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Default Rajasthan University BBA

How much do I have to pay to take admission in BBA program at the Rajasthan University? Do I need to take any entrance exam to get admission in this program or the admission procedure is based on the marks of 12th class.

University of Rajasthan is a well known university situated in Jaipur at Rajasthan .. here I am giving you information about admission in BBA course offer by it ..

BBA Course :
Duration : 3 year
You have to pass 12th grade from any well recognized board of education and you have to pass entrance examination organizes by college administration

Course Structure:

University of Rajasthan BBA syllabus

I - Syllabus University of Rajasfhan
2‘ Maximum number of attempt allowed shall be 2 after Ist attempt
excluding the periods of punishment
3‘ A student will be allowed to keep term (ATKT) to the next Semester
if he/she obtains 50% in aggregate and fails innot more than 50%
papers (out of six papers each semester).
Passing 'Standard
To pa : a year a stu
3. Ex-students : If a student fails in semester, he/she be treated as ex-
student till he/she does not clear above semester, and if the student
does not clear all the subjects in the duration of course? he/she shall
be an ex-student.
Award of Degree
Student shall be eligible for the award of BBA Degree only if lie/she fulfills
the following conditions :—
l. Passes all the Six Semesters as laid down.
2. Fulfills all other requirement prescribe by the competent authorit§v
from time to time for satisfactory completions of each course of stud}v
of each of the Six semesters.
10 basis of the aggregate
bed all the six sem'
' more than 75.

Every prescribed subject shall carry a total of 100 marks. For Fundamental
of Computer i.e. Code No. 106 (Paper VI). Project Report & Viva Voee
Le. Code No 406 (Paper VI) and Code No. 606 (Paper VI) the marking
Scheme shall be as follows :~
1. } ..1ndamentals of computer
Theor} : 50 marks
Practical : 50 marks in Code No. l06 ( Paper VI in I Semester).

Syllabus : m Administration (EBA) - 5
2. Project Report : 50 marks
& Viva Voee : 50 marks in CbdeNOAOG (Paper VI in IV
Semester). S
3. Group Discussion : 50 marks & Presentation : 50 marks in Code No. 606 (Paper VI in VI
The language of Instructions and Examilltion shall be English/Hindi.
The Pattern of question papers shall hens under :
There shall be 7 questions in all. Qthlfion No. I and 2 will be
Question No. l- 20 marks: 10 very slim answer type question of 2
marks each (upto 50 words)
Question No.2- 20 marks: 5 short answer type question of 4 marks
each. (upto 100 words)
There shall be 5 essay type/numerical tpes'tions. Candidates shall be
required to attempt any 3 questions. Each qflustion shall be of 20 marks.
Case study related questions may be wherever necessary.
Where\ er a student appears at an ATKT exam lie/she will do
according the syllabus at that time and fulfill he requirements of the course
in force at that time.
The project in IV semester will consist of ltltl marks out of which
50 marks will be for repon and 50 marks for viva \‘oce based on the report.
The student is required to take approval of cmcerned facult}v for the topics
of the project, and the topic of project will be related to the contemporary
issues of the papers of that semester. There will be no repetition of topics
otherwise it will be treated as Unfair Meats.
In semester VI paper Code No. 606 i.e. Group Discussion and
Presentation, the Head of the unit should “at pmject topic in the group
of five students. Their will be no repetition at topic in other group within
the “m sail/m» in i as bad! (0!,
l ara 3: n Duration of time: 3 hours, Maximum marks 50
Q l and Q 2 are compulsory questions.
Q 1 should be divided into 10 sub parts, each sub part carries 01
Q 2 should be divided into 5 sub parts, each sub part carries 2
Attempt any three questions out of 5 questions. Each question carries
10 marks.

Code 101 : Fundamentals of Business Organization.
. Unit I
0 .
Introduction :
Meaning, Features. Importance and Scope of
Business. Elementary Knowledge of Trade, Industry and
Conunerce. Types of Industries.
Unit II Forms of Business Organization/ Ownership :
ers up, Joint Stock Company, Co-operatives, Joint Sector.
Public Enterprises - Their Features, Relative Merits, Deinerits
and Suitability.
Unit III Channels of Distribution :
Wholesale and Retails Trade,
Recent Trends in Wholesale and Retailing, Malls and Super
Markets, Green Business Practices.
Unit IV Business and Society : Changing Concept and Objectives of
Business, Business Ethics, Business and culture. Social
Responsibility of Business.

