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Avery Ganguly gg
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Hello I need the syllabus of the Manipal Entrance Exam would you provide it to me??? Also give me previous year and modal question papers… tell me important dates of the examinations... Thank you.
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Old September 23rd, 2015, 06:32 PM
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I am looking to do B.Tech Degree from Manipal University. I have applied for Entrance Exam of this University. So please provide syllabus of Entrance Exam of Manipal University for B.Tech Admission with list of Test Cities.
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The Manipal University conducts Entrance Exam for admission in Engineering, Medical and Dental Admissions.

The Entrance Exam held on Computer through online mode.

Manipal University Engineering Entrance Exam Syllabus

Newton’s Laws of Motion: First law of motion - force and inertia with examples -momentum - second law of motion, derivation of F=ma, mention of spring force F=kx, mention of basic forces in nature - impulse and impulsive forces with examples - second law as applied to variable mass situation - third law of motion - Identifying action and reaction forces with examples - derivation of law of conservation of momentum with examples in daily life - principle of rocket propulsion - inertial and non-inertial frames - apparent weight in a lift and rocket/satellite - problems.

Fluid Dynamics: Explanation of streamline and turbulent motion - mention of equation of continuity - mention of expressions for PE, KE and pressure energy of an element of a liquid flowing through a pipe - statement and explanation of Bemoulli’s Theorem and its application to uplift of an aircraft sprayer.

Surface Tension: Concept of adhesive and cohesive forces - definition of Surface energy and surface tension and angle of contact - explanation of capillary rise and mention of its expression - mention of application of surface tension to (i) formation of drops and bubbles (ii) capillary action in wick of a lamp (iii) action of detergents.

Work - Power - Energy: Work done by a force - F.S - unit of work - graphical representation of work done by a constant and variable force - power - units of power - energy - derivation of expression for gravitation potential energy and kinetic energy of a moving body - statement of work - energy theorem - mention of expression for potential energy of a spring - statement and explanation of law of conservation of energy - illustration in the case of a body sliding down on an inclined plane - discussion of special case = 90 degree, for a freely falling body - explanation of conservative and non conservative forces with examples - explanation of elastic and inelastic collisions with examples - coefficient of restitution - problems.

Gravitation: Statement and explanation of Law of Gravitation - definition of G - derivation of relation between g and G - mention of expression for variation of g with altitude, depth and latitude - statement and explanation of Kepler’s Laws of planetary motion - definition of orbital velocity and escape velocity and mention of their expressions - satellites - basic concepts of geo-stationary satellites, launching of satellites - IRS and communication satellites - brief explanation of Inertial mass and gravitational mass - weightlessness - remote sensing and essentials of space communication - problems.

Concurrent Co-plannar forces: Definition of resultant and equilibrant - statement of law of parallelogram of forces - derivation of expression for magnitude and direction of two concurrent coplanar forces - law of triangle of forces and its converse - Lami’s Theorem - problems.


Gas Laws: Statement and explanation of Boyle’s Law and Charles’ Law - definition of Pressure and Volume Coefficient of a gas - absolute zero - Kelvin scale of temperature - mention of perfect gas equation - explanation of isothermal and adiabatic changes - mention of Van-der-Waal’s equation of state for real gases.

Mode of heat transfer: Conduction of heat - steady state - temperature gradient - definition of coefficient of thermal conductivity - basic concepts of convection of heat - radiation - properties of thermal radiation - radiant energy - definition of emissivity and absorptivity - perfect black body - statement and explanation of Kirchhoff’s Law. Newton’s Law of cooling - Stefan’s Law - Wien’s Displacement and Planck’s Law - qualitative explanation of Solar Constant and surface temperature of sun - principle and working of total radiation pyrometer - problems.


Waves: Waves around us - brief note on light waves, sound waves, radio waves, micro waves, seismic waves - wave as a carrier of energy - classification of waves. (i) based on medium - mechanical and electromagnetic waves (ii) based on vibration of particles in the medium - Longitudinal & Transverse waves - one, two & three dimensional waves with example - definition of wave amplitude, wave frequency, wave period, wavelength and wave velocity - concept to establish the relation between pathl of phase of a wave - derivation v=f difference and phase difference - definition of a progressive wave - and its characteristics - derivation of equation of a progressive wave - different forms of a progressive wave equation - definition of wave intensity - mention of expression of wave intensity and its unit - statement and explanation of principles of superposition of waves with examples - problems.

Sound: Properties of sound - speed of sound in a gas - explanation of Newton’s Formula for speed of sound - correction by Laplace - Newton - Laplace Formula - discussion of factors affecting speed i.e. pressure, temperature, humidity and wind - definition of sound intensity - explanation of loudness and its unit - definition of intensity level and its unit - mention of relation between intensity and loudness - distinction between noise and musical note - characteristics of a musical note - phenomenon of beats and its theory - application of beats (i) to find the frequency of a note (ii) to tune the musical instruments -Doppler Effect - derivation of expression for apparent frequency in general case and discussion to special cases - qualitative comparison of Doppler Effect in sound and light - problems.

Refraction at a plane surface: Refraction through a parallel sided glass slab - derivation of expressions for lateral shift and normal shift (object in a denser medium) - total internal reflection and its applications -optical fibers and its application in communication - problems.

Refraction through a prism: Derivation of expression for the refractive index in terms of A and D -dispersion through a prism - experimental - arrangement for pure spectrum - deviation produced by a thin prism - dispersive power - mention of condition for dispersion without deviation - problems.

Refraction at a spherical surface: Derivation of the relation - connecting n,u,v and r for refraction at a spherical surface (concave towards a point object in a denser medium) derivation of lens maker’s formula -power of a lens - magnification - derivation of expression for the equivalent focal length of combination of two thin lenses in contact - mention of expression for equivalent focal length of two thin lenses separated by a distance - problems.

Manipal University Engineering Entrance Exam Syllabus

Manipal University Engineering Entrance Exam Pattern
Total Questions: 200 Multiple
Duration: 2 ½ Hours
Physics – 50;
Chemistry – 50;
Mathematics – 70;
English & General Aptitude – 30

Contact Details
Manipal University
Manipal 576104, Karnataka, India
Tel: +91 9243777733
e-mail: admissions@manipal.edu
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