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I want to download the Sample papers for Assistant Factory Inspector Exam conducted by Tamilnadu Combined Engineering Services Examination. So will you provide the sample papers?

As you want to download the Sample papers for Assistant Factory Inspector Exam conducted by Tamilnadu Combined Engineering Services Examination, so here I am providing the following question papers:

Assistant Factory Inspector Exam Sample Paper General English

Directions—(Q.1 to 3) Substitute the Bold phrases with any of the given choices to express the opposite meaning in the sentences in following questions
1. She always praises everything I say
(A) picks holes in
(B) dislikes
(C) rebukes
(D) picks holes to

2. He often says how wonderful his school is?
(A) says he is unworthy
(B) appreciates
(C) runs up
(D) runs down

3. She said I was the best boss they’d ever had. It was obvious she was praising me sincerely.
(A) not appreciating me
(B) befooling me
(C) buttering me up
(D) disliking me
Directions—(Q. 4 to 6) Identify the part of speech of the Bold words in the given sentences from the following questions

4. I must perfect the operation to make the perfect robot.
(B) adverb
(C) adjective
(D) noun

5. A kindly person is one who behaves kindly.
(A) noun
(B) preposition
(C) adverb
(D) verb

6. He is not normally a very fast runner, but he runs fast in major events.
(B) adjective
(D) noun
Directions—(Q. 7 to 16) Read the following passage carefully and answer the following questions
Antigone was one of the daughters of Oedipus, that tragic figure of male power who had been cursed by Gods for mistakenly killing his father and subsequently marrying his mother and assuming the throne of Thebes. After the death of Oedipus civil war broke out and a battle was waged in front of the seventh gate of Thebes, his two sons led opposing factions and at the height of the battle fought and killed each other. Oedipus’ brother, Creon, uncle of Antigone, was now undisputed master of the city. Creon resolved to make an example of the brother who had fought against him, Polynices, by refusing the right of honorable burial. The penalty of death was promulgated against any who should defy this order.
Antigone was distraught. Polynices had been left unburied, unwept, a feast of flesh for keen eyed carrion birds. Antigone asks her sister Ismene, for it was a challenge to her royal blood. “Now it is time to show whether or not you are worthy of your royal blood, is he not my brother and yours ? Whether you like it or not ? I shall never desert him- never I” But Ismene responds, “How could you dare,when Creon has expressly forbidden it? Antigone, we are women, it is not for us to fight against men.” With a touch of bitter ness, Antigone releases her sister from the obligation to help her, but argues she cannot shrug off the burden. “If I die for it what happiness Live, if you will live, and defy the holiest of laws of heaven.”

7. What is the main theme of the story of Antigone?
(A) One must be truthful and honest
(B) There is a conflict between the laws of men and heavenly laws
(C) One must be true to one’s kins
(D) War is an evil

8. Why did Antigone decide to defy the orders of Creon?
(A) She loved her brother
(B) She was to give an honor able burial to her brother
(C) She felt she was bound by her heavenly obligation
(D) To teach Creon a lesson

9. What, in your opinion, would have been the logical end of the story?
(A) Antigone might have agreed with her sister and refrained from giving a burial to Polynices
(B) Antigone might have been allowed by Creon to give a decent burial to her brother
(C) Antigone might have defied the order of Creon but forgiven by him
(D) Antigone might have been executed for defying the order of the king

10. What was the status of women in the contemporary society ? They
(A) were liberated
(B) could have taken their own decisions
(C)considered themselves inferior and subordinate to men
(D) claimed equality with men

11. Why did a civil war break out in Thebes ? The war broke out because
(A) of the curse of the Gods
(B) the brothers of Antigone were greedy
(C) there was a fight among sons of Oedipus for the inheritance of the kingdom
(D) there was a conflict between a son of Oedipus and Creon

