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Default RPSC Second Grade Old Paper GK

I need the answer key for RPSC 2nd grade teacher GK question paper 2011, so will you please provide me, of tell me from where I can download?

You want to get the answer key for RPSC Second Grade teacher for GK paper held on 7th Dec 2011. Here is the answer key.

Rajasthan Public Service Commission 2nd Grade Teachers Exam Was Held From 7-12-2011 To 10-12-2011. RPSC 2nd Grade Teachers GK, Science, Social Science (SS), Hindi, English, Maths All Subjects Answer Key Will Available Here Shortly. All Subjects Solutions / Solved Papers Available Here Shortly. Candidats Can Discuss Here For December 2011 Exam Answer Key / Cut Off.

RPSC Answers Key / Solution Second Grade Teacher Exam 2011
RPSC All Subjects Solution / Answers Will Available Here. GK Paper Was Common For Everyone So There Are Many Candidates Appear In The General Knowledge Paper That Was Held On 07-12-2011. Candidates Can Discuss Here For Their Questions And Expected Cut Off Marks For Selection. RPSC Second Grade Teachers Exam Answer Key Will Publish Here Shortly.GK Paper Was Objective Type We Will Publish Solutions With Solved Question Paper.

GK Answer Key
Series B
1a 2a 3a 4b 5a 6c 7a 8c 9b 10 11a 12c 13d 14a 15c 16c 17a 18a 19b 20a 21a 22c 23d 24d 25d 26a 27c 28b 29a 30a 31d 32c 33b 34a 35b 36a 37c 38d 39d 40a 41a 42c 43c 44b 45d 46d 47b 48a 49c 50a 51c 52b 53c 54b 55a 56d 57 58c 59a 60c 61a 62a 63a 64b 65c 66b 67c 68b 69c 70b 71d 72a 73d 74b 75b 76c 77a 78a 79d 80b 81b 82a 83a 84c 85c 86b 87c 88a 89a 90b 91c 92a 93d 94c 95a 96a 97b 98a a 99c 100d

Series D
1a 2d 3a 4a 5d 6c 7a 8a 9b 10a 11c 12d 13a 14b 15a 16b 17a 18c 19d 20c 21b 22d 23 24c 25d 26 27c 28c 29a 30a 31b 32a 33a 34b 35d 36d 37d 38a 39c 40b 41a 42a 43d 44c 45b 46a 47b 48a 49c 50d 51d 52a 53a 54c 55c 56b 57d 58d 59b 60a 61c 62a 63c 64b 65d 66b 67a 68d 69b 70c 71a 72b 73c* 74a 75a 76b 77c 78a 79c 80b 81c 82b 83d 84a 85d 86b 87d 88c 89a 90a 91d 92b 93b 94a 95a 96b 97c 98b 99c 100a

RPSC Science Answer Key

Series A
1d 2c 3b 4a 5b 6d 7c 8c 9d 10c 11d 12c 13b 14a 15b 16d 17b 18d 19c 20c 21c 22b 23b 24b 25c 26b 27d 28b 29b 30d 31b 32d 33b 34c 35a 36b 37b 38a 39c 40a 41b 42a 43c 44a 45a 46d 47a 48b 49c 50b 51c 52b 53c 54a 55b 56d 57d 58a 59a 60b 61c 62b 63d 64c 65a 66b 67b 68c 69a 70 71d 72d 73c 74b 75b 76b 77b 78b 79d 80d 81c 82b 83a 84a 85a 86c 87d 88b 89c 90a 91b 92b 93a 94c 95a 96a 97c 98d 99a 100a 101b 102a 103b 104c 105 106d 107d 108d 109b 110d 111d 112b 113b 114b 115a 116c 117c 118c 119d 120a 121b 122b 123 124a 125d 126b 127c 128b 129d 130b 131a 132b 133d 134b 135d 136c 137d 138b 139c 140a 141 142b 143c 144c 145c 146d 147c 148 149c 150a

