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I want to give the exam of Vizag Steel Plant Management Trainee Written Test and for that I need to get the previous year question papers of Vizag Steel Plant Management Trainee Written Test so can you provide me that?

As you want to get the previous year question papers of Vizag Steel Plant Management Trainee Written Test so here is the information of the same for you:

1. A voltage v(t) = 6e-2t is applied at t = 0 to a series RL circuit with L = 1H. If i(t) = 6 (e-2t – e-3t) u(t) then R will have a value of
a) 0.663 Ω
b) 1 Ω
c) 3 Ω
d) 0.333 Ω

2. Switching surge is
a) High voltage dc
b) High voltage ac
c) Short duration pulse voltage
d) Hyperbolically dying voltage

3. Overall thermal efficiency of a stream power station is in the range
a) 18 – 24%
b) 30 – 40%
c) 44 – 62%
d) 68 – 79%

4. When commutation is obtained by increasing the current density at the leading edge and decreasing the same at trailing edge, it is known as
a) Under commutation
b) Over commutation
c) Straight commutation
d) Sinusoidal commutation

5. Two bulbs marked 200 watt-250 volts and watt-250 volts are joined in series to 250 supply. Power consumed in circuit is
a) 33 watt
b) 67 watt
c) 100 watt
d) 300 watt

6. In which states of India, are most diamond mines found?
a) Bihar and Uttar Pradesh
b) Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand
c) Madhya Pradesh
d) Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh

7. Find the least number of complete years in which a sum of money put out at 20% compound interest will be more than doubled
a) 3
b) 4
c) 5
d) 6

8. A pair of words is given. Choose the appropriate pair from the options so as to maintain the same relationship
Coke : Coal
a) Bread : eat
b) Bread : dough
c) Bread : flour
d) Bread : slice

9. Fill in the blank with the best option.
_________ they are poor, they are happy.
a) As
b) Though
c) Because
d) If

10. A unity –ve feedback control system has a phase of -1250 at gain crossover frequency. The phase margin of the system is
a) -1250
b) -550
c) 1250
d) 550

11. In ‘plasma’ state a gas
a) Loses electrical conductivity
b) Conducts electricity
c) Becomes perfect insulator
d) Attracts moisture

12. In hydro power plants
a) Initial cost is high and operating cost is low
b) Initial cost as well as operating costs are high
c) Initial cost is low and operating cost is high
d) Initial cost as well as operating cost is low

13. In DC machines the number of poles is generally decided by
a) Frequency of flux reversals
b) Weight of iron parts
c) Weight of copper
d) All of these

14. A metal resistor has resistance of 10 ohms at 00C and 11 ohms at 1600C, the temperature coefficient is
a) 0.00625/0C
b) 0.0625/0C
c) 0.000625/0C
d) 0.625/0C

15. Which among the following soils is rich in minerals?
a) Black soil
b) Alluvial soil
c) Red soil
d) Laterite soil

16. In 3 hours a boat can be rowed 9 km up stream or 18 km down stream. Find the speed of the water in the stream
a) 1 km/h
b) 1.5 km/h
c) 1.75 km/h
d) 2.25 km/h

17. A series of words is given. From the options choose the order of words which makes it meaningful.
1. Travel
2. Destination
3. Payment
4. Berth/ Seat No.
5. Reservation
6. Availability of berth/seat
a) 1, 2, 5, 4, 3, 6
b) 2, 6, 3, 5, 4, 1
c) 6, 2, 5, 4, 3, 1
d) 5, 3, 4, 1, 6, 2

18. Arrange the words to make a meaningful sentence.
P: handed
Q: she
R: the
S: package
T: me

19. A second order system is given by d2y/dt2 + 12dy/dt + 100y = 100x(t). The damped natural frequency of the system in rad/sec is
a) 100
b) 10
c) √44
d) 8

20. Damping method used in moving coil instruments is
a) Air damping
b) Fluid damping
c) Spring damping
d) Eddy current damping

21. The load of a system is shown in the figure below. The load factor of the system is
a) 0.778
B) 0.667
C) 0.438
D) 0.331

22. An alternator is generating power at 210 V per phase while running at 1500 rpm. If the speed of the alternator drops to 1000 rpm, the generated voltage per phase will be
a) 180 V
b) 150 V
c) 140 V
d) 105 V

23. A 159.23 µF capacitor is in parallel with a resistance R draws a current of 25 A from 300 V, 50 Hz mains. At which frequency this combination draws the same current from 360 V mains?
a) 16 Hz
b) 18 Hz
c) 19 Hz
d) 21 Hz

24. Who among the following had plundered Kohinoor diamond from India?
a) Mahmood of Ghazni
b) Ahmed Shah Abdali
c) Nadir Shah
d) None of these

