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Default ICMR MCQ

I want the Multiple Choice Questions of Life Science of Indian Council of Medical Research ICMR JRF Exam so can you provide me?
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Default Re: ICMR MCQ

I am providing you the Multiple Choice Questions of Life Science of Indian Council of Medical Research ICMR JRF Exam

ICMR JRF Exam Life Science Multiple Choice Questions

1. The average size of 70S ribosomes of prokaryotes are:

a. ~ 200 Å
b. ~ 250 Å
c. ~ 290 Å
d. ~ 303 Å

2. Which of the following is an example for chemolithotroph?

a. Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans
b. Nitrosomonas
c. Nitrobacter
d. All of the above

3. Which of the following is an example for denitrifying bacteria?

a. Nitrosomonas
b. Nitrobacter
c. Pseudomonads
d. All of the above

4. Who introduced the group Archaea for a group of prokaryotes on the basis of phylogenetic analysis of 16S rRNA?

a. Roger Stanier
b. Carl Woese
c. C. B. van Niel
d. Theodor Escherich

5. Who discovered endoplasmic reticulum?

a. Keith porter
b. Konstantin Mereschkowsky
c. Camillo Golgi
d. George Emil Palade

6. Acrosome of sperm cell is a modified ________.

a. Lysosome
b. Peroxisome
c. Golgi
d. None of these

7. Calmodulin is a calcium-binding messenger protein of eukaryotic cells. A single calmodulin protein at a time can bind _______ Ca2+ ions.

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

8. The H – O – H bond angle of water molecule is ____________.

a. 103.5º
b. 104.5º
c. 105.5º
d. 109.5º

9. At a time a single water molecule can form _______ hydrogen bonds with other water molecules

a. 1
b. 2
c. 3
d. 4

10. pH below pI, amino acids will be___________.

a. Cationic
b. Anionic
c. No charge
d. Net charge zero

11. Which of the following is an example for a ribozyme?

a. Transpeptidase
b. Glutamyl transpeptidase
c. Peptidyl transferase
d. All of the above

12. The nebenkern of Drosophila sperm cell is a modified ________.

a. Nucleus
b. Mitochondria
c. Lysosome
d. Golgi

13. Which of the following chromosomal aberration causes Patau syndrome in human?

a. Trisomy 21
b. Trisomy 13
c. Trisomy 18
d. Trisomy 8

14. The only antibody able to cross placenta to give passive immunity to the fetus _____.

a. IgA
b. IgE
c. IgG
d. IgM

15. Which of the following antibody is involved in allergic reactions?

a. IgA
b. IgE
c. IgG
d. IgM

16. Antibody present in tears and saliva is:

a. IgA
b. IgE
c. IgG
d. IgM

17. An autoimmune disease that affects the thyroid gland is _________

a. Tay–Sachs disease
b. Addison’s disease
c. Graves’ disease
d. Behçet’s disease

18. How many different types of gametes can be produced by an organism with genotype AaBBCCDdEe?

a. 4
b. 6
c. 8
d. 10

19. Weil–Felix test is used for the diagnosis of ________

a. Rickettsial infection
b. Pertussis
c. Cholera
d. African sleeping sickness

20. Phi X-175 is a ___________.

a. ssRNA virus
b. dsRNA virus
c. ssDNA virus
d. dsDNA virus

21. Diploid chromosome number of Pan troglodytes is

a. 42
b. 44
c. 46
d. 48

22. The 20 different amino acids in the protein are normally coded by:

a. 60 codons
b. 61 codons
c. 62 codons
d. 63 codons

23. Which of the following is the causative agent of fowl cholera?

a. Vibrio cholera
b. Escherichia coli
c. Salmonella pullorum
d. Pasteurella multocida

24. Which of the following amino acids is coded by maximum number of codons?

a. Leucine
b. Tryptophan
c. Valine
d. Alanine

25. Alu elements are

a. Transposons
b. Retroposons
d. LINEs

26. For the construction of Ramachandran’s plot values of Psi and Phi are plotted. The value of Phi is the rotation angle around:

a. N – Cα bond
b. Cα – C bond
c. C – N bond
d. N – H bond

27. Which of the following causes deviation in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium in a population?

a. Random mating
b. Small population size
c. Lack of selection pressure
d. No mutation

28. Which of the following amino acids in a protein forms a ‘salt bridge’?

a. Tyr – Phe
b. Cys – Cys
c. Lys – Glu
d. Ala – Val

29. Bunchy top disease of banana is transmitted by the vector:

a. Ferrisia virgata
b. Aphis gossypii
c. Thrips tabacci
d. Pentalonia nigronervosa

30. The source of dwarfing genes in wheat is____

a. Ganga 101
b. Norin 10
c. Dee-geo-woo-gen
d. Sonalika
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