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October 9th, 2018 11:42 PM
Re: Common Entrance Past Papers Free

Maths Papers Level 2 and 3 common entrance papers both calculator and Non-calculator.
May 11th, 2015 03:38 AM
Re: Common Entrance Past Papers Free

I really hope and pray I pass my common entrance I want to make it to Antigua girls high school. Please help me please. I want to pass
April 24th, 2014 08:04 AM
Re: Common Entrance Past Papers Free

Sir here I am searching for the Common Entrance exam general paper so please can you give me the papers and tell me from where can I download the papers and give me the link that can provide me the free download of the papers?
June 8th, 2013 08:33 AM
Re: Common Entrance Past Papers Free

type my vincy class room.com u should find it
September 5th, 2012 06:33 AM
elmesha williams
Re: Common Entrance Past Papers Free

how does it work common entrance plese am in grade 6 soi want to pass to go ghs or bishop
May 29th, 2012 10:46 AM
Common Entrance Past Papers Free

Sir here I am searching for the Common Entrance exam general paper so please can you give me the papers and tell me from where can I download the papers and give me the link that can provide me the free download of the papers?

We have uploaded the general paper of 2006 of Common Entrance exam here. You can download the paper after doing registration.

1. The words of the National Anthem of St. Vincent & the Grenadines were written by
A. Joel Miguel B. Phyllis Punnett C. Milton Cato D. George Mc Intosh

2. This Caribbean artiste made Reggae music popular.
A. Bob Marley B. Mighty Sparrow C. Alston (Becket) Cyrus D. Kevin Lyttle

3. The musical term which refers to the length of a sound is
A. Pitch B. Dynamics C. Duration D. Timbre

4. Which group of instruments below belongs to the string family?
A. guitar, violin, harp, banjo B. guitar, drum, trumpet, saxophone C. guitar, flute, harp, banjo D. guitar, cello, recorder, clarinet

5. Which of the following instruments is indigenous to the island of Trinidad & Tobago?
A. Banjo B. Saxophone C. Steelpan D. Trumpet

6. Which one of the following styles of music Did Not originate in the Caribbean?
A. Calypso B. Reggae C. Hip Hop D. Soca

7. An Orchestra is often directed by a person who ensures every one plays correctly. This person is also referred to as
A. a musician B. a conductor C. a singer D. a band member

8. Information is often recorded in symbols. Which of the following symbols is related to music?
A. ♪ B. ‗ C. ∆ D. +

9. Alston “Becket” Cyrus is famous for which type of music?
A. Folk B. Soca C. Hip Hop D. Reggae

Questions 10 and 11 refer to the four meals shown below which were prepared by four persons at a food fair. Miss Jack Mr. Sam Miss Peters Mrs. May

10. Which TWO persons prepared a vegetarian meal?
A. Mr. Sam & Miss Peters B. Mr. Sam & Mrs. May C. Miss Jack & Miss Peters D. Mrs. May & Miss Jack

11. Which person prepared food from ALL six food groups?
A. Miss Jack B. Miss Peters C. Mr. Sam D. Mrs. May

12. Pregnant women who smoke have a higher risk of all the following happening EXCEPT
A. having a miscarriage B. having too small a baby C. having too big a baby D. having the baby born dead. Rice Grape Juice Baked Beans Yam Pie Vegetable Salad Roasted Breadfruit Stewed Mutton Red Beans Pineapple Drink Avocado Fried Rice Soya Chunks Vegetable Salad Cherry Juice Avocado Macaroni Pie Plain Rice Stewed Beef Scald Yam Peanut Punch

40. St. Vincent belongs to a group of islands known as A. Greater Antilles B. Windward Islands C. Leeward Islands D. Bahamas

41. In the Caribbean the usual means of choosing a government is by
A. appointment B. election C. nomination D. revolution

42. The following historical milestones refer to the political development of St. Vincent. Which one of the following sets of events shows the order in which these milestones occurred?
A. Statehood, Independence, Crown Colony B. Statehood, Crown Colony, Independence C. Crown Colony, Independence, Statehood D. Crown Colony, Statehood, Independence

Questions 43 and 44 are based on the following diagrams

Here are four (4) statements. (i) Candle Y is not burning. (ii) Air is necessary for burning. (iii) Candle Y is not burning because someone blew out the flame. (iv) The greater the supply of air, the longer the candle will burn.