25. 0.9 per cent be expressed as
a) 0.9
b) 0.09
c) 0.009
d) None of these

26. If SINGLE is coded as 66, what code is given to WINKLE?
a) 76
b) 66
c) 78
d) 74

27. Find the missing letters of the series:
a) d, a, b, c
b) c, c, a, a
c) b, c, d, a
d) a, b, c, d

28. Choose the synonym of the given word.
a) Reserved
b) Seat
c) Allocation
d) Marks

29. The maximum phase shift that can be provided by a lead compensator with transfer function G(s) = 1+6s/1+2s
a) 150
b) 300
c) 450
d) 600

30. Electrostatic instruments are not free from the effect of
a) Temperature
b) Frequency
c) Stray magnetic field
d) Stray electrostatic field

31. In the figure shown below which curve represents the variation of cost of generation per kWh with the load factor, for a thermal power plant?
a) Curve A
b) Curve B
c) Curve C
d) Curve D

32. An alternator is supplying 10 A to an inductive load at 220 V, while running at 1000 rpm. Now if the speed of the alternator is reduced to 750 rpm but the field current remains unchanged, the load current will become
a) 18 A
b) 13.3 A
c) 10 A
d) 7.5 A

33. If a capacitor is energized by a symmetrical square wave current source, then the steady state voltage across the capacitor will be
a) Square wave
b) Triangular wave
c) Step wave
d) Impulse wave

34. Zojila Pass is in which state?
a) Jammu and Kashmir
b) Sikkim
c) Uttarakhand
d) Assam

35. A can do a piece of work in 16 days, B in 24 days. With the help of a boy they finish it in 8 days. The boy will do it alone in
a) 32 days
b) 40 days
c) 48 days
d) 96 days

36. Which letter group is different from the other three?

37. Ram ranks sixteenth from the top and fifteenth from the bottom in a certain examination. How many students are there in the class?
a) 30
b) 31
c) 32
d) 33

38. Choose the antonym of the given word.
a) Liquid
b) Opaque
c) Transparent
d) Solid

39. The use of capacitor filter in a rectifier circuit gives satisfactory performance only when the load
a) Current is high
b) Current is low
c) Voltage is low
d) Voltage is high

40. In energy meters, the major cause for creeping is
a) Vibration
b) Stray magnetic field
c) Overcompensation for friction
d) Excessive voltage across the potential coil

41. An overhead transmission lines the effect of capacitance can be neglected when the length of line is less than
a) 200 km
b) 160 km
c) 100 km
d) 80 km

42. V curves for a synchronous motor represent relation between
a) Field current and speed
b) Field current and power factor
c) Power factor and speed
d) Armature current and field current

43. Magnetostriction represents
a) Grain oriented magnetic properties
b) The upper limit to which magnetic properties can be induced
c) Change in dimensions resulting from magnetisation of ferromagnetic materials
d) None of these

44. Who among the following Indian woman wrestler created a history by qualifying for the London Olympics?
a) SunitaKumari
b) GeetaKumari
c) Namrata Gill
d) ShwetaPandit

45. In how many ways a committee of 5 members can be selected from 6 men and 5 ladies, consisting of 3 men and 2 ladies?
a) 25
b) 50
c) 100
d) 200

46. The speed of a large plane is 1040 km/h and the speed of a small plane is 416 km/h. If the small plane flies 450 km, how much distance would the large plane have flown during the same time?
a) 1080 km
b) 1125 km
c) 1180 km
d) 1200 km

47. Select the related number from the given alternatives:
123 : 132 :: 235 : ?
a) 235
b) 253
c) 352
d) 252

48. Identify the type of word that is underlined.
He saw a parking space between two cars and drove into it.
a. Verb
b. Conjunction
c. Preposition
d. Adverb

49. The number of comparison carried out in a 4-bit flash type A/D converter is
a) 16
b) 15
c) 4
d) 3

50. Inductance is measured in terms of capacitance and resistance by using
a) Schering bridge
b) Anderson bridge
c) Wien bridge
d) Maxwell=Wien bridge

51. A relay used on long transmission lines is
a) Mho’s relay
b) Reactance relay
c) Impedance relay
d) No relay is used

52. Skewing of rotor slots helps in
a) Improving heat transfer
b) Reducing noise
c) Suppressing undesirable harmonics
d) All of these

53. The electric breakdown strength of an insulating material depends on
a) Composition of the material
b) Thickness of the material
c) Time of application of voltage
d) All of these

54. Two powerful earthquakes of 8.6 and 8.2 magnitude struck the coast of Sumatra on 12 April 2012. Sumatra is located in which of the following Asian country?
a) Indonesia
b) Maldives
c) Myanmar
d) Sri Lanka

