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June 14th, 2016 05:59 PM
Re: Andhra University Common Entrance Test Previous Papers

Hello, here I am providing you the paper of the Andhra University Common Entrance Test as under:

1. The Scattering cross section has dimension of

(a) Volume
(b) Area
(c) Density
(d) Length

2. In an irreversible process, the entropy of a system

(a) Remains constant
(b) Decreases
(c) Increases
(d) Becomes infinite

3. Table ‘A’ of Companies Act gives

(a) A model minute book
(b) A model form of balance sheet
(c) A model memorandum of association
(d) A model articles of association

Q4- How many nucleotides are there in Ss RNA molecule of picorna virus causing FMD?
A. 1000
B. 5000
C. 8000
D. 10000
Ans c

Q5- Starch content of potatoes can be increased by using a bacterial gene, known as
A. sucrose phosphate synthase gene
B. ADP glucose pyrophosphorylase gene
C. polygalactouranase gene
D. none of the above
Ans b

Q6- Which of the modification in hemoglobin is the cause of sickle cell anemia?
A. A mutation in the beta chain
B. A deletion in the beta chain
C. Replacement of the B chain by D chain
D. None of the above
Ans a

Q7- Acyl carrier protein (ACP) plays an important role in the biosynthesis of
A. fatty acids
B. amino acids
C. sugars
D. carbohydrates
Ans a

Q8- The viruses that can achieve neoplastic transformation are called
A. DNA tumor viruses
B. RNA tumor viruses
C. retroviruses HIV
D. none of these
Ans a

Q9- In cellular immunity, T lymphocytes are responsible for the recognition and killing of foreign invaders. The cells are
A. cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL)
B. killer T cells
C. both (a) and (b)
D. none of the above
Ans c

Q10- Tryprotophan synthetase of E.coli, a typical bifunctional oligomeric enzyme consist of
A. a protein designated A
B. two proteins designated A and B
C. a protein A and one-subunit a
D. a protein designated B
Ans b

Q11- Gun powder, which is an explosive comprises of charcoal, sulphur and
A. glycerene
B. salt petre
C. nitro glycerene
D. dynamite
Ans b

Q12- Which of the following sugars is the sweetest?
A. Glucose
B. Fructose
C. Sucrose
Ans b

Q13- Wood charcoal is used for decolouration of sugar, because it __________ the coloured materials.
A. adsorbs
B. oxidises
C. reduces
D. converts
Ans a

Q14- Neoprene is the trade name of
A. polyurathane
B. phenol formaldehyde
C. polychloroprene
D. styrene-butadiene rubber
Ans c

Q15- During combustion of gaseous fuels, deficiency of air
A. lengthens the flame.
B. tends to shorten the flame.
C. does not affect the flame length.
D. increases the flame temperature.
Ans a

Q16- The post order traversal of binary tree is DEBFCA. Find out the pre order traversal.
Ans c

Q17- If node N is a terminal node in a binary tree then its ………
A. Right tree is empty
B. Left tree is empty
C. Both left & right sub trees are empty
D. Root node is empty
Ans c

Q18- If every node u in G adjacent to every other node v in G, A graph is said to be
A. isolated
B. complete
C. finite
D. strongly connected
Ans b

Q19- In a graph if e=[u,v], then u and v are called
A. endpoints of e
B. adjacent nodes
C. neighbours
D. all of the above
Ans d

Q20- In a binary tree, certain null entries is replaced by special pointers which point to nodes higher in the tree for efficiency. These special pointers are called………
A. Leaf
B. Branch
C. Path
D. Thread
Ans d
June 14th, 2016 05:15 PM
Andhra University Common Entrance Test Previous Papers

Hello, I want to give the exam of Andhra University Common Entrance Test and I want its paper.

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