IGNOU Yoga Course

IGNOU Yoga Course

Yoga Course in IGNOU is offered course aims at promoting positive health, prevention of stress related health problems and rehabilitation through Yoga. Yoga Course in IGNOU objective is imparting skills in them to introduce Yoga for health to general public and Yoga for total personality development of students. Invoke scientific attitude and team spirit to channelise their energies in to creative and positive endeavors.

Yoga course in IGNOU
Name of Yoga Course offered by IGNOU:
Diploma in Yoga & Naturopathy Assistant
Programme Code:

Course Code Name of Course Credit Hours
YNO4509AI Basics of Naturopathy & Yoga 120
YNO4509B Concepts in Naturopathy & Yoga 135
YNO4509CI Methods of procedure in Naturopathy 120
YNO4509DL Training in Naturopathy & Yoga 105

Syllabus of the program:

Course 1 Basics of Naturopathy & Yoga ( YNO4509AI )
Unit 1 Definition of Naturopathy.
Unit 2 History of Naturopathy
Unit 3 Philosophy of Health & Nature Cure.
Unit 4 Education about Natural Life Style & Holistic Life.
Unit 5 Functional English, Computer Literacy.
Unit 6 Foreign Matter Definition, Origin, Effects on body.

Course 2 Concepts in Naturopathy & Yoga ( YNO4509B )
Unit 1 Importance of Five Elements Space, Earth, Air, Sun, Water.
Unit 2 Sun therapy (Chromo therapy ).
Unit 3 Mud Therapy.
Unit 4 Water Therapy ( Hydro therapy ).
Unit 5 Various Disease and their Drugless Naturopathic Treatment.

Course 3 Methods of Procedure in Naturopathy ( YNO4509CI )

Unit 1 Definition, Concepts, Philosophy & Effects of Yoga.
Unit 2 Theory & Physiological effects of Massage.
Unit 3 Methods & Benefits of Asan & Pranayam.
Unit 4 Methods & Benefits of Surya Namaskar.
Unit 5 Uses & Limitation of Points of Acupressure.

Course 4 Practical Training in Naturopathy & Yoga ( YNO4509DL )
Unit 1 Practical Training of Massage.
Unit 2 Practical Training of Asan & Pranayam & Yog therapy.
Unit 3 Practical Training of Acupressure.
Unit 4 Food Therapy ( Nutrition & Dietetics ).
Unit 5 Raw eating method & importance.
Unit 6 Wrong Eating Habit.
Unit 7 Space Elements : Fasting Methods & Benefits.

Contact Details:-
Indira gandhi national open university
Maidan garhi, newdelhi-110068
Ignou helpline for general enquiry
29571000(epabx 30 lines)

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M.Com Syllabus IGNOU

M.Com Syllabus from IGNOU 2011

IGNOU stands for Indira Gandhi National Open University is biggest university in the world with 3,000,000 students was set up to grant education through means of distance and open education, furnish higher education opportunities particularly to the disadvantaged segments of society, to promote, coordinate and set standards for distance and open education in India and strengthen the human resources of India through education.

M.Com Syllabus From IGNOU
Core Courses
Organization Theory & Behaviour
Research Methodology & Statistical Analysis
Business Environment
Accounting for Managerial Decisions
Marketing Management
Financial Management
Specialization Courses in International Business Operations
International Business Environment
International Marketing Management
India ’s Foreign Trade
Export Import Procedures and Documentation
International Marketing Logistics
International Business Finance

Indira Gandhi National Open University
Maidan Garhi,
New Delhi-110068

Undergraduate Certificate Courses in IGNOU

Undergraduate Certificate Courses in IGNOU

Indira Gandhi National Open University came into organism in 1985. IGNOU extends Certificate Courses which lets in information on courses such as CHR, CNCC, and CFS

Certificate in Performing and Visual Arts
Certificate in NGO Management
Certificate in Motorcycle Service & Repair (CMSR)
Advanced Certificate in Power Distribution Management (ACPDM)
Certificate in Care Waste Management (CHCWM)
Certificate in Competency Enhancement for ANM/FHW (CCEANM)
Certificate in Newborn and Infant Care (CNIC)
Certificate in Maternal and Child Health Care (CMCHC)
Certificate in Business Skills (CBS)
Certificate in HIV and Family Education (CAFE)
Certificate in Consumer Protection (CCP)
Certificate in Youth in Development Work (CCYP)
Certificate in Disaster Management (CDM)
Certificate in Environmental Studies (CES)
Certificate in Human Rights (CHR)
Certificate in Computing (CIC)
Certificate in Guidance (CIG)
Certificate in Labour in Development (CLD)
Certificate in Participatory Forest Management (CPFM)
Certificate in Rural Development (CRD)
Certificate in Tourism Studies (CTS)
Certificate in Food and Nutrition (CFN)
Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care (CNCC)
Certificate in Empowering Women through Self Help Groups (CWDL)
Certificate in Women’s Empowerment and Development (CWED)
Certificate in Participatory Project Planning (SAVINI)
Certificate in Food Safety (CFS)
Certificate in Craft and Design Pottery (CCDP)
Certificate in ICT Application in Library (CICTAL)
Certificate in Primary Education (CPE)
Certificate in Primary Teaching (CPT)
Certificate in Teaching of English (CTE)
Certificate in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics (CTPM)
Certificate in Laboratory Techniques (CPLT)
Certificate in Network Oriented Office Computing
Certificate in Web Site Design & Management

