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July 30th, 2014 12:08 PM
Re: KSOU b.tech assignments

Originally Posted by jkgfhsh View Post
How I can get the B Tech course solved assignment from net of Karnataka state open university please tell me about this because I have need of solved assignment of this course so ask you for get it from net so tell me about this.

1. How many functions in financial management and financial manager?
2. What are the factors affecting long term funds?
3. Define lease finance and its types?
4. Explain the capital structure theory, Dividend theory and its planning?
July 4th, 2014 01:41 PM
sushil kshirsagar
Re: KSOU b.tech assignments

I want Ksou Emba first semester Assignment solved
February 21st, 2014 12:31 PM
Re: KSOU b.tech assignments

Given below is the procedure for getting Karnataka State Open University B.Tech assignments:

--- Enter to the official website of Karnataka State Open University,
--- Click on “Assignments” option given in student section at front of the page,
--- click on “Click here to download the New syllabus” option,
--- Now download that file & get assignment


1. Show that is divisible by 74.
2. sin 2A + sin 2B- sin 2C = 4 cos A cos B . sin C
3. Show that the points (6, 7) (2, 3) (4, 5) lie on a straight line.
4. Find in what ratio is the line joining (3, 4) and (5, -7) cut by the co-ordinates axis.
5. Find the equation of straight lines through the point (2, -1) and making angle of 45 with the line perpendicular to one another.


1. i) Types of covalent bond, ii) Characteristics, iii) Theirs of covalent Bonding, iv) Empirical Rules of covalent bond for motion.
2. i) General characteristics, ii) Ionization Energy (I E).
3. i) Central (Transition) Metal, ii) Ligand, iii) Bond for motion,
iv) Pi Bonding in complexes, v) Characterization of metal complexes.
4. i) Classification of Reagents, ii) Mechanism of organic Reactions.
5. Applications of I.R. spent recopy.


1. Explain the methods of determining lines of intersection.
2. Write the Important teems used in limit system.
3. Describe the indication of geometrical Tolerances.
4. Explain the Cotter Joint with socket and spigot Ends.
5. Write short notes. A) Solid journal bearing B) Bushed journal.



1. Write short note Instrumental Errors?
2. Explain balanced bridge transistor voltmeter.
3. What are the types of oscillators?
4. What are the basic requirements of a transducer?
5. Explain block diagram of dual trace CRO.


1. Calculate the mass defect and binding energy per nucleon of 15P31 having atom weight 30.994 a.m.u. if mH = 1.0081 a.m.u. and mn =1.0089 a.m.u.
2. Define Co-valency. Explain the formation of oxygen molecule.
3. Write about
a. Hard Water
b. Disadvantages of Hard Water
c. Removing hardness of water
4. Write about
a. Annealing hardening
b. Tempering
c. Normalizing
5. Name the different types of corrosion. Give mechanism of oxidation corrosion.

I. Answer all Questions MARKS: 5x5 = 25

1. Explain series and parallel circuit with an example of your own?
2. Write in detail about star to delta transformation?
3. Derive an equation for RLC circuit?
4. Explain in detail about series –parallel resonance?
5. Derive an emf equation for dc generator and also explain the working with a neat sketch?
1. Write about speed control in D C motors?
2. Write about three point starters in detail?
3. Write the working of single phase induction motors?
4. Write the principle of operation of transformer in detail?
5. Write about the regulation and efficiency of single phase transformer?
November 27th, 2012 02:50 PM
Re: KSOU b.tech assignments

The attachment given below contains the KSOU b.tech assignments.

I have took these questions from the attachment:
1. Examine each of the following functions for maxima and minima using the second derive method:
(a) y = x3 – 3x2 – 9x + 5
(b) y = X2 + 250
2. Integrate the following:
X2 + 7x + 10
The complete assignment is here..
November 26th, 2012 11:13 AM
KSOU b.tech assignments

How I can get the B Tech course solved assignment from net of Karnataka state open university please tell me about this because I have need of solved assignment of this course so ask you for get it from net so tell me about this.

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