Unit V Liberalization, Privatizatiofl and Globalization : Concept
and their implications.
Recommended Books
1. Modern Business Organization. - Sherlekar. ‘ ' .
2. Industrial Organization Management S. A. Sherlaker. Patil. Paranjpe,
3. Business Environment : Text and Cases _- F. Cherunilam (HPH).
. Business Organization Management}: Jallo (TMH).
5. Business Organization and Management - Dr. C. B. Gupta (Sultan
Chand & Company, Delhi)
6. Industrial Organization and Managqnent - Dr. C. ,B. Gupta (Sultan
Chand & Company, Delhi) ‘
7. Business Organization-Dr. R.L.Nol*¢a, (RBD Jaipur)

Code 102 : Business Communicafiun Skills
Unit I Introduction : Concept, obj '7 es and importance of Busines
Communication, Principles of‘ective Counniuiication, Types
of Communication. ‘
Unit [I Media of Communication : Written, oral, face to face, Visual,
audio-visual, modern niedia-selex, fax, Tele Conferencing,
E-mail media, Non-verbal communication, Kivesics Effects.
Comprehension of reality.
Unit [I] Barriers to Communicatidn : Wrong choice of Media.
Physical barriers, Semantic Wers, Different Comprehension
of reality. Socio-Psychologicail barriers.
Unit [V Business Letters : Layout, of business letter - Inten'ieu',
Appointment. Acknowledgement, Promotion, Inquiries, Replies.
Orders. Sales. Circular, Complaints.
Unit V Practical Aspects of Business Communication : Report
Writing, Public Speaking, Winar, Presentation, Interview,
Group Discussion, Efl'ective “atoning.
Recommended Books .v y
1. Business Coinnuuiieation- K.K. Sim, Galgotia Publishers Cooperv.
New Delhi. ‘
2. Media and Communication Managénent - CS. Rayndu, Himalaya
Publishing House, Bombay.

3. Essentials of Business Communication, Rajendra Pal and J .S.
Korlhali-Sultan Chand & Sons, New Delhi.
4. Business Communication (Principles, Methods and Techniques)
Nirmal Singh- Deep & Deep Publication P\-1. Ltd, New Delhi.
5 Business Correspondence and Report Writing - R.C. Shanna, Krishna
Mohan- Tata Mc Graw - Hill Publishing Company Ltd, New Delhi.
6. Business Connnunication-M. Balasubralnnanyam- Vani Education
7. Business Communication- H.S.Pandcy and Nilima Pareek (RBD

Code 103 : Legal Aspects of Business
Unit I Law of Contract : Nature of Contract, Classification, Offer
and Acceptance Capacity to Contract, Free Consent,
Unit II Consideration, Legality of contract, Agreements declared Void.
Unit III Performance of Contract, Discharge of Contract, Remedies for
Breach of Contract.
Unit IV Special Contracts: Indemnity, Guarantee, Bailment, Pledge,
Unit V Sale of Goods Act, 1930.
Recommended Books
1. Mercantile Law ND. Kapoor
2. Business Law Maheshwari and Maheshwari
3. Mercantile Law Dinkar Pagare
4. Mercantile Law M.C.ShukIa
5. Mercantile Law Aytar Singh
6. Commercial Law M.J. Mathew
7. Business Law R.L.' Nolakha (RBD Jaipur)
8. Business Law ' Gulshan and Kapoor

Code 104 : Fundamentals of Accounting
Unit I Basic Accounting Principles: Concept, Convention.
Unit II Books of Original Entry - Journal and Subsidiary Books.
Unit III Books of Secondary Entry, Ledger, Depreciation Provisions and
Reserve, Rectification of Errors, Trial Balance, Bank.
1/ m Reconciliation Statement.
q. wok Shanna, Ur.
Rashmi Arya. Di". Anj u Gupta Ajmera Books
Com pany, Jaipur
(D Mercantila Law-Dr. NM. Shanna — Shivam
Book Depot. Jaipur

ll‘unclamental 01' Accounting — D1. B. L. D¢ave —
Ajmcra Book Company. Jaipur
g Fundamental ol‘Accgounting - D1“. l\/I.L. bliarma
“ i bylaw». mess AdnunLm-ation (33,4) – 9

Unit IV Final Accounts with Adjusmt.
Unit V Computer Accounting - Awnting Package: Tally Micro
Recommended Books
1. Book-keeping and Accountancy - & Bhardwaj.
2. Advanced Accountancy Vol. I & II a BL. Gupta and M. Raaharwary.
3. Fundamentals of Accounting - Jiin, Khandelwal, Pareek (RBD
> Jaipur).

