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April 21st, 2017 03:45 PM
Re: Bundelkhand University BCA Syllabus

As you are looking to get syllabus of BCA Course offered by Bundelkhand University, so here is complete syllabus:

Bundelkhand University BCA Syllabus:

BC-101- Computer Fundamental & Programming in C

Unit I Introduction to any Operating System [Unix, Linux, Windows], Programming
Environment, Write and execute the first program, Introduction to the Digital
Computer; Concept of an algorithm; Termination and correctness. Algorithms to
programs: Specification, top-down development and stepwise refinement.
Introduction to Programming, Use of high level programming language for the
systematic development of programs. Introduction to the design and
implementation of correct, Efficient and maintainable programs, Structured
Programming, Trace an algorithm to depict the logic, Number Systems and
conversion Methods.

Unit II Standard I/O in ā€œCā€, Fundamental Data Types and Storage Classes: Character
types, Integer, short, long, unsigned, single and double-precision floating point,
storage classes, automatic, register, static and external, Operators and
Expressions: Using numeric and relational operators, mixed operands and type
conversion, Logical operators, Bit operations, Operator precedence and
associativity, Conditional Program Execution: Applying if and switch
statements, nesting if and else, restrictions on switch values, use of break and
default with switch, Program Loops and Iteration: Uses of while, do and for
loops, multiple loop variables, assignment operators, using break and continue,
Modular Programming: Passing arguments by value, scope rules and global
variables, separate compilation, and linkage, building your own modules.

Unit III Arrays: Array notation and representation, manipulating array elements, using
multidimensional arrays, arrays of unknown or varying size, Sequential search,
Sorting arrays, Strings, Structures: Purpose and usage of structures, declaring
structures, assigning of structures, Pointers to Objects: Pointer and address
arithmetic, pointer operations and declarations, using pointers as function
arguments, Dynamic memory allocation, Union , Enumeration, The Standard C
Preprocessor: Defining macros and calling macros, utilizing conditional
compilation, passing values to the compiler, The Standard C Library:
Input/output : fopen, fread, etc, string handling functions, Math functions :log,
sine, like Other Standard C functions.

BC-102-Language & Communication
Unit I Fundamentals of Communication Technical Communication: features:
Distinction between General and Technical communication; Language as a tool
of communication; Levels of communication: Interpersonal, Organizational,
Mass communications; The flow of Communication: Downward, Upward,
Lateral of Horizontal (Peer group): Importance of technical communication;
Barriers to Communication.

Unit II Constituents of Technical Written Communication Words and Phrases: Word
formation. Synonyms and Antonyms; Homophones; Select vocabulary of about
500-1000 New words; Correct Usage: all Parts of Speech; Modals; Concord;
Articles; Infinitives; Requisites of Sentence Construction: Paragraph
Development: Techniques and Methods- Inductive, Deductive, Spatial, Linear,
Chronological etc; The Art of Condensation-various steps. Business
Communication Principles, Sales & Credit letters; Claim and Adjustment
Letters; Job application and Resumes. Reports: Types; Significance; Structure,
Style & Writing of Reports. Technical Proposal; Parts; Types; Writing of
Proposal; Significance. Negotiation & Business Presentation skills.

Unit III Presentation Strategies and Listening Skills. Defining Purpose; Audience &
Local; Organizing Contents; Preparing Outline; Audio-visual Aids; Nuances of
Delivery; Body Language; Dimensions of Speech: Syllable; Accent; Pitch;
Rhythm; Intonation; Paralinguistic features of voice; Listening Skills: Active
Listening, Passive Listening. Methods for improving Listening Skills.

BC-103:- Computer Organization
Unit I Register Transfer Language, Bus and Memory Transfers, Bus Architecture, Bus
Arbitration, Arithmetic Logic, Shift Micro operation, Arithmetic Logic Shift
Unit, Design of Fast address, Arithmetic Algorithms (addition, subtraction,
Booth Multiplication), IEEE standard for Floating point numbers. Hardwired &
Micro Programmed (Control Unit): Fundamental Concepts (Register Transfers,
Performing of arithmetic or logical operations, Fetching a word from memory,
storing a word in memory), Execution of a complete instruction, Multiple-Bus

Unit II Hardwired Control, Micro programmed control (Microinstruction, Microprogram
sequencing, Wide-Branch addressing, Microinstruction with Next
address field, Prefetching Microinstruction). Processor Organization: General
register organization, Stack organization, Addressing mode, Instruction format,
Data transfer & manipulations, Program Control, Reduced Instruction Set
Computer. I/O Interface, Modes of transfer, Interrupts & Interrupt handling,
Direct Memory access, Input-Output processor, Serial Communication.

Unit III Memory Organization: Memory Hierarchy, Main Memory (RAM and ROM
Chips), organization of 2D and 21/2D, Auxiliary memory, Cache memory,
Virtual Memory, Memory management hardware.

Bundelkhand University BCA Syllabus:

April 21st, 2017 03:24 PM
Bundelkhand University BCA Syllabus

My sister has completed 12th class recently from CBSE Board. Now she wants to do BCA Course from Bundelkhand University. So she wants syllabus of this Course. Is there anybody who will provide syllabus of BCA Course to see all subjects?

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