RPSC Maths Answer

Series D
1b 2d 3c 4b 5a 6c 7b 8c 9- 10d 11b 12c 13a 14a 15d 16d 17b 18c 19a 20c 21d 22b 23c 24b 25d 26c 27 28a 29b 30c 31b 32d 33d 34c 35b 36d 37b 38c 39a 40b 41d 42c 43b 44d 45a 46c 47b 48c 49b 50d 51b 52c 53c 54a 55a 56d 57b 58c 59a 60d 61c 62b 63 64d 65d 66a 67c 68d 69a 70c 71d 72b 73c 74a 75a 76b 77 78 79d 80d 81a 82b 83c 84a 85d 86b 87a 88c 89b 90d 91b 92c 93b 94b 95d 96c 97a 98c 99b 100c 101b 102c 103a 104d 105 106b 107a 108d 109b 110c 111c 112b 113d 114b 115a 116d 117b 118c 119 120d 121c 122a 123b 124b 125c 126b 127a 128c 129b 130d 131b 132a 133b 134b 135d 136a 137c 138b 139d 140a 141c 142b 143b 144d 145a 146b 147d 148a 149c 150a

RPSC English Answer

Series A
1a 2a3a 4a 5a 6a 7a 8a 9b 10a 11a 12c 13a 14a 15c 16c 17a 18a 19b 20b 21c 22a 23b 24b 25a 26b 27b 28b 29b 30a 31b 32b 33c 34c 35a 36a 37b 38a 39a 40a 41b 42a 43c 44b 45a 46b 47c 48a 49a 50a 51a 52c 53c 54c 55b 56a 57a 58a 59b 60a 61a 62b 63a 64d 65c 66d 67a 68b 69c 70a 71b 72a 73b 74a 75b 76a 77b 78a 79a 80a 81b 82b 83a 84b 85c 86a 87d 88a 89b 90a 91a 92a 93d 94d 95b 96c 97d 98a 99b 100a 101d 102c 103a 104a 105b 106d 107a 108d 109b 110a 111a 112a 113a 114b 115a 116a 117b 118b 119d 120c 121c 122a 123c 124b 125a 126a 127a 128d 129a 130c 131b 132b 133a 134a 135a 136b 137c 138a 139b 140a 141b 142b 143a 144b 145c 146a 147a 148a 149a 150c

Series B
1a 2a 3b 4a 5a 6b 7b 8d 9c 10c 11a 12c 13b 14a 15a 16a 17d 18a 19c 20b 21b 22a 23a 24a 25b 26c 27a 28b 29a 30b 31b 32a 33b 34c 35a 36a 37a 38a 39d 40b 41a 42a 43a 44a 45a 46a 47a 48b 49a 50a 51c 52a 53a 54c 55c 56a 57a 58b 59b 60c 61a 62b 63b 64a 65b 66b 67b 68b 69a 70b 71b 72c 73c 74a 75a 76b 77a 78a 79a 80b 81a 82c 83b 84a 85b 86c 87d 88a 89b 90a 91c 92c 93c 94b 95a 96a 97a 98b 99a 100a 101b 102a 103d 104c 105b 106a 107b 108c 109a 110b 11a 112b 113a 114b 115a 116b 117a 118a 119a 120b 121b 122a 123b 124c 125a 126c 127a 128b 129a 130a 131a 132d 133d 134b 135c 136d 137a 138b 139a 140d 141c 142a 143a 144b 145d 146a 147d 148b 149a 150a
Series C
1b 2a 3a 4a 5d 6a 7c 8b 9a 10b 11c 12a 13a 14a 15a 16c 17c 18c 19b 20a 21a 22a 23d 24a 25a 26b 27a 28d 29c 30b 31a 32b 33c 34a 35b 36a 37b 38a 39b 40a 41b 42a 43a 44a 45b 46b 437a 48b 49c 50a 51d 52a 53b 54a 55a 56a 57d 58d 59b 60c 61d 62a 63b 64a 65d 66c 67a 68a 69b 70d 71a 72d 73b 74a 75a 76a 77a 78b 79a 80a 81b 82b 83d 84c 85c 86a 87c 88b 89a 90a 91a 92d 93a 94c 95b 96b 97a 98a 99a 100b 101c 102a 103b 104a 105b 106b 107a 108b 109c 110a 111a 112a 113a 114d 115b 116a 117a 118a 119a 120a 121a 122a 123b 124a 125a 126c 127a 128a 129c 130c 131a 132a 133b 134b 135c 136a 137b 138b 139a 140b 141b 142b 143b 144a 145b 146b 147c 148c 149a 150