Code 105 : Managerial Economfil
Unit I Introduction : Meaning and of Managerial Economics,
(relationship to economic theory - relationship with decision
theory) - role of managerial economics —— objectives and
constraints of the firm - iléjt‘flductiott to risk, asymmetric
information and game theory,“
Unit II Demand Analysis : McaninQQof demand - Market function,
demand curve, factors aflec I! “demand - variation and increase/
decrease in demand - El , city of demand ~ Graphical
presentation of price-elastici' of demand price - income and
cross elasticity of demand 4 ’ c 'on of demand - numerical
problems for measurement "elasticity.
Unit III Production and Cost : Meaning of production - type of
production function - irnportW of production function - in
managerial decision - making lication of production function
in productive sectors (Service 1 manufacturing) - Economics
of scale and scope. ‘1
Importance of cost in manag ‘7 decision. Economic concepts
of cost Functional form oefr'gort run and long run cost.
Estimation and alternative metfilds of estimation of cost - LAC
as a decision making tool. Impfict of learning curve.
Unit IV Market Structures : Meaninglpnd Need for analyzing market
structure, Types of market, Perfvv Competition—Price and output
determination in perfect com . Merits and limitations of
perfect competition, Monopo—price discrimination under
Unit V Oligopoly and Monopolist' f; Competition : Oligopoly-
definition and characteristics - usion and Cartel - Non price
competition, Price Stickness linked demand. Monopolistic

Competition - definition and characteristics - Equilibrium Price
and output determination
Recommended Books
1. Managerial Economics - Dean Joel - Ester Edition.
2. A Study of Managerial Economics - Gopalkrishana - Himalaya,
3. Managerial Economics - D. N. Dwivedi - Vikash Publishing House,
New Delhi. -
Managerial Eeonomics- C.M.Choudhaiy, Vipin Jain (RBD Jaipur)
Business Economics - Prof. M.D. Agrawal, Prof. Somdev (RBD Jaipur)
Managerial Economics - Prof. M.D. Agrawal. Prof. Somdev (RBD

Code 106 : Fundamentals of Computer
3 Moiwuvtven
Theory 50 marks

Practical 50 marks 2 in}, Awfi,‘
UnitI Introduction of Computer : Introduction. Definition.
Unit [I
Unit III
Unit IV

Characteristics of Computer, Generation of Computers,
Classification of Computers (Analog. Digital and Hybrid), Mini
Computer, Micro Computer, Main Frame Computer, Super
Computer, Areas of Computer. Data organization - Drives,
Directories, Files, types of memory (Primary and Secondary). 10
Introduction of Number System : Binary, Octal. Decimal.
Hexadecimal system/ Niunber Conversion , simple addition.
subtraction. multiplication and division.
Software : System Software and Application Software.
Progranuning Languages, Operating System - Windows Operating
Enviromnent; Features of MS Window, Control Panel, Task Bar,
Desktop, Wall Paper, Formatting Disk. Windows Application,
Icons, Window's Accessories (Notepad, Paint brush. Word pad
Word Processor Software : MS Word Entering, Editing (Cut,
Copy, Paste, Find and Replace ) and Formatting (Text - Bold,
Italic, Underline. font size and font type), Page size and orientation,
margins, Headers and Footers, Columns and sessions and page
layout). Spelling and Grammar checkers, Thesaurus, Tables and
formatting tables, Mail Merge, Styles and templates. Macro, MS

Unit V Presentation Software : MS Power Point: Introduction, Creating
and viewing a Presentation, g Slide Shows, Navigating
through a Presentation, Using Hyperlinks, Advance Navigation
with action setting and action organizing formats with
master slides, Appling and mf' ' 1 designs, adding graphic.
Multimedia and special effects, creating Presentation for the Web.
MS Access.
Recommended Books
1. Fundamental of Computer — P. K. (BPB Publication)
2. Introduction of Computer - Peternofian (T MH)
3. Elementary Computer Application, 4‘3harma, Upadyay and Agarwal
(Panchsheel Prakashan, Jaipur)
4. Fundamental of Computer - V Raja;jRaman (Prentice Hall).
5. Fundamental of Information Technoi’bgy. - Alexis Leon and Mathews

Lecon. (VPH)
6. Computer Fundamental - Anubha Jain, Deep Shikha Bhargav (RBD.

