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Which courses offered at the University of Alberta Canada Faculty of Law & also give contact details?

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The University Of Alberta Canada Faculty Of Law is a dynamic institution.
The Faculty of Law offers following courses:


Term 1

450 A1 Administrative Law (Lewans)

450 A2 Administrative Law (Carver)

451 A1 Corporations (OByrne)

452 A1 Civil Procedure (Molzan)

453 A1 Evidence (Royal)

453 X01 Evidence (Beaver)

454 A1 Conflict of Laws (Acorn)

456 A1 Professional Responsibility (Sprysak)

456 A2 Professional Responsibility (Bauman)

456 A3 Professional Responsibility (Gullberg)

456 X01 Professional Responsibility (Hawes)

486 A1 Jurisprudence (Acorn)

486 A3 Jurisprudence (Bauman)

496 A1 Legal History (Law)

503 A1 Employment Law (Scott)

504 A1 Taxation (Sprysak)

506 A1 Public International Law (Harrington)

507 X01 Canadian Human Rights Law (Paradis)

509 X01 Mediation Advocacy (Simonson-Yanitski)

512 X01 Techniques in Negotiation (Kash)

514 A1 Judgment Enforcement Law (Buckwold)

516 X01 Dispute Resolution (Bell)

518 A1 Intellectual Property (McDonald-Yoo)

520 A1 Criminal Procedure (Penney)

522 X01 Sentencing (Rosborough, B.-Rosborough, M.)

524 A1 Family Law (Gordon-Johnson)

531 A1 Law and Medicine (Ogbogu)

540 A1 Land Titles (Ziff)

543 A1 Basic Oil and Gas (Renke)

545 A1 Fiduciary Obligation (Litman)

555 A1 Labour Law (Sim-Zurbrigg)

565 A1 International Business Transactions (Reif)

580 A1 Trusts (Goltz)

582 A1 Wills (Hopp)

584 A1 Bankruptcy and Insolvency (Wood)

587 A1 Personal Property Security Law (Buckwold)

592 X01 Advanced Criminal Law (Beresh

593 A1 International Environmental Law (Jefferies)

596 A1 Advanced Torts (Klar)

599 A01 Animals and the Law (Sankoff)

599 A02 Statutory Interpretation (Hutchison)

599 A04 Water Law (Percy)

599 A05 Commercial Transactions (Wood)

599 A07 Musicians and the Law (Hutchison)

599 A08 Court Clerkship (Judges)

599 A09 Low Income Clinic I (Weaver-Bell)

599 A12 Health Care Ethics and the Law (Nelson)

599 X01 Unfair Trade Practices (Yahya)

599 X02 First Nations – Industry Negotiation (Chalifoux-Reddekopp)

608 X01 Advocacy (Wachowicz-Wedge)

608 X02 Advocacy (Wilson-Smith)

651 A1 Municipal and Planning Law (Kaplinsky)

665 X01 Corporate Taxation (Sommerfeldt)

Term 2

450 B2 Administrative Law (Law)

451 B1 Corporations Law (Yahya)

451 B2 Corporations Law (Henderson)

452 B5 Civil Procedure (Billingsley)

452 X50 Civil Procedure (Curcio Lister-Schlosser)

453 B1 Evidence (Sankoff)

454 B1 Conflict of Laws (Hutchison)

454 B2 Conflict of Laws (Robertson)

456 B1 Professional Responsibility (Jefferies)

456 B2 Professional Responsibility (Acorn)

456 X50 Professional Responsibility (Vail)

456 X51 Professional Responsibility (Kash)

486 B1 Jurisprudence (Acorn)

486 B2 Jurisprudence (Decoste)

486 B3 Jurisprudence (Decoste)

486 B4 Jurisprudence (Kaplinsky)

486 B5 Jurisprudence (Ziff)

496 B1 Legal History (Muir)

501 B1 Biotechnology Policy (Caulfield)

502 B1 Construction Law (Lucky-Mavko)

504 B1 Taxation (Sprysak)

506 B1 Public International Law (Reif)

509 X50 Mediation Advocacy (Simonson-Yanitski)

512 X50 Techniques in Negotiation (Mawani)

516 X51 Dispute Resolution (Carroll)

518 B1 Intellectual Property Law (Hutchison)

519 B1 Insurance Law (Billingsley)

519 B2 Insurance Law (Corbett-Pratt)

520 X50 Criminal Procedure (Aloneissi-ONeill)

524 B1 Family Law (MacKay-Johnson)

531 B1 Law and Medicine (Nelson)

532 X50 Constitutional Litigation (Sandstrom-Feehan)

543 B1 Basic Oil and Gas (Percy)

546 X50 Interviewing and Counselling (Parish)

552 B1 Natural Resources Law (Hughes)

556 B1 Labour Arbitration (Nugent)

557 B1 International Human Rights (Reif)

559 B2 Environmental Law (Hughes)

561 B2 International Criminal Law (Harrington)

580 B2 Trusts (McInnes)

587 B1Personal Property Security Law (Wood)

588 B1 Immigration Law (Carver)

590 B1 Aboriginal Peoples (Bell-Vermette)

599 B03 Advanced Petroleum (Renke)

599 B04 Court Clerkship (Judges)

599 B05 Low Income Clinic II (Weaver-Bell)

599 X50 Advanced Criminal Trial Advocacy (Hewitt)

599 X51 Energy and Policy (Yahya)

599 X52 Low Income Individuals and the Law (Weaver)

599 X54 Public Law Practice (Stam)

599 X55 Corporate Business Transactions (Carten)

601 X50 Corporate Reorganization and Restructuring (Wood-Reeson)

602 X50 Family Law Practice Issues (Gordon-Hebert)

603 X50 International Taxation (Sommerfeldt)

608 X50 Advocacy (Stevens)

613 X50 Corporate Security and Financing (Chamberlain-Maharaj)

640 X50 Real Estate Transactions (Kortbeek)

660 B1 Estate Planning (Sprysak)

675 X50 Advanced Evidence (Beaver)

University of Alberta
116 St and 85 Ave, Edmonton, AB T6G 2R3, Canada ‎
+1 780-492-3111 ‎

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