Series D
1a 2b 3b 4a 5b 6c 7a 8d 9a 10b 11a 12a 13a 14d 15d 16b 17c 18d 19a 20b 21a 22d 23c 24a 25a 26b 27d 28a 29d 30b 31a 32a 33a 34a 35b 36a 37a 38b 39b 40d 41c 42c 43a 44c 45b 46a 47a 48a 49d 50a 51c 52b 53b 54a 55a 56a 57b 58c 59a 60b 61a 62b 63b 64a 65b 66c 67a 68a 69a 70a 71d 72b 73a 74a 75a 76a 77a 78a 79a 80b 81a 82a 83c 84a 85a 86c 87c 88a 89a 90b 91b 92c 93a 94b 95b 96a 97b 98b 99b 100b 101a 102b 103b 104c 105c 106a 107a 108b 109a 110a 111a 112b 113a 114c 115b 116a 117b 118c 119a 120a 121a 122a 123c 124c 125c 126b 127a 128a 129a 130b 131a 132a 133b 134a 135d 136c 137b 138a 139b 140c 141a 142b 143a 144b 145a 146b 147a 148b 149a 150a

For the rest of the answers of series B and Series D I have uploaded the PDF file. You may download it free of cost.

Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) conduct Recruitment exam for Teacher Grade - I & II

RPSC 2nd Grade Teacher Syllabus

Paper-I :
Time duration will be 2 hours (120 minutes)
Paper-I will be of 200 marks
Current Affairs of Rajasthan: 20 Marks
Geographical, Historical and General Knowledge about Rajasthan: 80 marks
Educational Psychology: 40 marks
General Knowledge of world including India: 60 marks

Time Duration will be 3 hours (180 minutes)
Paper-II will be of 300 marks
Teaching methods: 40 marks
Optional Subject: 80 marks
10th & 12th standard: 180 marks

Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc RPSC Second Grade teacher Answer Key GK.doc (29.5 KB, 149 views)

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Old August 27th, 2013, 04:42 PM
Default Re: RPSC Second Grade Old Paper GK

Sir, please provide all old papers of rpsc IInd grade teacher and also model papers for preparastion.
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Question Re: RPSC Second Grade Old Paper GK

Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Sir, please provide all old papers of rpsc IInd grade teacher and also model papers for preparastion.
;[QUOTE=Unregistered'350007]Sir' please provide all old papers of rpsc 2nd grad teacher and also model papers for preparastion.{/QUOTE}
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Old January 16th, 2014, 06:36 PM
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Default Re: RPSC Second Grade Old Paper GK

Here i am providing RPSC Second Grade Old Paper which i ahve if you want more then you can specify particular paper name.
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf RPSC Second Grade Old Paper 1.pdf (1.31 MB, 371 views)
File Type: pdf RPSC Second Grade Old Paper 2.pdf (1.08 MB, 321 views)
Answered By StudyChaCha Member
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Old February 11th, 2014, 12:50 PM
ashi chouhan

I want previous years paper of go and eng for 2 grade rpsc exams
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Old February 16th, 2014, 09:41 AM

[QUOTE=shilpa shha;94692]I need the answer key for RPSC 2nd grade teacher GK question paper 2011, so will you please provide me, of tell me from where I can download?[/QU
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Old February 18th, 2014, 09:20 PM
mamta jam
Default Re: RPSC Second Grade Old Paper GK

plz give me rpsc 2nd grade modal paper for s.s.,sanskrit,&g.k. for 2014
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