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068
New Delhi

Pathankot IGNOU Centre

Pathankot IGNOU Centre
IGNOU [Indira Gandhi National Open University] is a national university with its main office in New Delhi, this university was founded in 1985. IGNOU has number of study center including Pathankot they offered one of the best educational programme.

Indira Gandhi National Open University
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068

Pathankot IGNOU Centre
Smt Rama Chopra S D
IGNOU SPL Study Centre (Women)
Kanya mahavidyalaya
Mission Rd, Issa Nagar
Pathankot distt -gurdaspur-145001

MBA (Marketing) from IGNOU courses & fee?

I basically done my graduation from Lucknow university Lucknow, i am working as sales officer in spcl, i want to do MBA (Marketing) from IGNOU. (Send me courses & fee structure).

Kindly advice me via E-mail.
Thanking you,
With Regards

Sanjay Sharma

Answered by

MS-1 Management Functions and Behaviour
MS-2 Management of Human Resources
MS-3 Economic and Social Environment
MS-4 Accounting and Finance for Managers
MS-5 Management of Machines and Materials
MS-6 Marketing for Managers
MS-7 Information Systems for Managers
MS-8 Quantitative Analysis for Managerial Applications
MS-9 Managerial Economics
MS-10 Organisational Design, Development and Change
MS-11 Strategic Management
MS-21 Social Processes and Behavioural Issues
MS-22 Human Resource Development
MS-23 Human Resource Planning
MS-24 Employment Relations
MS-25 Managing Change in Organisations
MS-26 Organisational Dynamics
MS-27 Wage and Salary Administration
MS-28 Labour Laws
MS-41 Working Capital Management
MS-42 Capital Investment and Financing Decisions
MS-43 Management Control Systems
MS-44 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
MS-45 International Financial Management
MS-46 Management of Financial Services
MS-51 Operations Research
MS-52 Project Management
MS-53 Production/Operations Management
MS-54 Management Information Systems
MS-55 Logistics and Supply Chain Management
MS-56 Materials Management
MS-57 Maintenance Management
MS-58 Management of R&D and Innovation
MS-61 Consumer Behaviour
MS-62 Sales Management
MS-63 Product Management
MS-64 International Marketing
MS-65 Marketing of Services
MS-66 Marketing Research
MS-68 Management of Marketing Communication and Advertising
MS-611 Rural Marketing
MS-612 Retail Management
MS-91 Advanced Strategic Management
MS-92 Management of Public Enterprises
MS-93 Management of New and Small Enterprises
MS-94 Technology Management
MS-95 Research Methodology for Management Decisions
MS-96 Total Quality Management
MS-97 International Business MS-100 Project course (Equivalent to two courses)

Courses Fee : Rs/- 700

MBA banking and finance in ignou?

hi sir/madam this is kiran i completed bsc(mscs) in osmania university in 2009 now i want to do MBA banking and finance in ignou please give me total information of how to apply and what the eligibility,and fee details of course and duration .please inform the details to my email
thanking you your’s faithfully,

Answered by
Duration: 2 to 5 years
Course Fee : Rs. 21,000

The candidate should be a graduate from a recognized university and should have passed the CAIIB examinations of Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai.

Experience: Having at least 2 years experience of working in the banking or financial service sector

How to apply: A candidate is required to apply to the Regional Director concerned.
There is no entrance test for admission.

Re admission / re registration form 2012: IGNOU MBA Banking Financec Re registration Form 2012

Want to do my M.tech in IGNOU?

Dear Sir i have finished my BE in IME (institute of mechanical engineers) Bombay & i want to do my M.tech in IGNOU. Need your guidance. Can you help

Sanjeet Jee

Answered by
IGNOU offers the following M.Tech programs:

M Tech in Cyber Forensic
M Tech in IT
MTech Programmes in Embedded System Design and Information Systems Security
M.Tech in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Microelectronics & VLSI Design
M Tech in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Networking & Telecommunication
M Tech in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Satellite Communication & Space Systems
MTech in Advanced Information Technology with specialization in Automotive Engineering & E- Manufacturing

Duration: 2 to 3 years
Course Fee: Rs. 240,460

Last Qualification Percentage: 50 – 60 %

How to apply:
For admission you have to register on to the official website.