55. How many 10 digit number can be formed by using the digits 1 and 2?
a) 10!
b) 10C2
c) 10P2
d) 210

56. If Rs 1200 maintains a family of 4 persons for 30 days, how long will Rs 2040 maintain a family of 6 persons?
a) 28 days
b) 30 days
c) 32 days
d) 34 days

57. Which number depicts those people who are both honest and rich?
R: Trader
S: Rich people
T: Honest people
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

58. Choose the correct spelling.
a) Guard
b) Guard
c) Goard
d) Guerd

59. The ALU of a computer normally contains high speed storage elements called
a) Semiconductor memory
b) Registers
c) Hard disk
d) Magnetic disk

60. A LTI system has an impulse response e2tu(t). If the initial conditions are zero and the input is e3tu(t), teouput is
a) (e3t – e2t) u(t)
b) (e3t + e2t) u(t)
c) e5t u(t)
d) et u(t)

61. Which of the following circuit breakers is preferred for EHT application?
a) Air blast circuit Breakers
b) Minimum oil circuit Breakers
c) Bulk oil circuit Breakers
d) SF6 circuit Breakers

62. In case of induction motors the value of air gap flux density usually taken is
a) 0.1 to 0.2 Wb/m2
b) 0.35 to 0.6 Wb/m2
c) 1.05 to 1.35 Wb/m2
d) 2.15 to 2.55 Wb/m2

63. Open circuit test on a transformer is conducted to obtain
a) The leakage impedances
b) The ohmic loss
c) Hysteresis loss only
d) Core loss

64. Planning Commission of India on 18 January 2012 approved Rudrasagar development scheme. The scheme is related to which of the following state?
a) Tripura
b) Assam
c) Manipur
d) Sikkim

65. In India, which of the following has the largest area under cultivation?
a) Wheat
b) Cotton
c) Rice
d) Jute

66. If 17 men can build a wall 100 m long, 4 m high and 3/4 m thick in 25 days, how many men will build a wall twice in length in half the time?
a) 34
b) 51
c) 68
d) 76

67. Complete the series with the correct alternative from the options given:
5, 10, 13, 26, 29, 58, 61, ____
a) 122
b) 125
c) 128
d) 64

68. In a rotary converter I2R losses as compared to a dc generator of the same size will be
a) Four times more
b) Double
c) Same
d) Less

69. A first order system is initially at rest excited by a step input at t = 0. Its output becomes 1.1 V in 4 seconds and eventually reaches steady state of 2 V. Its time constant will be
a) 2 seconds
b) 3 seconds
c) 4 seconds
d) 5 seconds

70. A Merz-price protection is suitable for
a) Transformers
b) Alternators
c) Feeders
d) Transmission lines

71. The slip rings of wound rotor machines are made from
a) Electrolytic copper
b) Brass
c) Cast iron
d) Mild steel

72. In an oil filled transformer, oil is provided for
a) Cooling
b) Insulation
c) Lubrication
d) Both (a) and (b)

73. Which one of the following nations donated 1 million US dollars to Nalanda International University?
a) China
b) France
c) UK
d) USA

74. The scientist who first discovered that the earth revolves round the sun was
a) Newton
b) Copernicus
c) Dalton
d) Einstein

75. A wine merchant buys 10 casks of wine. If he sells it at Rs 5 a litre, he losses Rs 200 and if he sells it at Rs 6 a litre he gains Rs 150. Find the number of litres in a cask.
a) 25
b) 32
c) 35
d) 40

76. Choose the odd one out among the given words:
Mirror, glass, reflect, copy, emulate
a) Glass
b) Reflect
c) Copy
d) Emulate

77. Fill in the blank with the best option.
Ask him __________ he liked it.
a) Through
b) That
c) If
d) When

78. The first pair of words provide a definite relationship. Complete the second pair from the options given, such that the same relationship is maintained.
Rain : Drop :: Snow : ?
a) Ice
b) Drop
c) Flake
d) White

79. If a man gains 5% by selling nibs at the rate of 34 a rupee, how many a rupee must he sell them so as to gain 19 %?
a) 33
b) 31
c) 30
d) 29

80. How many bones are there in an adult human being?
a) 210
b) 206
c) 260
d) 300

81. When ‘n’ resistances each of value ‘r’ are connected in parallel, then resultant resistance is x. When these ‘n’ resistances are connected in series, total resistance is
a) nx
b) rnx
c) x/n
d) n2x

82. For a simplex lap winding, the commutator pitch is equal to
a) +1
b) ±1
c) -1
d) ±2

83. Heating value of coalis approximately
a) 1000 – 2000 kcal/kg
b) 2000 – 4000 kcal/kg
c) 5000 – 6500 kcal/kg
d) 9000 – 10500 kcal/kg

84. The impurity in liquid dielectric which has significant effect in reducing the breakdown strength, is
a) Dust
b) Dissolved gases
c) Moisture
d) Ionic impurities

