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Default UPCAT reviewer practice test 1

I am going to fight UPCAT. For good preparation I want to practice so please provide me sample paper where I can see basic question for UPCAT.
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Default Re: UPCAT reviewer practice test 1

As you asked for the UPCAT reviewer practice test 1 so we are providing you a link from where you ca get it.

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Default Re: UPCAT reviewer practice test 1

I am going to fight UPCAT. For good preparation I want to practice so please provide me sample paper where I can see basic question for UPCAT.
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Default Re: UPCAT reviewer practice test 1

University Of The Philippines Diliman conducts University of the Philippines College Admission Test (UPCAT) for admission of candidates in various graduate and high schools. The UPCAT is usually held on a Saturday and Sunday in early August with two batches of examinations per day in the morning and in the afternoon.

Exam Pattern:

The exam covers language proficiency, reading comprehension, mathematics, and science. UPCAT questions can be in English or Filipino. The exam is of five hours.

UPCAT Review practice test

Question 1
A graduated cylinder was filled with 50 ml of oil and a golden ring was dropped in it. After dropping the ring the oil level rose to 56.5 ml. What does this mean?
A The ring is not made of gold since it displaced the oil.
B The ring is denser that oil by 6.5 ml.
C The ring is 6.5 ml in volume.
D This does not mean anything and is a mysterious occurrence.
Question 2
Mid ocean ridges are result of what plate activity?
A Converging plates
B Diverging plates
C Inverting plates
D Spreading plates
Question 3
Which of the following statements best describes weather?
A Long-term differences in atmospheric elements of an area.
B The current state of the atmosphere.
C Heat or moisture exchanges between surfaces.
D A large body of air that forms over an area.
Question 4
Which of the following is not described as an alternative energy source?
A Solar
B Biomass
C Plutonium
D Wind
Question 5
A light bulb is more efficient if __________.
A It produces more heat but minimal light.
B It produces both heat and light.
C It produces light for a bigger area.
D It produces more light but minimal heat.
Question 6
Pteridology is a sub-branch of __________.
A Zoology
B Paleontology
C Botany
D Genetics
Question 7
Why is it that man fells weightless in the moon?
A Because there is no air on the moon.
B Because the moon’s gravitational pull is lesser than the earth’s.
C Because man’s mass decreases when on the moon.
D Because man’s volume decreases while on the moon.
Question 8
Which of the following does not have an orbit?
A Moon
B Meteors
C Asteroids
D Comet
Question 9
Brown dwarves are ___________.
A Stars that have just exploded.
B Planets that are burning due to nuclear blasts.
C Huge and hot planets.
D Stars that lack energy.
Question 10
For work to be done, what are the factors that must be present?
A weight and distance
B force and distance
C weight and force
D force and acceleration
Question 11
What should be done if the result of an experiment contradicts our hypothesis?
A Repeat the experiment
B Manipulate the results
C Reevaluate the hypothesis
D Nothing
Question 12
Which of the following examples illustrates technology?
A Designing a new micro chip using silicon semiconductors.
B Discovering new aquatic species.
C Writing a research paper based on observations of melting ice caps.
