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Default Question papers of DRDO Senior Technical Assistant Exam for EEE

Here I am looking for the Question papers of DRDO Senior Technical Assistant Exam for EEE, can you provide me the same???

As you are looking for the Question papers of DRDO Senior Technical Assistant Exam for EEE, here I am uploading a pdf file that contains the same; this attachment contains objective types of the questions. I have taken following question from the attachment:

Q.2:- The electric field lines and equipotential lines
Are parallel to each other.
Are one and the same.
Cut each other orthogonally.
Can be inclined to each other at any angle.

Q.3:- For an SCR, di/dt protection is achieved through the use of
R in series with SCR.
L in series with SCR.
RL in series with SCR.
RLC in series with SCR.

Q.4:- In a linear system, an input of 5 sin wt produces an output of 10 cos wt. The output corresponding to input 10 cos wt will be equal to
(a) + 5 sin wt (b) - 5 sin wt (c) + 20 sin wt (d) – 20 sin wt.

Q.5:- For the system shown in figure, with a damping ratio § of 0.7 and an undamped natural frequency wn of 4 rad / sec, the values of K and are

K = 4, a = 0.35
K = 8, a = 0.455
K = 16, a = 0.225
K = 64, 0.9
Q.6:- A single instruction to clear the lower four bits of the accumulator I 8085 assembly language is:
(a) XRI OHF (b) ANI FOH (c) XRI FOH (d) ANI OFH.
Q.7:- The p-type substrates in a conventional pn-junction isolated integrated circuit should be connected to:
Nowhere, i.e., left floating.
A dc ground potential.
The most positive potential available in the circuit.
The most negative potential available in the circuit.
Q.8:- The velocity of electromagnetic ratio waves is
3 x 〖10〗^6 m/s
3 x 〖10〗^8 m/s
3 x 〖10〗^10 m/s
3 x 〖10〗^12 m/s
Q.9:- A certain 8- bit microprocessor executes “SUB A, B” by loading B to the ALU, then loading A to the ALU, Subtracting A from B, and storing the result in B. Which of the following instructions would cause the ZERO flag to be set?
SUB – (X), (X) +
SUB )X), (X) +
SUB – ( X), (X)
all of the above
Q.10:- which of the following induction motor will have the least shaft diameter?
20 HP, 2880 rpm
20 HP, 1440 rpm
20 HP, 960 rpm
20 HP, 730 rpm
Q.11:- In ‘plasma’ state a gas
( a) loses electrical conductivity
( b) attracts moisture
( c) becomes perfect dielectric medium
( d) conducts electricity
Q.12:- If the secondary winding of the ideal transformer shown in the figure below, has 40 turns, the number of turns in the primary winding for maximum power transfer to the 2 ohm resistor will be

( a) 20 (b) 40 (c) 80 (d) 160
Q.13:- A 6 pole 3-phase wound-rotor induction machine is driven by another machine at 1800 rpm. The rotor of the induction machine is connected to a 50Hz system. If the mechanical rotation of the rotor is in the same direction as the rotor winding flux rotation, then frequency of the stator voltage will be
(a) 50Hz (b) 140 Hz (c) 150 Hz (d) 200 Hz
Q.14:- A universal motor runs at
Higher speed will dc supply and with less sparking.
Higher speed with ac supply with less sparking.
Same speed both ac and dc supplies.
Higher speed with ac supply but with increased sparking at the brushes.
Q.15:- Two 550 kVA alternator operate in parallel to supply the following loads
250 KW at 0.95 p.f. lagging
100 KW at 0.85 p.f. leading
One machine is supplying 200 KW at 0.9 p.f. lagging. The p.f. of other machine must be
(a) 0.89 leading (b) 0.95 leading (c) 0.95 lagging (d) 0.89 lagging

Q.16:- In a 110 volts compound generator, the armature, shunt and series windings are 0.06 ohm, 27.5 ohm and 0.04 ohm respectively. The load consists of 200 lamps; each rated at 55 W, 110 V. find the total e.m.f. when the machine is connected for long shunt operation.
(a) 12 V (b) 72 V (c) 100 V (d) 120 V
Q.17:- 1 Bagasse is
Low quality coal.
A fuel consisting of wood.
Fibrous portion of sugarcane left after extracting the juice.
A kind of rice straw.
Q.18:- The copper armature winding of a motor is subjected to an operating temperature of 80°C. The room temperature is 20° C. The percentage change in resistance of the armature winding from cold staring condition to normal running will be nearly:
(a) 10% (b) 16% (c) 20% (d) 24%
Q.19:- Magnetic flux density at a point distance R due to an infinitely long linear conductor carrying a current is given by
(a) B = 1/(2μ πR) (b) B = (μ⃓)/2R
(c) B = (μ⃓)/(2 μ R) (d) B = (μ⃓)/(2 π R2)
Q.20:- A zener diode works on the principle of
Tunneling of charge carriers across the junction.
Thermionic emission.
Diffusion of charge carriers across the junction.
Hoping of charge carriers across the junction.
Q.21:- Two resistance 100Ω ± 5Ω ± 15Ω are connected in series. If the errors are specified as standard deviations, the resultant error will be
(a) ± 10Ω (b) ± 10.6Ω (c) ± 15.8Ω (d) ± 20Ω
Q.22:- The unit impulse response of a system is given as c (t) = 〖-4〗^(e-t) +6e−2t. The step response of the same system for ≥0 is equal to
− 3e−2t +4e−t+1
−3e−2t +4e−t−1
−3e−2t +4e−t −1
-3e−2t +4e−t −1
Q.23:- Which of the following statements is true?
ROM is a Read/Write memory.
PC points to the last instruction that was executed.
Stack works on the principal of LIFO.
All instructions affect the flags.
Q.24:- If a transistor is operation with both of its junctions forward biased, but with the collector forward bias greater than the emitter-base forward bias, then it is operating in ht
Forward active mode.
Reverse saturation mode.
Reverse active mode forward saturation mode.
Forward saturation mode.
Q.25:- Which type of transmission line will have the maximum value of characteristic impedance?
Open wire line.
Twin lead line.
Coaxial cable.
All have same impedance.
Q.26:- The ALU of a microprocessor performs operations of8-bit two’s complement operands. What happens the operation 7A ₁₆ – A2₁₆ is performed?
Result = D8₁₆’Overflow and negative flags set.
Result = D8₁₆’ Negative flag is set.
Result = D8₁₆’No flags set.
Result = 28₁₆’overflow flag set.
Q.27:- Efficiency of a plant is secondary consideration for
Base load power plants.
Peak load power plants.
Both peak loads as well as base load power plants.
Neither peak load nor base load power plants.
Q.28:- An undesirable side effect of motional inductance of large conduction specimens is
(a) Skin effect (b) hysteresis (c) eddy currents (c) dielectric loss
Q.29:- if the rated voltage from the power lines is applied to the primary of a single-phase transformer which is operated on no-load, then
Both input voltage and current are sinusoidal.
Both input voltage and current are non-sinusoidal.
Input voltage is non-sinusoidal and input current sinusoidal.
D input voltage is sinusoidal and input current is non sinusoidal.
Q.30:- “In all cases of electromagnetic induction, an induced voltage will cause a current to flow in a closed circuit in such a direction that the magnetic field which is caused by that current will oppose the change that produces the current” is the original statement of
Lenz’s law
Faraday’s law of magnetic induction.
Fleming’s law of induction
Ampere’s law
Q.31:- The sator and rotor pole number may be different in a
Pole changing induction motor.
Reluctance motor.
Repulsion motor.
Synchronous motor.

Remaining questions are in the attachment given below, please click on it………

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