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April 9th, 2018 06:51 AM
Unregistered [QUOTE=Unregistered;1015020]Hi buddy here I am looking for NIPER entrance exam Question Paper, so will you plz let mekh
January 10th, 2018 10:54 AM
NIPER Question Paper

Hi buddy here I am looking for NIPER entrance exam Question Paper, so will you plz let me know from where I can do collect its question paper ?

Sequence of steps involved in the PCR?
denaturation, anealing and ___
Bond strength order in case of C-H, C-c, H-H, C-Cl
in Which of the following, nucleophilic substitution take place through benzyne formation
a. Nitro benzene
b. Picric acid
c. p-methoxy nitro benzene
d. ____
Ad: Be: Cr: (something like that)? ans was Dx
shape of vasaka leaf?
lanceolate, obovate
Which of the following is from marine source
a. Protamine
b. Pralidoxime
c. Both
d. None
Drug acting on translocation step? macrolide
Drug binding to 30s site? TC
Equation used for calculation of buffers pH is?
Drug Which increases QT interval prolongation?
Vd calculation.
Which of the following drug is used in treatment of diarrhoea?
D-glyceraldehyde configuration?
Which is more basic? pyrole, aniline, pyridine, N, N dimethylaniline?
units for molar extinction coefficient
Which of the following Immunoglobulin activates complement system?
a. IgG
b. IgM
c. IgD
d. IgE
Which of the following Immunoglobulin is responsible for allergic reaction?
Which of the following Immunoglobulin is used as solubilizer for Vit A and?
a. Peg
b. Peg and lanolin ester (not exactly remember)
type of instrumentation used for quantitative analysis? GC UV NMR IR
A man completes some distance in 8 hrs. He travels first half at 40 KPH and rest at 60 KPH.
What is the total distance covered?
precursor of psoraline?
mitochondria is involved in ____ a. Fat production b. Glu production c. Electron
CAP is used as an enteric material. It solubilises at (a) 2.5 (b) 4.5 (c) 5.5
Who coined the term Pharmacognosy?
h. Pylori cause?
tonicity adjustifier used in parentrals?
Which is not a brand of Dabur? Glucose D, odomos, nihar, meswak
imit test appratus for arsenic? nesselers cylinder, kjeldahls app. kipps app____gutzeit
agaro pectin agar contains? glu. Uronic acid.
the following one is nt a disaccharide
glucopyranose matltose sucrose lactose
Antioxidant wid red. Agent property?
Tocopherol, thiourea
Which tissue comes to d equlibrium first
a. Heart
b. Liver
c. Fat
d. Brain
glycolysis occurs in? cytosol
Which type if reaction occurs more in water than in d2o
a. Sn1
b. Sn2
c. Elimination
d. None
schedule deals with disinfectants? ans schedule o
wich form of drug is more absorbable? ans: Unionized
ion form of drug is more seen in
a. Urine
b. Blood
c. Serum
ph of blood is? 7.4
wet granulation is nt done by
a. Roller compactor
b. Planetary mixer
the use of sodium saccharin in parentrals
a. Sweetner
b. Solubuliser
c. Bulking agent
d. Stabilizer
rhubarb used as?
a. Sweetner
b. Purgative
c. Bitter
d. Carminative
SN2 reaction is?
Inversion f cnfiguration
Cycloaddition by?
Diels alder reaction
+ nt BCCI chief?
Sashank manohar
Brand endorsed by sania mirza?
Complain, boost, horlicks, bournv
dry powder type of injections r prepared by
a. Dry heat sterilization
b. Autoclaving
c. Aseptic filling
d. Gas sterilization
preservative used in opthalmic solutions
a. Benzalkonium chloride
b. Chloro cresol
condensed tannins r
a. Cynadins
b. Procynadins
c. Proanthocyanidins
ADH harmone regulates
a. Blood glucose
b. Serum calcium level
c. Urine conc
d. All
pharmacy council of india is formed by?
a. Cenral gov
b. Assembly
c. Parliament
d. State gov
gossypol shows chirality because of?
a. Chirality of carbon
b. Chirality of nitrogen
c. Restriction of rotation
what is d annual income of country?
morphine was discovered in?
a. 1804
b. 1904
c. 1920 c. 1820
sabsidi means?
3rd gen sulpha anti diabetic drug
a. Gimpride
b. Phenformin
c. Metformin
d. Repaglinide
drug used in the preterm delivery? oxytocin, sulfoprostone, atosiban
the anti tubuculor drug that does nt show hepatotoxicity?
a. Rifampicin
b. Ethionamide
c. Pyrazinamide
d. Streptomycin
mayers reagent is?
songs of sword nd blood: a daughters memoir is written by? 1. Fatima bhuto 2. Priyanka
in eng knowledge audacious means?
magnanimus mmeans?
rebate means?
graphic means?
limit test of arsenic is conducted in______ apparatus
Mannitol used in chewable tablet because of wich property? ans: Negative heat of solution
optical rotation can be shown by
a. Molecule
b. Crystal
c. Both
d. None
salbutamol shows reduction in activity on prolonged usage because of?
a. Receptor up regulation
b. Receptor down regulation
c. Receptor sensitization
a vehicle travels a distance in 8 hrs. If it travels 1st half at 40 km/hr n da rest at 60
km/hr. Then wat is da total distance it travels?
Which of the following technique can transfer crystalline form into amorphous form?
a. Spray drying
b. Freeze drying
c. Micronization
d. Non
what is d prodrug 4m below optins
a. Aspirin
b. Sulphaselzine
c. Sulindac
d. Naproxen
dicalcium phosphate is not used as diluent in chewable tabs
most commonly used diluent in chewable tablets is mannitol
ultrashort actng barbiturate____thiopental sod
Increase in lipase levels indicate Which organ disfunction?
dna polymerase contains? 3 ‘-5’ polymerase n 5 ‘-3’ exonuclease
What is responsible for IR spectra? Change in dipole moment
Wittig reaction? phosphorous.
antidote 4 heparin>
IUPAC of propanolol
Nature of s. Phase nd mobile phase in reversed phase chromatography?
What this Family of Bael?
Chief constituents of podophyllum?
Which of nt having hapetotoxicity 1. Rifampicin 2. Pyrizinamide 3. Ethambutol 4. Streptomycin
Platelets are synthesized 4m whch cells
IR Range 4 N-H strech?
Vulcanizing agent used in rubber?
highly permeable plastic polymer? polystyrene, nylon LDPA
Which of the following polymer is not sterilized?
Erythrose n therose r? diastereomer
Kaya Skin clinic related to company? zydus
reliance overtook whch flying Unit or company, 1. Kinfisher 2. Deccan 3, jet airways
Kaolin is Purified____?
Proof strength of h2o2 accng to Ip?
carbopols r?

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