85. When a number of 2 port networks are connected in cascade, the individual
a) Impedance matrices are added
b) Admittance matrices are added
c) Chain matrices are multiplied
d) h-matrices are multiplied

86. Choose the antonym of the given word.
a) Courageous
b) Weak
c) Cowardly
d) Majestic

87. Select the related number from the given alternatives:
4 : 19 :: 7 :?
a) 49
b) 52
c) 28
d) 68

88. A sum of money was divided amongst 4 persons. Three of them received 1/8, 2/5 and 3/16 of the whole respectively, while the fourth received Rs 46. What was the original sum?
a) Rs 92
b) Rs 138
c) Rs 144
d) Rs 160

89. Express 0.99 as a fraction in its lowest term.
a) 9/10
b) 9/100
c) 9/99
d) 1/11

90. Alex Paul Menon, who was abducted by Maoists on 21 April 2012 is the District Magistrate of which district of Chattisgarh?
a) Sukma
b) Mungeli
c) Surajpur
d) Balrampur

91. If the permeability of a material is 0.999991 it can be classified as
a) Diamagnetic material
b) Paramagnetic material
c) Ferro-magnetic material
d) Ferrite

92. The maximum power developed in the synchronous motor will depend on
a) Rotor excitation only
b) Maximum value of coupling angle
c) Supply voltage only

d) Rotor excitation supply voltage and maximum value of coupling angle
93. The fact that conductor carries more current on the surface as compared to core, is known as
a) Skin effect
b) Corona
c) Permeability
d) Unsymmetrical fault

94. A d’Arsonval meter of 200 Ω dc coil and 0 – 1 mA sensitivity gives full scale reading of 10 amp on using a shunt resistance of
a) 0.02 Ω
b) 0.0002 Ω
c) 200 Ω
d) 10 Ω

95. A differential amplifier has a differential gain of 20000, CMRR = 80 dB. The common mode gain is given by
a) 2
b) 1
c) 0.5
d) 0

96. Fill in the blank with the best option.
I don’t have ________ furniture.
a) Many
b) Much
c) Lot
d) Few

97. A pair of words is given. Choose the appropriate pair from the options so as to maintain the same relationship.
Rudder : Ship
a) Sail : Boat
b) Wheel : Car
c) Shell : Snail
d) Tail : Bird

98. The average age of 600 students of a school is 10.75 years. With enrolment of 40 new students, the average age is reduced to 10.4375 years. Find the average age of the new students.
a) 5.5 years
b) 5.75 years
c) 6.8 years
d) 7.25 years

99. Indravati hydroelectric project belongs to which state?
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Orissa
c) Karnataka
d) Andhra Pradesh

100. Two resistances R1 and R2 give combined resistance of 4.5 ohms when in series and 1 ohm when in parallel. The resistances are
a) 2 ohms and 2.5 ohms
b) 4 ohms and 0.5 ohms
c) 1.5 ohms and 3 ohms
d) 5 ohms and 0.5 ohms

101. If Yb is the back pitch and µ is the number of coil sides per slot, then split coils can be avoided if the following quantity is an integer.
a) (Yb + 1)/µ
b) (Yb + 1)µ
c) (Yb - 1)/µ
d) (Yb - 1)µ

102. Ash content of most of the Indian coals is around
a) 1%
b) 5%
c) 15%
d) 35%

103. Impulse voltages are characterized by
a) Polarity
b) Peak value
c) Time of half the peak value
d) All of these

104. A unity –ve feedback control system with open loop transfer function G9s) = k/s(s +1). The steady state error of the system due to a unit step input is
a) Zero
b) k
c) 1/k
d) Infinite

Direction for Questions 105 – 114: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions.
Many people who are looking to get a pet dog get a puppy. There are many reasons why people get puppies. After all, puppies are cute, friendly, and playful. But even though puppies make good pets, there are good reasons why you should consider getting an adult dog instead.
When you get a puppy, you have to teach it how to behave. You have to make sure that the puppy is housebroken so that it does not go to the bathroom inside the house. You have to teach the puppy not to jump up on your guests or chew on your shoes. You have to train the puppy to walk on a leash. This is a lot of work.
On the other hand, when you get an adult dog, there is a good chance that it will already know how to do all of the previously mentioned things. Many adult dogs have already been housebroken. Many adult dogs will not jump on or chew things that you do not want them to jump on or chew. Many adult dogs will be able to walk on a leash without pulling you to the other side of the street.
Puppies also have a lot of energy and want to play all of the time. This can be fun, but you might not want to play as much as your puppy does. Puppies will not always sleep through the night or let you relax as you watch television.
On the other hand, most adult dogs will wait on you to play. What is more they will sleep when you are sleeping and are happy to watch television on the couch right beside you.
There is one last reason why you should get an adult dog instead of a puppy. When most people go to the pound to get a dog, they get a puppy. This means that many adult dogs spend a lot of time in the pound, and some never find good homes. So if you are looking to get a dog for a pet, you should think about getting an adult dog. They are good pets who need good homes.