12. A carrion bird is a bird
(A) of prey
(B) which eats human flesh
(C) which eats dead bodies
(D) which eats only grain

13. Why did Creon deny decent burial to Polynices ? He did so
(A) he did not love Polynices
(B) Polynices fought against Creon
(C) Polynices was disobedient to Creon
(D) Polynices did not show bravery

14. Why did Ismene not support Antigone ? Ismene
(A) was weak and did not have the courage to defy orders of the powerful king
(B) did not consider it right to defy the king
(C) did not think it fit to defy her uncle especially after the death of her father
(D)did not believe that Polynices deserved better treatment

15.Why did the Gods curse Oedipus? Because Oedipus
(A) killed his father and married his mother
(B)killed his father
(C)married his mother
(D) committed an unknown sin

16.Does the story approve the principle of vicarious liability ?
(A)No, it does not
(B)Yes, it does, because of the acts of Oedipus his children suffered
(C) Yes, it does, because his father was killed by Oedipus
(D) Yes, it does, because he married his mother
Directions—(Q. 17 to 22) Select the meaning of the Bold idioms and
phrases in sentences in following questions

17. I have hit upon a good plan to get rid of him.
(A) found
(B) chanced upon
(C) decided to beat him
(D) borrowed

18. He is sticking out for better terms.
(A) threatens to take action
(B) insists on using the force
(C) decides to give concessions
(D) persists in demanding

19. He broke off in the middle of the
(A) failed
(B) began crying
(C) stopped suddenly
(D) felt uneasy

20.He refused to be led by the nose.
(A) to follow like an animal
(B) to be treated as a fool
(C) to follow submissively
(D) to be treated violently

21.The new cotton mill is mortgaged up to the eye.
(A) apparently
(B) completely
(C) deceptively
(13) actually

22. When they embraced a new religion, it is safe to say they did
it for loaves and fishes.
(A) selflessly
(B) honest reasons
(C) material benefits
(D) because of fear

Directions—(Q. 23 to 27) Choose the correct spelling out of four

(A) Misogynist
(B) Mysogynists
(C) Mysoginists
(D) Mysagynists

(A) Aracnophobia
(B) Aranchophobia
(C) Arochnophobia
(13) Arachnophobia

(A) Cinamon
(B) Cinnamon
(C) Cinnaman
(D) Cinaman

(A) Alcohol
(B) Alchohol
(C) Alchohal
(D) Alchohel

(A) Bioclymatalogy
(B) Bioclimatalogy
(C) Bioclimatology
(D) Bioclimatelogy

Directions—(Q. 28 to 32) Select the correct meanings of the given
words in the following questions?

28. Lexicon
(A) number
(B)legal document
(D)captain’s dog

29. Hex
(A) Crude person
(B) herb
(C) parrot
(D) evil spell

30. Seminary
(A) chapel
(B) college
(C) convocation hail
(D) hostel

31. Liturgy
(B) priest
(D) church

(A) church members not baptized
(B) church members baptized
(C) priests
(D) church members who are not ordained priests

Directions—(Q. 33 to 37) Fill in the blanks in the following questions

33. Slavery was not done away………………until the last century.
(A) with
(B) for
(C) to
(D) off

34.Does he not take………. his father?
(A) before
(B) for
(C) after
(D) like

35. We will have to take………. More staff if we’re to take on more
(A) up
(B) onto
(C) into
(D) on

36. Mother takes everything in her ………………
(A) steps
(B) face
(C) stride
(D) work

37. Sale have really taken…… now.
(A) up
(B) on
(C) of
(D) off
Directions(Q. 38 to 40) The constituent phrases of a sentence are jumbled up in the following questions. Select the most appropriate sequence to make the sentence meaningful

38. (i) built on the site of a church destroyed
(ii) in the hilly area of the city is the famous Shandon Steeple
(iii) the bell tower of St. Anne’s Church
(iv) when the city was besieged by the Duke of Marlborough
(A) (ii), (iii), (i), (iv)
(B) (ii), (i), (iii), (iv)
(C) (iv), (iii), (i), (ii)
(D) (iii), (ii), (i),(iv)