D Refuting a theory on Freudian psychology.
Question 13
Food use Temperature Room lighting Exposure Amount of moisture Result
Home made pandesal 37oC Dimly lighted Air High Plenty of molds
Home made pandesal 37oC Dimly lighted Air Low Tiny spots of molds
What conclusion can be deducted from the experiment?
A Molds grow best in moist places.
B Molds grow anywhere
C Molds like breads
D Molds are growing relative to temperature.
Question 14
Oil is more viscous than water. Scientifically speaking, viscosity is,
A Resistance to cold
B The internal resistance to flow
C The hue of a liquid
D Resistance to heat
Question 15
Mt. Mayon which is built from alternate layers of lava and ash with many little craters on its slope is what kind of volcano?
A composite
B Shield
C cinder
D caldera
Question 16
What gives Mars its red color?
A Iron
B Sunlight
C Algae
D Crustaceans
Question 17
The size of a planets orbit determines the number of _______ in a planet’s __________.
A Days, Year
B Years, Century
C Hours, day
D Months, Year
Question 18
To ensure that accuracy of the results of an experiment, the same procedure needs to be repeated multiple times. These repetitions are called ________.
A Variables
B Controls
C Measures
D Trials
Question 19
Which of the following is not a direct effect of global warming?
A Increase in sea level.
B Climate change
C Oxygen depletion.
D Melting of ice caps.
Question 20
Which of the following is an after-effect of erosion?
A Delta formation
B Air pollution
C Acid rain
D Green house effect
Question 21
As you go deeper into the ocean, water pressure ________ and temperature _________.
A increases, decreases
B decreases, decreases
C decreases, increases
D increases, increases
Question 22
During a weather forecast we sometimes encounter the term LPA or Low Pressure Area. How is this important?
A LPA’s are areas where typhoons may form
B LPA’s are areas where icebergs may form
C LPA’s are areas where tsunamis may form
D LPA’s are areas where an earthquake might happen
Question 23
_________ is the measure of water vapor in the air relative to temperature.
A Absolute humidity
B Actual humidity
C Specific humidity
D Relative humidity
Question 24
What type of clouds will be seen during a stormy day?
A cumulus
B stratus
C cirrus
D nimbus
Question 25
Substance A is twice as dense as substance B. If we take the samples of equal mass of these substances, what can be observed about their volume?
A The volume of both A and B is the same since the samples have the same mass.
B No conclusion can be provided about the volume of A and B.
C The volume of substance B is twice that of substance A.
D The volume of substance A is twice that of substance B.
Question 26
Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?
A Methane
C Nitrous Oxide
D Carbon Dioxide
Question 27
Magnetic storms on the Sun’s surface are called _______.
A Corona
B Solar Flares
C Sunspots
D Solar Prominences
Question 28
The ozone layer absorbs harmful violet rays from the Sun. It is located on what layer of the atmosphere?
A Mesosphere
B Stratosphere
C Troposphere
D Exosphere
Question 29
At which point will the kinetic energy of the ball the greatest?
Question 30
Mercury is used when mining gold. It helps separate gold from other particles such stone and sand. How is done?
A Mercury is a pollutant thus it separates pure gold from impurities.
B Mercury is denser that most impurities thus they float on mercury while gold sinks.
C Mercury melts the other particles clinging to the ore.
D Gold shines better once submerge in mercury.

