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Default Elitmus Videos

I am preparing for Elitmus pH Test. I am looking for videos of questions for this Test. So do you know from where I can download video lectures for Elitmus pH Test?
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Default Re: Elitmus Videos

As you are looking for video lectures for Elitmus pH Test, so I want to inform you that we will provide video lectures soon for this Test.

Here I am providing question papers of Elitmus pH Test that will help you for preparation:

Elitmus pH Test Question Paper
There are 40 coins in a bag, consisting of Rs. 5 and Rs. 2 coins. If the total amount is Rs. 140, how many Rs. 2 and Rs. 5 coins are there in the bag?
A. 20 each B. 25 and 15 C. 30 and 10 D. 22 and 18

6(3 – x) –5 (2x – 4) = 4(3x–) + 14 In the above equation the value of x is:
A. 3 B. 2 C. 1 D. 1 / 2

The first Indian Governor of the RBI was:
A. L.K.Jha B. C.D.Deshmukh C. I.G.Patel D. None of these

X walked 35 metres towards South, then turned left and walked 25 metres, and again turned left and walked for 35 meters. He then turned to his right and walked 20 metres. At what distance and direction from the starting point is X now standing?
A. 20m West B. 45m East C. 20m East D. 45m North

The sum of the interior angles of a polygon is twice the sum of its exterior angles. How many sides does the polygon have?
A. 8 sides B. 9 sides C. 12 sides D. 6 sides

Sam said to Rita “Your mohter’s husband’s sister is my aunt”. How is Rita related to Sam?
A. Daughter B. Niece C. Sister D. Mother

Four years ago, the average age of A and B was 18 years. At present the average age of A, Ba nd C is 24 years. What would be the age of C after 8 years?
A. 30 years B. 32 years C. 28 years D. 25 years

Unscramble the letters of words and find odd one out:

Which is the greatest five digit number exactly divisible by 279?
A. 99603 B. 99882 C. 99550 D. None of these

Oranges are bought at 5 for Rs. 10 and sold at 6 for Rs. 15. The profit or loss as percentage is:
A. 50% B. 40% C. 35% D. 25%

The L.C.M. of two numbers is 12 times their H.C.F.. The sum of the H.C.F. and L.C.M. is 403. If one number is 93, then the other number is:
A. 134 B. 124 C. 128 D. 310

Jamshedpur is located on the bank of:
A. Damodar B. Ganges C. Subarnarekha D. Musi

The wages of 10 workers for a six-day week is Rs. 1200. What are the one day’s wages of 4 workers?
A. Rs. 40 B. Rs. 32 C. Rs. 80 D. Rs. 24

All natural numbers and 0 are called the _______ numbers.
A. whole B. prime C. integer D. rational

Judge : Justice : Censor: ?
A. Freedom B. Morality C. Entertainment D. Halls

X gives 1 / 2 of his property to his wife and 1 / 2 of the rest of his son. The remainder is divided equally to his two daughters. The share of each daughter is:
A. 1 / 8 B. 1 / 6 C. 1 / 4 D. 2 / 3

Karenge ya Marenge (Do or Die) was the slogan of which movement in India?
A. The Quit India Movement, 1921 B. Salt Movement, 1930 C. Non-Cooperation Movement, 1921 D. Indigo revolt, 1859-60

Xerophytes live predominantly in:
A. Ponds B. Mountains C. Deserts D. Brackish water

The area of the base of a right cone is 154 m2 and its volume is 308 m2. The height of the cone is:
A. 8 m B. 6 m C. 7 m D. 9 m
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