105. The author apparently thinks that puppies are
a) Bad pets because they take too much work to own
b) Friendly, playful, and a lot of work
c) Not as cute as adult dogs
d) Not as playful as adult dogs

106. As used in paragraph 2, which is the best synonym for behave?
a) Listen
b) Understand
c) Train
d) Act

107. The main purpose of paragraph 2 is to explain how puppies
a) Are very immature
b) Do not make good pets
c) Can be very destructive
d) Are a lot of work

108. As used in paragraph 3, which is the best example of a dog that is housebroken?
a) Spot goes outside to use the bathroom
b) Rex always breaks things inside of the house
c) Rover never jumps on guests
d) Muffin chews on people’s shoes

109. According to the passage, why are adult dogs easier to take care of than puppies?
I. Puppies need to learn how to walk nicely on a leash.
II. Adult dogs have less energy than puppies do.
III. It is harder for adult dogs to find a home than it is for puppies.
a) I only
b) I and II only
c) II and III only
d) I, II, and III

110. Based on information in the passage, which of the following statements is false?
a) Puppies have a lot of energy
b) Puppies need a lot of attention
c) Adult dogs do not like to play
d) Adult dogs do not need eat very much

111. As used in paragraph 4, which is the best synonym for relax?
a) Work
b) Leave
c) Play
d) Rest

112. The author begins paragraphs 3 and 5 with the phrase, “On the other hand”. This phrase is used to
a) Highlight an example
b) Contrast previous information
c) Contradict a later statement
d) Support the upcoming paragraph

113. In the final paragraph, the author says, “many adult dogs spend a lot of time in the pound, and some never find good homes”. Based on what you have read in the passage, why is this most likely the case?
a) People see adult dogs as unhappy and dangerous, while they see puppies as cute and friendly.
b) People understand that most adult dogs still need to a lot of training before they understand how to behave properly
c) People think that puppies are cute and playful and do not always think about how much work it will take to train them.
d) People do not want to get a dog that does not have much time left to live
114. Based on information in the passage, it can be understood that someone who owns a puppy must be very
a) Strict
b) Serious
c) Careful
d) Responsible

115. The first pair of words provide a definite relationship. Complete the second pair from the options given, such that the same relationship is maintained.
Axe : Woodman :: Awl : ?
a) Plumber
b) Tailor
c) Cobbler
d) Painter

116. A bookseller sells a book at a profit of 10%. If he had bought it at 4% less and sold it for Rs 6 more, he would have gained 18 %. What did it cost him?
a) Rs 118
b) Rs 136
c) Rs 142
d) Rs 150

117. Where is the Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium located?
a) Kolkata
b) Mumbai
c) Chennai
d) Delhi

118. Port Blair is located on which of the following Islands?
a) North Andaman
b) Middle Andaman
c) South Andaman
d) None of these

119. A transformer is designed for certain ambient temperature. If it actually operates at temperature 100C the design temperature its kVA rating should be
a) Increased by 10%
b) Reduced by 5%
c) Reduced by 10%
d) Reduced by 20%

120. Which type of slots are generally used in induction motors?
a) Open type
b) Semi-open type
c) Closed type
d) All of above

121. The arc voltage produced in the circuit breaker is always
a) In phase with arc current
b) Leading the arc current by 900
c) Lagging the arc current by 900
d) None of these

122. An initially relaxed linear first order system produce an output response of (1 - e-3t) u(t) for a unit step signal.If a signal 3u(t)+ δ(t)is applied to the same system ,the response will be
a) 3(1-2e-3t)u(t)
b) 3(1- e-3t) u(t)
d)3(1+ e-3t)u(t)

123.In an arc rectifier the drop in voltage at the cathode is approximately
a) 1 volt
b) 6 to 7 volts
c) 60 to 70 volts
d) 1.2 volts

124. Arrange the words to make a meaningful sentence.
Q: I’ve
R: Paris

125. A series of words is given .From the options choose the order of words which makes it meaningful.
1. Protect
2. Pressure
a) 2,4,3,1,5
b) 2,5,4,1,3
c) 2,4,5,1,3
d) 3,2,4,5,1

126. A carriage driving in fog passed a man who was walking at 3km/h in the same direction .He could see the carriage for 4 minutes and it was visible to him up to100 m. What is speed of the carriage?
a) 3.5 km/h
b) 4 km/h
c) 4.25 km/h
d) 4.5 km/h