39. (i) no law giving effect to the policy of the state towards securing all or any of the principles laid in part IV
(ii) not withstanding anything contained in Article 13
(iii) and no law containing a declaration that it is for giving effect for such policy shall be called in question in any court on the ground that it does not give effect to such policy
(iv) shell be deemed to be void on the ground that it is inconsistent with or takes away or abridges any of the rights conferred by Article 14 to 19
(A) (ii), (i), (iii), (iv)
(B) (iv), (i), (ii), (iii)
(C) (ii), (i), (iv), (iii)
(D) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)

40. (i) neither House shall proceed further with the sill
(ii) if he does so, The houses shall meet accordingly
(iii) but the President may at any time after the date of his notification, summon the Houses to meet in a joint sitting for the purpose specified in the notification and
(iv) where the President has under clause (1) notified his intention of summoning the Houses to meet in a joint sitting
(A)(iv), (i), (iii), (ii)
(B) (iv), (i), (ii), (iii)
(C) (iv), (ii) ,(iii), (i)
(D) (i), (ii), (iii), (iv)
1 B 2 D 3 C 4 A 5 C 6 A 7 A 8 B 9 D 10 C 11 C 12 C 13 B 14 A 15 A 16 B 17 A 18 D 19 C 20 C 21 B 22 C 23 A 24 D 25 B 26 A 27 C 28 C 29 D 30 B 31 C 32 D 33 A 34 C 35 D 36 C 37 D 38 A 39 A 40 B

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Default Re: Tamilnadu Combined Engineering Services Examination Sample papers for Assistant F

Will you please provide me the Tamilnadu Combined Engineering Services Examination question paper of Civil Engineering?
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Default Re: Tamilnadu Combined Engineering Services Examination Sample papers for Assistant F

The question paper of Civil engineering of Tamilnadu Combined Engineering Services Examination covered these topics

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS Engineering Properties uses and tests for stones and bricks lime -
sources, types and properties - cement - composition, tests, specifications, properties - types of
cements and admixtures. Miscelklaneous materials - Glass, Rubber Plastics and materials for
acoustics and insulation.

CONSTRUCTION PRACTICE Stone Masonry - Classification, construction details and supervision -
Brick Masonny - bonds - Damp proof courses - construction details of wails and arches. Shoring,
scaffolding, underpinning. Floor finishes and roof coverings. Stairs and stair cases - Layout - types -
suitability, Doors, Windows and ventilators Types - Selection, Fire resistant structure.

ENGINEERING SURVEY Levelling - Types - LS and CS contouring calculation of areas and volume
Theodoite survey - Traversing - Heights and Distances Techeemetry - Modern surveying
instruments. Selting out of curves Permanent adjustments of levels and theodelites.

ESTIMATING AND COSTING Types of estimates - Writing technical specifications and tender
documents. Types of contracts - terms and conditions conflicts and arbitration - Rate Analysis -
schedule of rates Valuation and Rent fixation.

STRENGTH OF MATERIALS Stresses and strains - Elastic constants, - shear and tension
compound strees principal stresses and planes Theeries of failure. Theory of simple pending - shear
stress - distribution in beams Deflection of beams Strain energy in elastic deformation, impact
fatigue and creep.

THEORY OF STRUCTURES Proposed cantilever and fixed beams Continueous beams - Theorem
of three moments - portal frames - moment distribution method - Colomns - short & long columns,
unsymmetrical sections. Euler`s theory - critical leads for different end conditions Analyusis of
arches - Eddy`s theorem - suspension bridges /moving leads - influence lines. Domes and Retaining
walls - stabilityh conditions - checking.

