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July 14th, 2016 05:17 PM
Re: NTC Practice Test KIT for the TOEFL

NTC Recruitment Exam is Being Conducted National Teachers Council by every year.

The Recruitment process of NTC includes the written test.

Duration: 11/2 hours
Maximum Marks: 100

1. Green plants prepare their own food in presence of sunlight. This process is called
A) Cooking B) Transpiration
C) PhotosynthesisD) Self preparation

2. An instrument used to measure the amount of rain fall.
A) Rain guard B) Rain gauge
C) ThermometerD) Water gauge

3. The largest animal on the land
A) Blue WhaleB) Elephant
C) Giraffe D) Lion

4. Birds like duck and swan can swim on water because they have
A) Streamlined bodyB) Light body
C) Webbed feetD) Flat beak

5. The part of the plant under the soil
A) Stem B) Leaf
C) Shoot D) Root

6. The inventor of Telephone
A) Graham BellB) Alfred Nobel
C) Thomas EdisonD) Issac Newton

7. Select the odd one
A) Deer B) Tiger
C) Rabbit D) Elephant

8. An ice cube is placed in a beaker containing water. The ice cube will
A) Float B) Sink
C) Evaporate D) None

9. Which is not a source of fresh water?
A) Pound B) Well
C) Bore well D) Ocean

10. Diseases spread from person to person in different ways. A disease spread by mosquitoes
A) Typhoid B) Swine flue
C) Dengue D) Cholera

11. Air is mixture of different gases. Which one is the major component of air?

A) Nitrogen B) Hydrogen
C) Oxygen D) Carbon dioxide

12. Various human activities bring down the quality of air. This is called air pollution.
` Which one of the following is a cause of air pollution?

A) Transport vehicles cause air pollution
B) Forest fire causes air pollution
C) Factories and industries cause air pollution
D) All the above

13. The top soil contains various substances needed for the growth of plants. But various natural
and man made activities removes this top soil. This process of removal of top soil is called
A) Soil formationB) Soil erosion
C) Soil flow D) Weathering

14. Our body has different organ system. Each one of them has a particular function to perform.
Which one of the organ system removes waste from our body?
A) Circulatory System B) Digestive System
C) Excretory SystemD) Nervous System

15. All living things breathe. We breathe through nose. Breathing organ of a fish is
A) Mouth B) Nose
C) Skin D) Gills

16. The natural satellite of the earth
A) Moon B) Sun
C) Aryabhatta D) Mars

17. Which one of the following is not a common characteristic of living things?
A) Living things reproduce B) Living things breathe
C) Living things move D) Living things grow

18. The largest gland in human body
A) Liver B) Kidney
C) Heart D) Typhoid

19. Select the unit of mass
A) Kilogram B) Gram
C) Milligram D) All these

20. The number of sense organ in our body
A) 3 B) 4
C) 5 D) 6

Here I m Suggested Some Good Books for Preparation of NTC's Practice Test :

NTC's Practice Test Kit for the Toefl® Paperback – Import, 1 Apr 1997
by Tribune (Author)

July 14th, 2016 04:51 PM
NTC Practice Test KIT for the TOEFL

Hii Buddy , Here I m Looking for Previous year National Teachers Council Exam Question papers and Books for Preparation , Here Will you plzz Give me Same ?

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