43. The hypothesis being tested is

A. larger candles burn longer than shorter candles
B. The greater the supply of air the longer the candle will burn.
C. The larger the candle the brighter the flame.
D. Air is necessary for burning.

44. Which of the statements is an OBSERVATION?

A. i B. ii
C. iii D. iv

Questions 45 and 46 are based on the following information
Michael conducted an experiment to observe the rate at which water flows through different kinds of soils. He placed 250 grams of soil in each funnel and poured 100 ml of water on each type of soil.
45. Michael should conclude that

A. Soil 1 is Clay Soil 2 is Sand Soil 3 is Loam
B. Soil 1 is Sand Soil 2 is Clay Soil 3 is Loam
C. Soil 1 is Loam Soil 2 is Clay Soil 3 is Sand
D. Soil 1 is Sand Soil 2 is Loam Soil 3 is Clay

46. The manipulated variable in this experiment is the
A. amount of soil B. amount of water added C. type of soil D. amount of water collected

Questions 47 and 48 are based on the following graph. The graph above shows the rate at which a piece of blotting paper absorbed water from a container.

47. What volume of water was absorbed during the first 10 seconds?
A. 10 ml B. 20 ml C. 30 ml D. 40 ml

48. How long did the blotting paper take to absorb 40 ml of water?
A. 5 seconds B. 10 seconds C. 15 seconds D. 20 seconds

49. A student used a bar magnet to pick up some metal tacks. The observations were recorded as shown below. The student should conclude that
A. tacks are attracted to the ends of magnets only. B. the magnet is stronger at its poles. C. the strength of the magnet depends on the material it attracts. D. magnets can attract only tacks.

50. A large electromagnet, suspended from a crane, picks up pieces of scrap iron but not the rubber tyres in the scrap yard. Which of the following is a hypothesis based on this information?
A. Electromagnets do not attract non-metals B. Electromagnets can be easily demagnetised C. Electromagnets are cheap to operate D. Electromagnets have North and South poles

51. Which of the following is an example of a chemical change?
A. Burning a piece of paper B. Mixing sugar and water C. Grating a carrot D. Breaking a glass

52. In the food web above the herbivores are
A. Butterfly, grasshopper, lizard B. Butterfly, hummingbird, earthworm C. Hummingbird, grasshopper, lizard D. Lizard, grasshopper, earthworm

53. A member of the food web that competes with the grasshopper for food is the
A. lizard B. toad C. earthworm D. snake

54. If all the plants were destroyed by a disease, what would happen in the food web?
A. The grasshopper would eat the butterflies B. The hummingbird would eat the butterflies C. The food web would form food chains D. Everything would die

55. When a honey bee visits a flower, it deposits pollen on the

A. stigma B. style
C. anther D. filament

56. Following fertilization in plants, the X develops into the fruit and the Y develops in the seed.
A. Ovule Ovary
B. Ovary Ovule
C. Ovule Stigma
D. Ovary Style

57. Bertram poured 200 ml of water into a dish and left it in the sun. After two hours, he measured the volume of water remaining in the dish and observed it was 100 ml.

The measuring device Bertram would use to measure the volume of water is
A. a measuring cylinder B. a jam jar
C. a spoon D. a glass
58. A bulb converts electrical energy into

A. heat and light B. light and sound
C. light and current D. light only

A mixture of sugar and water was boiled in a pot until all the water disappeared leaving the sugar behind.
59. In the mixture, the sugar is called the

A. residue B. solute
C. solvent D. filtrate
60. Which one of the following methods was used to separate the sugar from the water?

A. Condensation B. Evaporation
C. Filtration D. Sedimentation

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