127. Light year is a unit of
a) Time
b) Velocity
d) Distance
d) Speed

128. Which of the following has negative temperature coefficient?
a) Brass
b) Mercury
c) Electrolytes
d) Silver

129. Inter poles in DC machines are provided to reduce
a) Sparking
b) Armature reaction
c) Iron loss
d) Efficiency

130. The disadvantage of renewable sources of energy is
a) Lack of decidability
b) Availability in low energy densities
c) Intermittency
d) All of these

131. A good dielectric should have all the following properties EXCEPT
a) High mechanical strength
b) High resistance to thermal deterioration
c) High dielectric loss
d) Freedom from gaseous inclusions

132. In position control systems, the device used for providing rate-feedback voltage is called
a) Potentimeter
b) Synchro-transmitter
c) Synchro-transformer
d) Tachogenerator

133. Choose the antonym of the given word.
a) Babbling
b) Silent
c) Taciturn
d) Vocal

134. In a certain code LIBERATE is written as 56423172. How TRIBAL will be written in this code?
a) 736415
b) 673451
c) 476315
d) 743615

135. Find out the missing term in the number series.
2, 6, 12, 20, ?, 42, 56, 72
a) 24
b) 30
c) 32
d) 36

136. A train 130 m long travelling at 45 km/h takes 30 seconds to cross a bridge. The length of the bridge is
a) 245 m
b) 275 m
c) 225 m
d) 195 m

137. Which the lightest gas among the following?
a) Ozone
b) Helium
c) Hydrogen
d) Carbon dioxide

138. A RLC series circuit resonant at a frequency of f0. If all the component values are doubled the new resonant frequency is
a) 2f0
b) f0
c) 0.5f0
d) 0.25f0

139. The Potier’s triangle separates the
a) Iron losses and copper losses.
b) Field mmf and armature mmf.
c) Stator voltage and rotor voltage.
d) Armature leakage reactance and armature reaction mmf.

140. Four different loads A, B, C and D connected to a power plant are shown in the following figures. Which load has the highest load factor?
a) Load A
b) Load B
c) Load C
d) Load D

141. In a ballistic galvanometer, damping follows
a) Hyperbolic decay
b) Logarithmic decay
c) Exponential decay
d) Exponential rise

142. The first order Pade approximation of transportation lag e-sT is
a) sT
b) 1 – sT
c) [1 – (sT/2)]/[1+(sT/2)]
d) [1 + (sT/2)]/[1 – (sT/2)]

143. Choose the correct spelling.
a) Guage
b) Gage
c) Gauge
d) Gaige

144. Which of the following alternatives shows the relationship between a family, sons and daughters?
145. What is the HCF of 1/2 and 5/8?
a) 1/8
b) 2/5
c) 5/8
d) 5/16

146. In how many ways can 10 books be arranges on a shelf so that a particular pair of books shall be never together?
a) 8!
b) 9!
c) 2 x 9!
d) 8 x 9!

147. Virat Kohli has been slated the Vice captain of Indian cricket team, he represents which of the following states?
a) Delhi
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Gujarat
c) Rajasthan

148. Dielectric strength of PVC is around
a) 5 kV/mm
b) 10 kV/mm
c) 15 kV/mm
d) 30 kV/mm

149. The losses occurring in the rotor of an induction motor are less than those in the stator because of
a) Small diameter of rotor
b) Less rotor frequency
c) Clot skewing
d) None of these

150. String efficiency can be improved by
a) Using longer cross arm
b) Grading the insulator
c) Using a guard ring
d) Any of these

151. The LVDT usually has two secondaries connected in
a) Series addition
b) Series opposition
c) Parallel addition
d) Parallel opposition

152. The output Qn of a J-K flip-flop is zero. It changes to 1 when a clock pulse is applies=d. The input Jn and Kn are respectively
a) 1 and X
b) 0 and X
c) X and 0
d) X and 1

153. Identify the type of word that is underlined.
She ran along the corridor and up the stairs to the second floor.
a) Verb
b) Conjunction
c) Preposition
d) Adverb

154. Insert the three letters in the brackets that can be prefixed by all of the letters on the left.
a) rad
b) ort
c) ear
d) and

155. If 6 men or 9 boys can reap a field in 8 days, in how many days will 8 men and 6 boys reap the same field?
a) 3days
b) 4days
c) 4 days
d) 5 days

156. In how many ways can a party of 4 men and 4 women be seated at circular table so that no two women are adjacent?
a) 24 x 24
b) 2 x 4!
c) 144
d) 44

157. Union Rural development Ministry of India roped in which National award winning actor as the brand ambassador for improving the state of sanitation in the country?
a) ShabanaAzmi
b) AnanyaChatterjee
c) VidyaBalan
d) KonkonaSen Sharma

158. Fibre glass insulation can be used up tp temperature of
a) 600C
b) 800C
c) 1300C
d) 1800C

159. A high starting torque synchronous motor has
a) Simplex rotor
b) Phase wound damper
c) Five slip rings
d) All of these