Code 201 : Principles and Practi¢ of Management
Unit I Introduction : Concept of Ment, Nature and Scope of
Management, Management Function, Principles of Manage-
Unit II Planning : Meaning Nature andComponents of Planning. T§pes
of Plans, Process of Planning, Efl‘eetive Planning, MBO.
Unit III Organization : Definition, Prigxiples of Organization, Forms
of Organization Structure, Forlhal and Informal Organization,
Delegation of Authority.
Unit IV Co-ordination and Control :Co-ordination: Meaning, Need
and Importance. Principles and Tecluiiques of Co-ordination,
Effective Co-ordination. Coflx'ol : Nature and Process of
Control, Techniques of Control:
Unit V Motivation and Leadership : Motivation : Meaning, Need and
Importance, Techniques of Motivation, Theories of Motivation
(Suggested by Maslow, Hetltzberg and Victor Vroom).
Leadership : Functions, Qualities, Style and Theories of
Leadership (Brief Study Only). ’

Recommended Books
Kountze and Weihrich - Essentials of Management (TMH Co),
Newman, Warren and Me Gill - The Process of Management (Prentice
Hall of India Pvt. Ltd.
Terry and Franklin - Principles of Management (All India Travelers
Book Sellers).
G. S. Sudha - Business Management (RBSA Jaipur).
M. J. Mathew - Business Management (Sheelsons, Jaipur).
Dr. B. S. Mathur- Principles of Management (N P H, Jaipur).
Trope L Massie - Essential of Management (Prentice Hall of India).
Principles & Practice of Management - Dr. R.L.Nolakha (RBD Jaipur)
Business and Management - Dr. RLNolakha (RBD Jaipur) and
Principle & Practice of Managements Bahaudian GMujtaba - Dr.
Anukrati Shanna (J ahanvi Publication Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur)
Code 202 : Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management.
Unit I
Unit II
Unit III
Unit IV
Unit V
Concept of Entrepreneurship, Role of Entrepreneurship, Types
of Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship Traits, Entrepreneurship
and Manager: Problems of Entrepreneurship. -
Entrepreneurship Training and Development, Government
Encouragement to Entrepreneurship.
Concept of Small and Medium Enterprises, Role ofSMEs,
Policies governing small enterprises in India.
Start up process of small enterprises, Organization Structure of
small scale industries in India, Taxation Benefits and
Concessions to small scale industries. problem of small scale
industries and properties. .
Management of small businessenterprises, Role of DICs in
promoting small scale entrepreneurs.
Recommended Books
Udai Pareek. Sanjeev and Rao 1. V. Developing Entrepreneurship
Printers, Ahniedabad.
Shanna, SVS - Developing Entrepreneurship - issues and problems.
Small Scale Industries Extension Training Institute, Hyderabad.
Sn'vastava, S. B.-A Practical Guide to Industrial Entrepreneurs, Sultan
Chand and Sons.
Bhanussali Entrepreneurship Development (HPB)
Dailey - Entrepreneurship Management.
Sudha, G.S.- Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship (RBD Jaipur)
Sudha, G.S.- Entrepreneurship Development (RBD Jaipur)
&. Fundamental of Entrepreneurship — Rajpurohit
R.C.S., Vyns VS Ramehanclani H.K. and
Shanna KC. — Ajinera Book Company, Jaipur
Page 11
Syllabus : .Nimss Administration (BBA) - 13
Code 203 : Fundamentals of CWy Law
Unit I
Unit II
Unit III
Unit IV
Unit V
The Companies Act, 1956 :iBefinition and Characteristics of
Company. Types of Companies, Memorandum of Association,
Articles of Association.
Appointment of Directors, Duties and Liabilities of
Managing Directors and M 5-1 ~ Removal of Directors.
Law and Practice relating to Allotment of Shares, Forfeiture of
Shares, Re-issue of forfeitedahams, Transfer and Transmission
of Shares.
Company Secretary : Definition, Appointment, Qualities,
Duties and Role.
Company Meetings : Notice,» Agenda, Quorum, Resolution
Minutes. Statutory Meeting, Annual General Meeting and
Extraordinary Meeting. A
Recommended Books
1. Avatar Singh - Company Law (E *1 ‘
Book Co. Lucknow)
2. M. J. Mathew - Company Law Jaipur)
3. Majumdar and Kapoor - Company law and Practice (Text man New
N D Kapoor - Company Law.
S A Sharlekar- Secretarial Practice.
R.L. Nolakha- Company Law (11% Jaipur)
Code 204 : Strategic Management
Unit I
Unit II
Unit “I
~‘Unit IV
Unit V
Strategic Management : Meaning Concept. Need for Strategic
Management. Role of S Win Business and Non-Business
Organizations. Limitations of S M.
Strategy & Tactics : Strategic management process.
organizational mission, visicia, objective. goals, Ethics.
The External Environment : Social. Ethical. Economic,
Technological, Legal, Pitlitical Environment, Global
Environment. Sources 0"" Exbrnal Environment information.
Functional Strategy : Mariteting Strategy, Operational R &
D Strategy, Information Systetjn Strategy, HR Strategy, Financial
Strategy, Managing functionfil strategy.
Choice of Strategy : Concept of Choice of Strategy, Choice
Process, Evaluation of Strategic alternatives, Gap Analysis
Strategic Profiles, Business portfolio, Facts affecting Choice of
Page 12
I4 - Syllabus University of Rajasthan
Strategy, Time Dimensions, Strategic Choice and Contingency
Recommended Books
1. Grimsby - D.W. and stash, MS (1997), Cases in Strategic
Management. Oxford : Blackwell Publications Ltd.
2. Pearce II - John A: Strategic Management, I Ilinoin, Homewood
Richard D Irwin.
3. Prasad, L M. (1995) - Business Policy and Strategy, New Delhi,
Sultan Chand and Sons.
4. Jauch L R and Gouache W. F. - Business Policy and Strategic
Management. Mc Grew Hill.
5. Dr. P.C. Jain - Strategic Management (RBD Jaipur)
Code 205 : Financial Management
Unit I Financial Management : Meaning, objectives and scope ,
Organization; Frame Work of financial management,
Relationship of finance department with other departments, Role
of finance manager.
Unit ll Financial Planning : Meaning. concept, objectives,
significance. steps. basic consideration and limitations.
Unit III Cost of Capital : Concept. Infrastructure, Classification and
determination of cost of capital, Factors influencing capital
Unit IV Capital Budgeting Techniques.
Unit V Working Capital Management, Cash Management. Receivables
Management. Inventor§v Management.

