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Default Re: old question papers of KSOU?

here I am giving you question paper for BA course examination of Karnataka state open university in zip file attached with it ..

some content is given below :
1. Annotate four of the following, choosing two from poetry and two from drama:
a) Ten thousand saw I at a glance
Tossing their heads in a sprightly dance
b) That I might drink, and leave the world unseen,
And with thee fade away into the forest dim:
c) What the anvil? What dread grasp
Dare its deadly terror clasp?
d) The saints will aid if men will call;
For the blue sky bends over all!
e) If I’m pitched out a second time, you are going to keep me company.
f) Who wouldn’t gladly give his life for your sake?
g) Here I shall hold you like a hunted dove I have rescued unscathed from the cruel talous of the hawk.
h) It was tonight, when the miracle didn’t happen. It was then I realized you weren’t the man I thought you were.

2. Answer two of the following questions in about a page and a half each:
a) Write a critical appreciation of “The Solitary Reaper”.
b) Comment on the theme and structure of “Ode To A Nightingle”.
c) Explain how the impact of the Evil over The Good is brought out in “Christabel”.
d) Do you consider “The Chimney Sweeper” as a poem with a message against child labour? Discuss.

3. Answer two of the following in about a page and a half each:
a) How does Ibsen champion the feminist cause in “A Doll’s House”?
b) Discuss the role played by Dr. Rank.
c) What are your impressions of Helmer as a husband?
d) What is the part played by Kristine Linde in Nora’s life?

4. Answer two of the following in about a page and a half each:
a) Explain the supernatural vision of Lockwood.
b) Narrate briefly the circumstances which prompt Heathcliff to take revenge on the family of Earnshaws.
c) Comment on the narrative technique in “Wuthering Heights”.
d) Sketch the character of Edger.

5. Answer two of the following in about a page and a half each:
a) Summarize Hudson’s views on literary impulses.
b) Explain Taine’s theory of literary evolution.
c) When does a biography become useless to the study of literature?
d) “Style is not the coat of the writer, but his skin”. Discuss


Answer any three questions.
Q.1 The under mentioned Trial Balance was extracted from the books
of Mr. Rangappa on 31-12-2008
Debit Credit
Land and Buildings 60,000 _
Plant and Machinery 1,00,000 _
Debtors and Creditors 91,000 59,400
Purchases and Sales 2,28,200 4,06,000
Returns 6,000 5,200
Drawings and Capital 16,000 2,10,000
Rent for 11 months 13,332 _
Advertising 20,000 _
Out Standing Salary _ 5,000
Salaries 25,000 _
Stock on 1-1-2008 70,668 _
Wages 25,000 _
Carriage inwards 3,200 _
Printing and Stationary 2,000 _
Discounts 1,600 2,400
Commission 3,000 2,000
Cash 25,000 _
The following adjustments are to be made :
1) Stock on 31st December 2008 amounted to Rs. 20,000.
2) One months rent is outstanding.
3) Interest on capital at 4% p.a. to be taken into account.
4) Depreciate Land and Buildings at 5% and Plant and Machinery
at 10%.
5) Provide for doubtful debts at 10% on debtors.
From the above details prepare Trading and Profit and Loss A/c for
the year ended 31 Dec. 2008.

Q.2 Given below in the Receipts and Payments Account of Sharma
Sports Club for the year ended 31-12-2008.

Receipts Rs. Payments Rs.
To Balance B/d (1-1-2008) 6,000 By Printing 800
To Subscription 16,800 By Rent and Taxes 3,300
To Sale of old furniture 1,620 By Salaries 8,400
To Tournament fund 21,200 By Wages 3,600
To Sale of old News paper 180 By Up keep of grounds 5,000
To Entrance fees 6,000 By Sports materials 10,600
To Proceeds from drama 4,200 By Balance C/d (31-12-2008) 24,300
56,000 56,000

Balance Sheet as on 31-12-2007
Liabilities Rs. Assets Rs.
Subscription for 2008 1,000 Cash 6,000
Capital fund 49,800 Subscription o/s 800
Furniture 9,000
Sports equipments 35,000 50,800 50,800
Adjustments :
a) At the end of the year subscription o/s were Rs. 1,200.
b) Furniture is to be depreciated by 10%
c) Half of the entrance fee are to be capitalized.
Prepare Income and Expenditure A/c for the year ended 31-12-
2800 and a balance Sheet as on that date.

Q.3 Sri Somanna commenced business on 1-1-2008 with a capital of
Rs. 1,00,000. He maintained his books of accounts under single
entery system. The following information is obtained from his
books of accounts.
Goods purchased (including cash purchased of Rs. 40,000)

amounting to Rs. 1,50,000. Drawings Rs. 10,000, Salaries Rs.
16,000, Bad bebts Rs. 4,000, Wages Rs. 1,000, Business Expenses
Rs. 6,000, Discount allowed Rs. 6,000, Discount received Rs.
5,000, Goods sold (Including Credit sales Rs. 1,40,000) Rs.
2,00,000, Furniture purchased on 1-7-2008 Rs. 20,000.
Sri Somanna paid his son’s school fees Rs. 2,000 from the business
and took goods worth Rs. 8,000 for his personal use but not
entered both the transactions in the books.
Other balances on 31-12-2008 Were as follows :
Stock Rs. 40,000, Debtors Rs. 80, 000 and Creditors Rs. 30,000.
Depreciate furniture at 10% per annum and provide for RBD at 5%
on debtors.
Prepare Sri Somanna’s Trading and Profit and Loss Account and
Balance Sheet as on 31-12-2008.

