IAS Judicial Services


Hi buddy here I have come to collect IAS Judicial Services exam syllabus , so that I could do preparation of this exam on that basis so will you plz provide me same here??

As you want here I am giving below IAS Judicial Services exam syllabus on your demand :

Paper I:

(a) English Essay
(b) Translation from English into Urdu or Hindi and vice versa.
(c) Precis.
Paper II:

(a) General Knowledge.
(b) Indian Constitution Law and Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir State.
Paper III:

(a) Criminal Procedure Code
(b) Evidence Act
(c) Ranbir Panel Code
Paper IV:

(a) Financial Code Volume I & II
(b) Kashmir Service Regulation Chapters III to XIII and XXII and XXIII.
(c) Rules and orders for the guidance of Subordinate Courts (Civil and Criminal) and Circular orders issued by the High Court.
Paper V:

(a) Civil Procedure Code.
(b) Limitation Act.
(c) Jammu and Kashmir Registration Act.
Paper VI:

(a) Transfer of Property Act,
(b) Right of Prior Purchase Act.
(c) Houses and Shops Rent Control Act.
Paper I:

(a) Hindu Law
(b) Mohamadan Law
(c) Coustomary Law of the State.
Paper II:

(a) Law of Companies.
(b) Insurance Law.
Paper III:

Principles of Equity including the Law of Trusts and specific Relief.
Paper IV:

(a) Jammu and Kashmir Contract Act.
(b) Law of Torts.
Paper V:

(a) Suits Valuation Act.
(b) Court Fee Act.
(c) Stamp Act.
(d) Agriculture Relief Act.
(d) Excise Act and Rules.
Paper VI:

(a) Land Revenue Act.
(b) Tenancy Act.
(c) Land Alienation Act.
(e) Land Acquisition Act.

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