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March 14th, 2020 11:52 PM
Re: IIT Papers Free Download

The Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced) 2020 will be conducted by the IITs under the guidance of the Joint Admission Board (JAB)

IIT JEE Previous Years Paper


Important dates:

JEE Advanced 2020 Exam Dates

Events Dates (Released)
Application form release 1st May 2020
Application form last date 6th May 2020
Last date for fee payment of application form 7th May 2020
Admit card releasing 12th – 17th May 2020
JEE Advanced 2020 Exam Date 17th May 2020
Copy of candidate responses to be
available on the website 20th – 22nd May 2020
Answer key releases 27th May 2020
Receiving of objection (if any) 27th – 28th May 2020
Online display of final answer keys 8th June 2020
Result declaration of JEE Advanced 2020 8th June 2020
Online registration of Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT) 8th – 9th June 2020
AAT exam date 12th June 2020
Result Declaration of AAT 16th June 2020
Seat Allotment starts 17th June 2020
Last date for seat allotment 3rd week of July 2020


JEE (Advanced) Office,
Block No. I, IIT Delhi,
Hauz Khas, New Delhi - 110016
Phone No. +91-011-26591785/1798/7099 Monday to Friday
09:00-1300 & 14:00-17:30 HRS
Email : jeeadv@admin.iitd.ac.in
March 14th, 2020 11:51 PM
Re: IIT Papers Free Download

I want to do engineering for this decided to apply for Joint Entrance Examination (Advanced). Will you provide IIT JEE Previous Years Papers to download also provide exam dates?
March 11th, 2013 04:12 PM
Re: IIT Papers Free Download

You want IIT JEE question paper so I have and I am providing you free of cost:

In the determination of Young's modulus ( Y = - :yF 1 by using Searles method, a wire of length L = 2 m and diameterd = 0.5 mm is used. For a load M= 2.5 kg, an extension 1 = 0.25 rnm in the length of the wire is observed. Quantities d and I are measured using a screw gauge and a micrometer, respectively. They have the same pitch of 0.5 rnm. The number of divisions on their circular scale is 100. The contributions to the maximum probable error of the Y measurement
(A) due to the errors in the measurements of d and 1 are the same.
(B) due to the error in the measurement of d is twice that due to the error in the measurement of 1.
(C) due to the error in the measurement of 1 is twice that due to the error in the measurement of d.
(D) due to the error in the measurement of d is four times that due to the error in the measurement of 1.

For complete question paper you are free to download pdf file. This is free for you:
March 11th, 2013 04:10 PM
Nilesh From where can I free download IIT JEE Question paper?

Here, I am giving you attachment of the IIT Joint Entrance exam paper, so you can download the papers form here.

Here, I am giving you questions from the previous year papers.

Geometrical shapes of the complexes formed by the reaction of Ni2 with Cl, CN and H20, respectively, are
(A) octahedral, tetrahedral and square planar
(B) tetrahedral, square planar and octahedral
(C) square planar, tetrahedral and octahedral
(D) octahedral, square planar and octahedral

Extraction of metal from the ore cassiterite involves
carbon reduction of an oxide ore (B) self-reduction of a suiphide ore removal of copper impurity (D) removal of iron impurity

According to kinetic theory of gases
(A) collisions are always elastic.
(B) heavier molecules transfer more momentum to the wall of the container.
(C) only a small number of molecules have very high velocity.
(0) between collisions, the molecules move in straight lines with constant velocities.

A police car with a siren of frequency 8 kHz is moving with uniform velocity 36 km/hr towards a tall building which reflects the sound waves. The speed of sound in air is
320 mIs. The frequency of the siren heard by the car driver is
(A) 8.50 kHz (B) 8.25 kHz (C) 7.75 kHz (D) 7.50 kHz

Arno the following the intensive property is (properties are) A) molar conductivity B) electromotive force
C) resistance D) heat capacity

If the 0.05 molar solution of W is replaced by a 0.0025 molar M solution. then the magnitude of the cell potential would be
A) 35 mV B) 70 my
C) 140 mV D) 700 mV

A real gas behaves like an ideal gas if its

A) pressure and temperature are both high
B) pressure and temperature are both low
C) pressure is high and temperature is low
Di pressure is low and temperature is high

An AC voltage source of variable angular frequencies ai and fixed amplitude V. is connected in series with a capacitance C and an electric bulb of resistance R
(inductance zero). When 0) is Increased
A) the bulb glows dimmer
B) the bulb glows brighter
C) total impedance of the circuit is unchanged
D) total impedance of the circuit increases

If the reuItant of all the external forces acting on a system of particles is zero, then früm an inertial frame, one can surely say that
(A) linear momentum of the system does not change in time
(B) kinetic energy of the system does not change in time
(C) angular momentum of the system does not change in time
(D) potential energy of the system does not change in time

In the core of nuclear fusion reactor, the ga becomes plasma because of strong nuclear force acting between the deutcroiis
Coulomb force acting between the deuterons
(oti krn b force acting lwtween dcuteron-electron pa irs
the high temperature maintained inside the reactor core

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