Q.4 Guru and Raju undertake jointly the construction of a shopping complex at Mysore for Megha Mala Ltd. The contract price is agreed at Rs. 20,00,000 payable in cash Rs. 18,00,000 and the balances in fully paid debentures of the contractee company each of the value of Rs. 100. A bank account was opened in their joint names to which Guru contributed Rs. 5,00,000 and Raju Rs. 3,00,000. The following expenses were incurred in connection with the contract:
Materials purchased and paid from Joint Bank Account Rs. 6,50,000
Materials supplied by Guru Rs. 54,000
Wages paid from Joint Bank Account Rs. 5,24,000
Architects fees paid by Raju Rs. 50,000
General expenses Paid from Joint Bank Account Rs. 2,22,000
The building was completed and the contract price was received in full.

The venture was closed by Raju taking over the debentures at an agreed price of Rs. 1,60,000 and Guru taking over the remaining stock at Rs. 30,000

Prepare (a) Joint Venture A/c
(b) Joint Bank Account
(c) Co Venture’s A/c (15)

Q.5 Kaveri Coffee Traders Madikeri consigned 5,000 kgs of coffee power to Santhosh coffee house Mysore on 1st Jan 2009.The cost of the coffee power was Rs. 60 per kg. They paid Rs. 6,000 on Fright and insurance. During transits 150 kgs were destroyed due to rain.
Santhosh Coffee House took delivery of consignment on 10th Jan2009 and immediately accepted a bill for Rs.1,20,000 for 3 months.
On 30th May 2009, the Consignee reported that 4000 kgs were sold at Rs. 80 per kg. The expenses paid by Santhosh coffee house were:
Rent Rs. 3,600, Salary Rs. 4,000, Advertisement Rs. 1,000, Communication Payable to the consignee was 2% plus 1% delcredere. Assuming that the consignee paid the amount due by bank draft, show the necessary ledger A/c’s in the books of Kaveri Coffee Traders.

Answer any 3 questions.
Q.6 What do you understand by single entry system of book-keeping? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

Q.7 Briefly explain the accounting concepts and conventions.

Q.8 What is an account sale? Give the specimen of an account sale with imaginary figures.

Q.9 Journalize the following transactions in the Books of Mr. Jayanna. 1st August 2009 Commenced business with cash Rs. 1,50,000 3rd “ “ Bought goods for cash Rs. 40,000
5th “ “ Paid in to bank Rs. 20,000
8th “ “ Sold goods to Mohini Rs. 16,000
16th “ “ Cash received from Mohini Rs. 16,000
22 “ “ Sold goods to Manju for cash Rs. 7,000
24 “ “ Sold goods to Govind Rs. 7,200
27 “ “ Cash deposited into bank Rs. 13,600
29 “ “ Rent paid to Rs. 3,000
30 “ “ Salary paid Rs. 7,000

Q.10 A company whose accounting year is the calendar year, Purchased a machinery on 1-4-2005 costing Rs. 3,00,000
It purchased further machinery on 1-10-2005 costing Rs. 2,00,000 and on 1-7-2006 costing Rs. 1,00,000 on 1-1-2007 one third of the machinery installed on 1-4-2005 become obsoluete and was sold for Rs. 30,000. Machineries were depreciated by written down value method at 10% per annum.
Show the machinery account for 3 years in the books of the company.

Answer any 3 questions.
Q.11 What are the reasons for providing depreciation?
Q.12 Distinguish between revenue and capital expenditure.
Q.13 What is a suspense account? Why it is opened?
Q.14 State the essential requisites of a bill of exchange.
Q.15 Briefly explain 2 methods of depreciation.
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Default Re: old question papers of KSOU?

Respected sir please do send me B.A first year model question paper of English language,optional, history, hindi,Psychology,ICHRS,
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Default Re: old question papers of KSOU?

Originally Posted by manasagangotri View Post
Dear Sir Please Send m.com first year old question papers of Karnataka state open university, manasagangotri mysore
sir,pls send m.a 1st year history old qestion paper . ksouy, manasagangotri
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omana suriyakumar
Smile Re: Sir, Pls Send me Question Paper of MPP Ist Year MA in English

[QUOTE=lyrafletcher@yahoo.com;70223]Sir, Pls Send me Question Paper of MPP Ist Year MA in English KSOU
My email omanasu@gmail.com]
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m manickam
Default Re: b tech civil 3rd semester old question papers of KSOU?

Dear Sir Please Send b tech civil 2nd year old question papers of Karnataka state open university, manasagangotri mysore[/QUOTE]
my email id ,mm9600@live.com
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Default Re: old question papers of KSOU?

Respected Sir Please Send MA first year may/june 2014 question papers of Karnataka state open university, manasagangotri mysore
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Default KSOU Public Administration First Year

Hi Guys,

I have enrolled for the KSOU Public Administration course last year and am going to take the exams this year. Kindly provide the previous 3 or 5 years of examination question papers of all subjects which will help me for my exams.

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Default Re: old question papers of KSOU?

[manasagangotri;39595]Dear Sir Please Send 1St B.A first year old question papers of Karnataka state open university, manasagangotri mysore[/QUOTE]

Dear Sir ,

Pls Send 1st Year BA question Papers of KSOU, Manasagangotri

Rgds......Roopa Ramaswamy
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Default Re: old question papers of KSOU?

SIR KINDLY SEND 2nd year economics old question papers
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Default Re: old question papers of KSOU?

Hi guys I want to get Karnataka State Open University Mysore (KSOU) MBA Old question papers for this exam paper so would you plz provide me same here ??
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