SOIL MECHANICS Site Investigation and Soil sampling - classification of soil Engineering properties
of soil - SPT and its interpretation soil - Water interaction - permeability, seepage shear strength of
soils - Determination of C and V Stress distribution in soils - Boussinesq`s and Wester - gaard`s.
Theory of consolidation - consolidation test. compaction of soils - Meisture density relationship -
stability of slopes analysis.

FOUNDATION ENGINEERING Shallow Foundations Bearing capacity Theory - Settlement analysis
Methods of improving - bearing capacity and minimising settlement - Types of footings - Design
principles mat foundations. Deep foundations - Piles - Static and Dynamic formulac - Pile cap -
group of piles - pile lead test. Retaining walls - Earth pressure theories.

WATER SUPPLY & TREATMENT Estimation of water resources - Ground water hydraulics for
ecasting demand hydraulics. Forecasting demand - Impurities of water - physical, chemical and

bacterielogical analysis - water bern diseases - pumping and gravity schemes - Water treatment
plants chlorination.

SEWAGE TREATMENT & POLLUTION CONTROL Disposal of sanitary sewage - sewer systems -
design flow for separate, sterm and combined systems - sewer design sewer Appurtenances -
Seweage pumping - Types of pumps. Sewage Treatment primary , secondry and tertiary levels
plants - Sludge treatment and disposal Industrial watches Rural sanitation - Air pollution - Solid
waste management.


CONCRETE TECHNOLONY RC Tests on cement and aggregates - High grade cements High
strength concrete Testing of fresh and hardend concrete - Non destructive testing - Concrete mix
design - IS method quality control - cetering and shuttering sheet piles - slips and moving forms.
Coincrete hollow block masonry Construction joints.

DESIGN OF R.C. ELEMENTS Methods of design of concrete members. Limit state and working
stress design Design of flexural members. Design of singly and doubly reinforced rectangular and
flanged Design of slabs and columns R.C. footings

MISCELLANEOUS STRUCTURES Steel structures - welded connections - Design of tension and
compression members - trusses Design of purlins - Design of steel columns & beams. Design and
construction of prestressed concrete beams - Design of masonry Chimneys and stacks.

WATER RESOURCES ENGINEERING Water Resources in Tamil Nadu Water Resource Planning .
Master Plan for water. Water budget & Development Plan. Reservoir planning & Management.
Flood control. Chennel improvement Land Management.

IRRIGATION ENGINEERING Soil Plant Water Relationship - Water requirement of crops - Irrigation
methods. Irrigation efficiencies. Water logging & consequences - Salinity & alkalinity. Reclamation.
Head works and distribution works. Cross drainage works.

TRAFFIC ENGINEERING Traffic Engineering and Traffic surveys - Intersections, road signals and
markings - grade separations - parking & traffic control - Traffic regulation & safety. Accident
investigation - measures for accident reduction. Traffic Management

HIGHWAY ENGINEERING Highway planning in India - Road classification - Geometric design of
highways. Construction of Earth WBM, bituminous and concrete roads - Design of flexible and rigid
pavements. Design of joints in cement concrete roads - Drainage of roads - Maintenance of Roads.

RAILWAYS AIRPORTS AND HARBOURS Details of components of permanent way - geometric
design - points & croissing - signalling Interlocking and level crossings. Airport planning Components
of Airport - Site selection - Airport zonin g - planning of terminal buildings. Harbours & Ports - types -
com ponents & their functions - Layout of a harbour - Docks - Wet and dry - Break waters.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT Construction Management - Inportance and scope. Construction
planning scheduling and monitoring - Cost control Quality control and inspection Network analysis
by CPM and PERT - Determination of Critical path & floats - Project Management using CPM/PERT

COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Types of computers - conponents of moder computer systems -
Office Automation - Word processing, spread sheets and database management - Developing Flow
charts for solving Engineering problems - Computer Aided Design and drafting - Advantages of
Computer Aided drafting over traditional drafcting - Developing 2D, 3D drawings and solid

Tamilnadu Combined Engineering Services Exam question paper of Civil Engineering
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