UPCAT Review practice test

Biology Quiz
Question 1
What stage in the meiosis do the paired homologous chromosomes line up along the equatorial plate?
A telophase
B prophase
C anaphase
D metaphase
Question 2
What is the correct order of the following levels of classification?
A $latex \displaystyle Family\to Order\to Class\to Genus\to Species$
B $latex \displaystyle Order\to Class\to Family\to Genus\to Species$
C $latex \displaystyle Class\to Order\to Family\to Genus\to Species$
D $latex \displaystyle Class\to Family\to Order\to Genus\to Species$
Question 3
What can be said about a perfect flower?
A It has radiant colors
B It is long-stemmed
C It has both petals and sepals
D It has both male and female parts on the same flower
Question 4
Which of the following organelles are present in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?
A Ribosomes
B Chloroplast
C Nuclear membrane
D Mitochondria
Question 5
Which of the following is NOT a factor for germination?
A Water
B Oxygen
C Fertilizer
D Temperature
Question 6
The epidermis of a leaf is covered by a waxy cuticle. Why?
A To prevent water loss.
B To filter sunlight.
C To keep the leaf dry.
D To make it harder for animals to digest the leaf.
Question 7
Simple, multicellular animals with tissues but no distinct organs. Commonly known as sponges, they typically attach to rocks, shells, or coral. What are they called?
A Ctenophora
B Cnidaria
C Porifera
D Placozoa
Question 8
Which of the following do not describe the organisms under Kingdom Monera?
A Made up of prokaryotes.
B Microscopic
C Aerobic
D The absence of a nuclear membrane.
Question 9
In which organ is Peristalsis not happening?
A Large Intestines
B Heart
C Esophagus
D Small Intestines
Question 10
What best describes a cold blooded animal?
A thrive in cold environment
B body fluid temperature adapts to environment
C first order consumers
D the blood is cold
Question 11
A fossil was discovered and it was observed that the molars and premolars on the skull were well developed. The jaws were constructed to allow lateral movement. This animal is more likely a ________.
A Cow
B Herbivore
C Carnivore
D Omnivore
Question 12
Ferns, gymnosperms and flowering plants are vascular plants because __________________.
A They develop from an embryo
B They have specialized stems for storage
C They are seed bearing plants
D The have a water nutrient transport system
Question 13
In time of severe cold, animals may hibernate for days or weeks at a time. Their body temperature drops, and they breathe only a few times in a minute. A hibernating animal uses the fat store in its body for nourishment. In times of severe heat, other animals may estivate. Just as with hibernating animals, the body function of estivating animals slow down almost to a stop. To an observer, the animal appears to be either in deep sleep or dead. What generalization could be accurately said about hibernation and estivation?
A Both are response to extreme temperature.
B Both are response to summer.
C Both are response to winter.
D Both use more energy than when the animal is awake.
Question 14
Which of the following is not a function of the skeletal system?
A Provides framework and support for the body
B Protection of vital organs
C Blood circulation
D Endocrine regulation
Question 15
Which of the following is not true about vertebrates?
A They belong to the phylum chordates.
B None of the above.
C They are all warm blooded.
D They all have notochords
Question 16
Based on the table below, which would best describe Class Aves?
Emperor Penguin Common Raven
Kingdom Animalia Animalia
Phylum Chordata Chordata
Class Aves Aves
Order Sphenisciformes Passeriformes
Family Spheniscidae Corvidae
Genus Aptenodytes Corvus
Species forsteri corax
A It is a class for animals with beaks.
B It is a class for birds.
C It is a class for feathery vertebrates.
D It is a class for animals who can fly.
Question 17
Plants can be generally categorized as _______ and __________.
A Flowering and non-flowering
B Leafy and non-leafy
C Propagating and non-propagating
D Soil dwelling and air dwelling
Question 18
Which of the following plants do not store starch on specialized stems?
A Potatoes
B Taro
C Sweet potatoes
D Yam
Question 19
Which of the following process maintains the carbon dioxide-oxygen cycle?
A decomposition
B photosynthesis
C fossil fuels
D respiration
Question 20
The vascular tissue system of composed of the _______ and _______.
A Xylem and phloem
B Flowers and fruits
C Leaves and roots
D Roots and stems
Question 21
What is the largest organelle of an animal cell?
A Mitochondrion
B Nucleus
C Cytoskeleton
D Golgi apparatus
Question 22
This kingdom comprises of organisms with cell walls that has the same substance as that of the outer bodies of insects.
A Kingdom Plantae
B Kingdom Protista
C Kingdom Fungi
D Kingdom Prokarya
Question 23
Which of the following is a male flower part?
A Stigma
B Style
C Anther
D Pistil
Question 24
Which of the following cell parts are found in both animal and plant cells?
A Vacuoles
B Ribosomes
C Chloroplast
D Lysosomes
Question 25
This organelle is long and slender. Its main job is to convert glucose and other nutrients into ATP which provides energy to the cell.
A Golgi bodies
B Lysosome
C Mitochondrion
D Ribosomes
Question 26
Which of the following is not a nucleotide that encodes genetic patterns?
A Cytosine
B Chromatin
C Adenine
D Thymine
Question 27
Which of the following do not belong in the group?
A Amphibians
B Echinodermata
C Annelida
D Nematoda
Question 28
Spiny anteaters or Echidnas are mammals that lay eggs. This makes them ________?
A Marsupials
B Placentals
C Monotremes
D Birds
Question 29
Reptiles and birds are oviparous. Meaning _________________.
A They have 2 eyes.
B They have an acute sense of hearing.
C They lay eggs.
D They have scales.
Question 30
Which of the following is the chemical name of Vit. B2?
A Biotin
B Folic Acid
C Riboflavin
D Niacin
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