160. The surge impedance of transmission lines is about
a) 50 ohm
b) 100 ohm
c) 250 ohm
d) 500 ohm

161. In a Wheatstone bridge, known resistances are correct within ±0.2%. The accuracy to which an unknown resistance can be measured is
a) ±0.2%
b) ±0.4%
c) ±0.6%
d) ±0.8%

162. An OPAMP has a slew rate of 5 V/µs. The largest sinewave output voltage possible at a frequency of 1 MHz is
a) 10π volts
b) 5 volts
c) 5/π volts
d) 5/2π volts

163. Choose the synonym of the given word
a) Carriage
b) Stale
c) Cart
d) Fresh

164. Find the missing letters of the series:

165. Two towns A and B are 60 km apart. A school has to be built to serve 150 students from A and 50 students from B. If the total distance to be travelled by all the students is to be as less as possible, where should the school be built?
a) In town B
b) 45 km from B
c) In town A
d) 45 km from A

166. A certain sum of money doubles itself in 8 years at simple interest. It will treble itself in
a) 12 years
b) 16 years
c) 24 years
d) 32 years

167. Which festival is celebrated in North India when Pongal is celebrated in Tamil Nadu?
a) Holi
b) MakarSankranti
c) Diwali
d) Dushera

168. A sinusoidal voltage V and frequency f is connected to a series circuit at variable resistance R and a fixed reactance X. The locus of the tip of the current phasor I as R varies from 0 to∞is
a) A semicircle with a diameter V/X
b) A straight line with a slope R/X
c) An ellipse with V/R as major axis
d) A circle at radius R/X and origin at (0, V/2)

169. The number of electrical degrees passed through in one revolution of a six pole synchronous alternator is
a) 360
b) 720
c) 1080
d) 2160

170. A power plant supplying energy to a city will usually experience peak demand
a) From midnight to early morning
b) 8 am to 12 noon
c) 2 pm to 6 pm
d) 6 pm to 12 pm

171. Frequency compensation in a moving iron instrument is achieved by connecting
a) A capacitor in series with the fixed coil
b) A capacitor across the fixed coil
c) High resistance in series with the coil
d) Low resistance in series with the coil

172. The open loop transfer function of unity –ve feedback control system is (S) = 1/(s+2)2. The closed loop transfer function will have poles at
a) -2, -2
b) -2, -1
c) -2 ± j
d) -2, 2

173. Choose the synonym of the given word.
a) Shocking
b) Clear
c) Glowing
d) Angry

174. How many such pairs of letters are there in the word “APPREHENSION” each of which has as many letters between them in the word as there are between them in the English alphabet?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 7

175. Some statements are followed by one or more inferences. The inferences may be correct or incorrect.From the options choose the one which contains the correct inferences.
All scientists working in America are talented.
Some Indian scientists are working in America.
1.All talented scientists are Indian.
2.None of the Indian scientists is talented.
3.Some Indian scientists are talented.
4. Some talented Indian scientists have migrated to America.
a) 1 and 4
b) 2 only
c) 3 and 4
d) 4 only

176. If we divide 581 in three parts such that 4 times the first may be equal to 6 times the second and 11 times the third,then the three parts are in the ratio of
a) 4: 6: 11
b) 11: 6: 4
c) : :
d) None of the above.

177. In which state of India was the first paper mill was started?
a) West Bengal
b) Bihar
C) Orissa
d) Assam

178. The resistance of 6 ohm each are connected as shown in figure given below. The equivalent resistances between X1 and X2 is
a) 2 ohm
b) 4 ohm
c) 8 ohm
d) 12 ohm

179. In an alternator, at lagging power factor, the generated voltage per phase,as compared to that unity power factor
a) Must be same as terminal voltage
b) Must be less than the terminal voltage
c) Must be more than the terminal voltage
d) Must be 1.41 times the terminal voltage

180. Load factor during a period is
a) Average load / installed capacity
b) Average load / maximum load
c) Maximum load /average load
d) Maximum load / installed capacity

181.The following is a measure of reproducibility in a measurement system
a) Resolution
b) Drift
c) Precision
d) Fidelity

182. A synchro-transmitter receiver unit is a
a) Two-phase AC device
b) 3-phase AC device
c) DC device
d) Single –phase AC device

183.Which set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given word shall complete it?
a) ORA
b) RAO
c) ARO
d) AOR

184.What is the smallest number that must be addedto 6156 to make it a perfect square?
a) 244
b) 88
c) 90

185.Dandi March was from the
a) Sabarmati Ashram to Dandi
b) Dandi to Sabarmati Ashram
c) Bardoli to Dandi
d) Sabarmati to Bardoli

186. India became free from bird flu,_____

187.The percentage of silicon in transformer stampings is usually limited to
a) 0.4 %
b) 1.4 %
c) 4%
d) 14 %

