions in 25 minutes.
Quantitative - 25 questions in 35 minutes.
Reasoning - 25 questions in 35 minutes.

HCL Question Paper
Q)Piggy backing is a technique for
a) Flow control b) sequence c) Acknowledgement d) retransmition
ans: c
Q) The layer in the OST model handles terminal emulation
a) session b) application c) presentation d) transport
ans: b application
Q) In signed magnitude notation what is the minimum value that can be represented with 8 bits
a) -128 b) -255 c) -127 d) 0
Q)There is an employer table with key feilds as employer no. data in every n'th row are needed for a
simple following queries
will get required results.
a) select A employe no. from employe A , where exists from employe B where A employe no. >= B
employe having (count(*) mod n)=0
b) select employe no. from employe A, employe B where
A employe no.>=B employ no.grouply employe no.having(count(*) mod n=0 )
c) both a& b
d) none of the above
Q)Type duplicates of a row in a table customer with non uniform key feild customer no. you can see
a) delete from costomer where customer no. exists
( select distinct customer no. from customer having count )
b) delete customer a where customer no. in
b rowid
c) delete customer a where custermor no. in
( select customer no. from customer a, customer b )
d) none of the above
Q)long int size
a) 4 bytes b) 2 bytes c) compiler dependent d) 8 bytes
ans: compiler dependent
printf(%d",x) ?
Q}what does the hexanumber E78 in radix 7.
(a) 12455 (b) 14153 (c) 14256 (d) 13541 (e) 131112
ans: (d)
Q) Q is not equal to zero and k = (Q x n - s)/2 find n?
(a) (2 x k + s)/Q (b) (2 x s x k)/Q (c) (2 x k - s)/Q
(d) (2 x k + s x Q)/Q (e) (k + s)/Q
(from GRE book page no:411)
A causes B or C, but not both
F occurs only if B occurs
D occurs if B or C occurs
E occurs only if C occurs
J occurs only if E or F occurs
D causes G,H or both
H occurs if E occurs
G occurs if F occurs
NOTE: check following answers.
Q). If A occurs which of the following must occurs
I. F & G
II. E and H
(a) I only (b) II only (c) III only (d) I,II, & III
(e) I & II (or) II & III but not both
ans: (e)
Q). If B occurs which must occur
(a) D (b) D and G (c) G and H (d) F and G (e) J
ans: (a)
Q). If J occurs which must have occured
(a) E (b) either B or C (c) both E & F (d) B (e) both B & C
ans: (b)
Q). which may occurs as a result of cause not mentioned
(1) D (2) A (3) F
(a) 1 only (b) 2 only (c) 1 & 2 (d) 2 & 3 (e) 1,2,3
ans: (c)
Q). E occurs which one cannot occurs
(a) A (b) F (c) D (d) C (e) J
ans: (b)
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