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I shifted to Northern Ireland and interested in the field of medical want details about the GhPC Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland. Will you provide basic details about the Northern Ireland GPHC along with purpose of that organizational song with address and contact details of council?


The Pharmaceutical Society of Northern Ireland was established by the Pharmacy and Poisons Act (Northern Ireland) 1925, and has been based at 73 University Street, Belfast Since 1933. Its primary purpose has been:

(a) to advance chemistry and pharmacy;

(b) to promote pharmaceutical education and the application of pharmaceutical knowledge;

(c) to maintain the honour and safeguard and promote the interests of the members of the Society in their exercise of the profession of pharmacy;

(d) to execute all such functions as may be entrusted to the Society under any enactment;

(e) to provide relief for distressed persons, being—

(i) members of the Society;

(ii) persons who at any time have been members of the Society or have been registered as either pharmaceutical chemists, or chemists and druggists, or druggists or apprentices to pharmaceutical chemists, or as students of the Society; or

(iii) surviving spouses, surviving civil partners, orphans or dependants of deceased persons who were at any time members of the Society or registered as aforesaid.

Pharmacist registration GPHC

It is illegal to practise in Northern Ireland as a pharmacist without first being registered with the Pharmaceutical Society NI.

The registration year in Northern Ireland runs from 1st June to 31st May annually therefore to retain registration you will be required to re-register on 1st June every year after first registration.


Registration department
Pharmaceutical Society NI
73 University Street

Tel: 028 9032 6927
Fax: 028 9043 9919


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