188. For the same rating,the cost of an induction motor as compared to that of a DC motor is
a) More
b) Less
c) Same
d) Nearly the same

189. The fault clearing time of a circuit breaker is usually
a) Few minutes
b) Few seconds
c) One second
d) Few cycles of supply voltage

190.An initially relaxed RC- series network with R=2MΩ and C= 1 µF is switched on to a 10 V step input .The voltage across the capacitor after 2 seconds will be
a) Zero
b) 3.68 V
c) 6.32 V
d) 10 V

191.The characteristic equation of the T-FF is given by
a) q+= t̄q+tq̄
b) q+=tq̄+qt̄
c) q+=qt
d) q+=tq̄

192. Choose the odd one out among the given words:
Drowse, Slumber, Catnap, Snore, Doze
a) Drowse
b) Catnap
c) Snore
d) Doze

193. At an examination , in which full marks were 500, A got 10% less than B, B 25% more than C and C 20% less than D. If A got 360, what percentage marks did D get?
a) 64%
b) 78%
c) 80%
d) 82%

194. World Environment Day is observed on
a) 5th June
b) 10th June
c) 20th January
d) 5th December

195. Which one of the following state governments launched PanchParmeshwar scheme?
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Bihar
c) UP
d) Kerala

196. In transformer, the cylindrical winding with rectangular conductors is generally used for
a) Low voltage winding
b) High voltage winding
c) Tertiary voltage winding
d) All of these

197. For avoiding cogging in induction motor the difference between the number of stator and rotor slots should not be
a) P
b) 3P
c) 5P
d) Any of these

198. The normal frequency rms voltage that appears across the breaker poles after final arc extinction has occurred, is
a) Recovery voltage
b) Re-striking voltage
c) Supply voltage
d) Peak voltage

199. The final value of (2s + 1)/(s4 + 8s3 + 16s2 + s) is
a) ∞
b) Zero
c) 2
d) 1

200. A rotary converter can be started
a) From dc side as dc motor
b) From ac side as induction motor
c) By means of a small auxiliary motor
d) Any of these

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Default Re: Vizag Steel Management Trainee Written Test

I have completed my studies and applied for the Vizag Steel Plant (VSP) Management Trainee Written Test looking for the syllabus. Will you please provide me complete Syllabus for VSP MT (Tech) Written test so that I can prepare well for the exams?
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As per your request here I am providing you the details of Syllabus For VSP MT (Tech) Written test please find the below attached details:


1 Logical Reasoning Deductive Logic

Inductive Logic
Venn Diagram

2 Numerical Percentages & Averages

Profit, Loss & Discount
Ratio and Proportion
Stocks and Shares
Simple Interest & Compound Interest
Time , work and distance
Permutations & Combinations

3 Verbal

Reading Comprehension

4 General awareness

Current Affairs


1 Chemical Engineering

Chemical Reaction Engineering
Chemical Engineering Thermo Dynamics
Heat Transfer
Mass Transfer
Momentum Transfer and Mechanical
Polymer Synthesis
Polymer Technology
Polymer Testing

2 Civil Engineering

Air Pollution
Concrete Structure
Foundation Engineering
Municiple Solid Waste
Noise Pollution
Soil Mechanics
Steel Structure
Structural Analysis
Water Requirements
Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

3 Electrical
Analog and Digital Electronics
Control Systems
Electric Circuits and Feilds
Electrical and Electronic Measurements
Electrical Machines
Power Electronics and Drives
Power Systems
Signals and Systems

4 Instrumentation
Analog Electronics
Analytical, optical and Biomedical
Basic of circuits and Measurement System
Control Systems and Process Control
Digital Electronics
Electrical and Electronic Measurements
Signal and Systems
Transducers, Mechanical Measurement
and Indus inst

5 Mechanical
Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Engineering Materials
Engineering Mechanics
Fluid Machines
Fluid Mechanics
Inventory Control
Machine Design
Machining and Machine Tool Operations
Management Information System
Metrology and Inspection
Product design and Development
Production planning and Control
Strength of Materials
Theory of Machines
Enegry conservation
Heat Transfer
Operations Research
Industry Safety

6 Metallurgy
Extractive Metallurgy
Foundry technology
General metallurgy
Material science
Mechanical metallurgy
Physical metallurgy
Welding and Corrosion

7 Electronics
Electronics Analog electronics
Computers and Microprocessors
Control Systems
Digital Electronics
Electrical and Electronic Measurements
Industrial Electronics
Network Theory
Semiconductor Devices

8 Industrial Engineering
Just in Time approach, Operation Research
Supply chain Management
Total Productive Maintenance(TPM)
Total Quality Management(TQM)
Six sigma
Process control, Quality Engineering
Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)
Manpower requirement and assessment
Motivational Schemes
Value Engineering
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