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October 29th, 2015 02:32 PM
Rahul Parik
Re: Law Entrance Exam Question Paper

Here I m providing you few questions of CLAT law papers from the past years:
There is a fairly universal sentimentthatthe use of nuclearweapons isclearly contrary to
morality and that its production probably so, does not go farenough.These activities are
not onlyopposed to morality but also to law if the legal objection can be added to the moral,
the argumentagainst the use and the manufacture of these weapons will considerably be
reinforced.Now the time isripe to evaluate the responsibility of scientists who knowingly
use theirexpertise for the construction of such weapons, which has deleterious effect on
To this must be added the fact thatmore than 50 percentof the skilled scientific manpower in
the world is now engaged in the armaments industry. How appropriate it isthatall this
valuable skill should be devoted to the manufacture of weapons ofdeath in a world of
poverty is a question thatmust touch the scientific conscience.
A meeting ofbiologists on the Long-Term Worldwide Biologicalconsequences of nuclear war
added frightening dimension to those forecasts. Its report suggested thatthe long
biologicaleffects resulting from climatic changes may atleast be as serious asthe immediate
ones. Sub-freezing temperatures,low light levels, andhigh doses ofionizing and ultraviolet
radiation extending for many months after a large-scale nuclear war could destroy the

biologicalsupport system of civilization, at least in the Northern Hemisphere.
Productivity in natural and agricultural ecosystemscould be severelyrestricted for a yearor
more. Post warsurvivors would face starvation as well as freezing
conditions in the dark andbe exposed to nearlethal doses of radiation. If, asnow seems
possible, the Southern Hemisphere were affected also, global disruption of the biosphere
could ensue. In any event, there would be severe consequences, even in the areas not
affected directly, because of the inter- dependence of the world economy. In either case
the extinction ofa large fraction of the earth's animals, plants and microorganism seems
possible. The population size ofHomo sapiensconceivably could be reduced to prehistoric
levels orbelow, andextinction of the human species itself cannot be excluded.
1.Choose the word, which is most opposite in meaning of the word, printed in bold as used in
the passage Deleterious.
(b) Harmful
(c) Irreparable
(d) Non-cognizable
2.The author's mostimportantobjective of writing the above passage seemsto (a) Highlight
the use of nuclear weapons as an effective population controlmeasures.
(b) Illustrate thedevastating effects of use of nuclearweapons on mankind.
(c) Duly highlight the supremacy of the nations which possess nuclearweapons.
(d) Summarise the long biologicaleffects of use of nuclearweapons.
3.The scientists engaged in manufacturing destructive weapons are
(a)Veryfew in number
(b) Irresponsible and incompetent
(6 More than half of thetotal number
(d) Engaged inthe armaments industryagainst theirdesire
4.According to thepassage, the argument onuse and manufacture of nuclearweapons
(a)Does not stand thetestof legality
(b) Possesses legal strength although it does not have moral standing
(c) Isacceptable only onmoral grounds
(d) Becomes stronger if legal andmoral considerations are combined
5.The author of the passage seemsto be of the view that
(a)Utilization of scientific skillsin manufacture of weapons isappropriate. (b) Manufacture of
weapons of death would helperadication of poverty.
(c) Spending money on manufacture of weapons may bejustifiable subject to the availability of
(d) Utilization of valuable knowledge for manufacture of lethal weapons isinhuman.
6.Which of the following isone of the consequences of nuclearwar? (a)Fertility ofland will
last for a year orso.
(b) Post-warsurvivors being veryfew will have abundant food. (c) Lights would be cooler and
more comfortable.
(d) Southern Hemisphere would remain quite safe in the post-warperiod.
7. Which of the following best explains the word devoted, as used in thepassage?
(a) Dedicated for a goodcause
(b) Utilised for betterment(c) Abused for destruction (d) Under-utilised
8.The biologicalconsequences of nuclear war asgiven in the passage include all the following,
(a)Fall in temperature below zerodegree Celsius.
(b) Ultraviolet radiation
(c) High does of ionizing

(d) Abundant foodfor smaller population.
9. Itappears from thepassage thatthe use of nuclear weapons is considered against
morality by
(a) Only such of those nations whocannot afford to manufacture and sell
(b) Almost all the nations of the world
(c) Only the superpowers whocan afford to manufacture and sellweapons
(d) Most of the scientists devote their valuable skills to manufacture nuclearweapons.
10.Which of the following statements I, II,III and IV isdefinitelytrue in the context ofthe
(I)There iseverylikelihoodof survival ofthe human species as a consequence of nuclearwar.
(II)Nuclear warrisks andharmful effects are highly exaggerated.
(III) The post warsurvivors would be exposed to the benefits of non-lethalradiation.
(IV) Living organisms in the areas which are not directly affected by nuclear waswould also
(a) I
(b) III
(c) II
(d) I

CLAT Law sample papers:

For more papers, I m providing you some files:
October 29th, 2015 02:28 PM
Re: Law Entrance Exam Question Paper

I m preparing for the entrance exam of law of CLAT. Can anyone provide me the model question papers of entrance exam?
May 26th, 2013 02:01 PM
Re: Law Entrance Exam Question Paper

There are some question uploaded for Law Entrance Exam Question Paper:-

1. PRINCIPLE: No person shall be prosecuted and punished for the same offence twice.

FACTUAL SITUATION: 'A', a kleptomaniac, was an acquaintance of 'B' and used to visit 'B's home on weekends. One day, 'B' was unable to find his watch after a visit from 'A'. Ultimately, 'B' informed the police about the missing watch and the persons who had been to his room. The police, among others, made a search on person of 'A' and found the watch in his pocket. At his trial, the Court found him guilty of theft and sentenced him to 3 months in prison. After completing his sentence, 'A' went to 'B's home to apologize for his conduct. After 'A' left, it was discovered that 'B's watch was missing. 'A' informed the police who located the watch from' A's home. Can 'A' be prosecuted for theft?

(a) No, he has already been prosecuted and punished for theft and cannot be punished for the same offence again.

(b) No, he is a kleptomaniac with a psychological disorder of stealing and therefore cannot be found guilty.

(c) Yes, he can be prosecuted because he has committed two separate acts of theft.

(d) Yes, he can be prosecuted because the recovery of the stolen goods in each case has been from separate places.

2. What is geriatrics?

(a) Branch of science focusing on the study of genes and DNA

(b) Branch of medicine focusing on health care of elderly

(c) Branch of medicine dealing with care of infants and children

(d) Branch of medicine dealing with germs and microbes.

3. What is a 'Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle'?

(a) An auto mobile running on hydrogen fuel

(b) An automobile running on batteries and solar cells

(c) An automobile running alternately on batteries and gasoline engine, as required

(d) An auto mobile running on rails with overhead electric Lines.

4. Which district of China was the worst hit by the earthquake of May, 2008?

(a) Beijing

(b) Shanghai

(c) Sichuan

(d) Tangshan

5. Which of the following is not a carnivorous plant?

(a) Venus Flytrap

(b) Pitcher Plant

(c) Sundew

(d) Poison Ivy

Complete paper can download from the given attachment word file it.
May 25th, 2013 05:55 PM
Law Entrance Exam Question Paper

Will you provide me Law Entrance Exam Question Paper

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