Recommended Books
I. Agrawal. MD. and Agrawai . NP. - Financial Management (RBD
Jaipur) ‘
2. Agraual, N.P.& Mishra .B.K...- Business Finance (RBD Jaipur)
3. Vani Latur Kat, Arpita Alvi 7- Jalianvi Publication Pvt. Ltd. Jaipur

Code 206 : Human Resource Management
Unit I Human Resource Management : Meaning. Nature, Functions,
Importance and Role of HR, Role of HR Manager,
Characteristics and Qualities of HR Manager, HR Environment
in India.

Syllabus : Mess Administration (BBA) - 15
Human Resource Planning :‘Need and Importance, Process
of HRP, HRP at different levek.
Recruitment and Selection : Objectives, Sources of
Recruitment, Factors affecting Recruitment. Selection -
Essentials and Significance of Selection, Selection procedure,
Factors afl'ecting selection decision.
Training and Development : Training objectives and needs,
Training methods, advantages of training. Management
Development Concept and methods of MD, Evaluation of
training programme.
Performance Appraisal : Need, Methods and Steps of
Performance Appraisal.

Recommended Books
Edwin B. Flippo — Personnel Dcvelq‘iment (MH)
Venket Ratnam ~ Personnel Management and Human Resources.
Yoder, Dale -- Personnel Managemefi and Industrial Relations.
Davar. R. S. — Personnel Managemdit.
Singh. P. N. - Developing and Managing Human Resources.
Sudlia, GS. — Human Resource Management (RBD Jaipur

Contact details :
Rajasthan University
Jln Marg, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302005 ‎
0141 271 1070 ‎•

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Default Re: Rajasthan University BBA

You were looking for some details of University Of Rajasthan BBA program. The fee structure of this program completely depends on the fees of the college in which you are studying. The admission in this course of Rajasthan University is based on the marks scored in 10+2.
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Default Re: Rajasthan University BBA

i am sc/st candidate . can i admit in bba course . i got 44% in 10+2
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Default Re: Rajasthan University BBA

i passed 10+2 by 45% can i admit in bba by RU
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Default Re: Rajasthan University BBA

i hve got 66.4 in 12th ....can i get admission in BBA..
plz rply
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Originally Posted by alok kashyap View Post
i hve got 66.4 in 12th ....can i get admission in BBA..
plz rply
Surely u can take admission in bba
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Default Admission

I have one atkt in BSC
I will get admission in pg or msc
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