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February 24th, 2014 01:53 PM
Re: CET Questions and Answers

Karnataka Common entrance test is a reputed entrance examination for admission in various courses offer by colleges situated in Karnataka…

Karnataka CET test questions:
When the angle of incidence is 60° on the surface of a glass slab, it is found that the reflected
ray is completely polarised. The velocity of light in glass is ‘ '

A 20 cm length of a certain solution causes right handed rotation of 38°. A 30 cm length of
another solution causes left handed rotation of 240. The optical rotation caused by 30 cm
length of a mixture of the above solutions in the volume ratio 1 : 2 is
1) right handed rotation of 30 i 2) left handed rotation of 30
3) right handed rotation of 140 4) left handed rotation of 140
We identical charges repel each other with a force equal to 10 mgwt When they are 0.6 m
apart in air.( g = 10 ms‘2 ) The value of each charge is
1) 211C 2) 2nC
3) 2X10“7C 4) 2mC

The potential of the electric field produced by a point charge at any point (x, y, z) is given
by V : 3x2 + 5 , where x, y, z are in metres and Vis in volts. The intensity of the electric field
at (—2, 1, O) is ‘
1) —12Vm_1 2) +12vm*1
The potential of a large liquid drop when eight liquid drops are combined is 20V. Then the
pontential of each single drop was "
1) 2.5V
3) 7.5V
2) 5V

Two indentical capacitors each of capacitance 5/1F are charged to potentials 2 kV and
1 kV respectively. The —ve ends are connected together. When the +ve ends are also connected
together, the loss of energy of the system is 1
1) 1.25J ‘
3) OJ
2) 5J
4) 16OJ‘

A proton and a deuteron with the same initial kinetic energy enter a magnetic field in a
direction perpendicular to the direction of the field. The ratio of the radii of the circular
trajectories described by them is v
1) 1:2 2) 1:1
3) 1:\/§ 4) 21:4

Two tangent galvanometers A and B have coils of radii 8 cm and 16 cm respectively and
resistance 8!) each. They are connected in parallel with a cell of emf 4 V and negligible
internal resistance. The deflections produced in the T.G’s A and B are 300 and 600
respectively. If A has 2 turns, then B must have
1) 2 turns 2) 6 turns
3) 12 turns 4) 18 turns

6. A and B are two infinitely long straight A c " H
parallel conductors. C is another straight
conductor of length 1 m kept parallel to A
and B as shown in the figure. Then the
force experienced by C is ' 1A. A HA
3 .
1) 'towards B equal to 0_6X10-5 N
2) towards A equalto 5.4X10-5N __ I _
_ 5Cvvx 8 Cm
3) towards B equal to 5_4X10-5N
I 4) towards equal to. ()_6X10—5 N

27. An electric bulb has a rated power of 50 W at 100 V. If it is used on an ac. source 200 V,
50Hz, achoke has to be used in series with it. This choke should have an inductance of
1) 1.1 H 2) 0.1 H
3) 1 mH 4) 0.11nH >

May 8th, 2012 09:14 PM
Re: CET Questions and Answers

I have Math solved question paper of Karnataka - CET exam and here I am uploading the paper. You can get the paper from here after downloading it. Download it and do preparation for your exam, best of luck.

May 8th, 2012 01:17 PM
sandeep yadev
CET Questions and Answers

Hello Friend’s I am taking part in the Karnataka - CET exam and I want the Questions and Answers of the CET so please can you give me the Questions and Answers and tell me from where can I download the Questions and Answers?

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