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Default IGNOU Solved Assignments

I am BCA students of IGNOU, I went for the marriage of my maternal aunt the last week in Indore and when I returned my friend told me that IGNOU has published the last date of submission of BCA assignments I was surprised to hear this because I did not prepare my BCA assignments so I am looking for any source from where I can get IGNOU BCA Solved Assignments so that I can submit it before the last date. I don’t want to lose my one valuable year please suggest me which website or book publication can provide me IGNOU BCA Solved Assignments?

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here I am giving you assignments for master of computer application course offered by Indira Gandhi national open university in PDF file with it ..

some content is given below :
Question 1: (10 Marks) Write a C program to find out perfect numbers from 1 and 50.

Question 2: (20 Marks) Write an algorithm, draw a corresponding flowchart and write an interactive program to convert a binary number to its octal equivalent.

Question 3: (10 Marks) Write the function strreplace(s, chr, repl_chr) which will replace each occurrences of character chr with the character repl_chr in the string s. The function returns the number of replacements. Place the source code of this function in a file named strreplace.c

Question 4: (10 Marks) Writer an interactive C program to check whether the given string is a palindrome or not, using pointers.

Question 5: (10 Marks) Write an interactive program called “WEIGHT CONVERTER” that accepts the weight in milligrams / decigrams / centigrams / kilograms /ounces / pounds / tons and displays its equivalent in grams.

Question 2: Marks (4 + 3+3) a) What is proof? Explain how direct proof is different from indirect proof. Explain method of direct proof with the help of one example. b) Show whether 11is rational or irrational. c) Consider a set X = [2, 3, 4) and the Relation defined on X by. R = {(2, 2) (2, 3) (3, 3) (3, 4) (2, 4) (4, 4)}. Find whether R is : i) Reflexive ii) Symmetric iii) Transitive Also justify your answer.

IGNOU MCA assignment

for the rest Assignment here is attachment

As you are asking for IGNOU MBA MS03 Solved Assignment so on your demand I am providing same here :

1. Management at all levels of specialized functions is influenced by the critical elements of the business environment. Explain with suitable examples.
Solution: Business environment influences business management. The critical elements of business environment often interact with the critical elements of business management. The critical elements of business management are planning direction organization control or coordination staffing and supervision and evaluation. Management at all the levels top middle as well as supervisory is concerned with these critical elements to a certain degree. Similarly these very critical elements are the concerns of the management that specializes in different functions such as production finance marketing purchase inventory control personnel public relations research and development etc. Management at all the levels of specialized functions is influenced by the critical elements of economic environment. For example when an industry faces business recession the management may decide to cut down the rate of production or to pile up inventory accumulation. When the market is being invaded by an increasing number of closely substitutable products the management may decide to go in for aggressive advertisement or cutthroat competition. When the financial institutions start interfering too much with the daytoday business operations of a firm the firm's management may decide to depend exclusively on its own internal funds rather than borrowed capital. When the government enforces minimum wage legislations and other social security measures for all permanent workers the management may decide to recruit only casual laborers through a labor contractor.

Business environment may act either as a stimulant or as a constraint for business management. If the prevailing environment is favorable to business growth and prosperity then the management feels happy and responds positively. Small business owners are often encouraged to produce more when the government pays them subsidy. On the other hand when the prevailing environment is unfavorable it acts as a disincentive.

FOR EXAMPLE : when the government tries to impose a high tax rate on corporate profits many business concerns try to evade tax by underreporting their profits. It is interesting to note that the same environment may act both as stimulant and as a constraint stimulating for some and constraining for others. A high tax rate increases the propensity to evade taxes it induces the corporate taxpayer to restrict his output sales or profits. At the same time this very situation provides an opportunity to the tax consultant for thriving business. A good amount of managerial skill and dexterity is required in adjusting to the environment. The managers must have a thorough knowledge understanding and comprehension of their immediate business environment. With experience and maturity the alert managers acquire the skill to deal with the environment. When an environment repeats itself the experienced managers effectively display their "capability" to take of it. When the changing dimensions of the environment establish a sudden departure from the past trends and tendencies the managers are called upon to demonstrate their "capability" to deal with the situation or risk and uncertainty. The environment thus poses challenge for the management. The managerial efficiency and/or effectiveness is a measure of adaptability to the existing business environment.

2. What is the exact position of China in so far as its economic system/structure and the role of the Government are concerned? How would you describe its economic system?

Solution: China stood as the secondlargest economy in the world after the US having surpassed Japan. The dollar values of China's agricultural and industrial output each exceed those of the US; China is second to the US in the value of services it produces. Still per capita income is below the world average. The Chinese government faces numerous economic challenges including: (a) reducing its high domestic savings rate and correspondingly low domestic demand; (b) sustaining adequate job growth for tens of millions of migrants and new entrants to the work force; (c) reducing corruption and other economic crimes; and (d) containing environmental damage and social strife related to the economy's rapid transformation. Economic development has progressed further in coastal provinces than in the interior and by 2011 more than 250 million migrant workers and their dependents had relocated to urban areas to find work. One consequence of population control policy is that China is now one of the most rapidly aging countries in the world. Deterioration in the environment notably air pollution soil erosion and the steady fall of the water table especially in the North is another longterm problem. China continues to lose arable land because of erosion and economic development. The Chinese government is seeking to add energy production capacity from sources other than coal and oil focusing on nuclear and alternative energy development. In 201011 China faced high inflation resulting largely from its creditfueled stimulus program. Some tightening measures appear to have controlled inflation but GDP growth consequently slowed to near 9% for 2011. An economic slowdown in Europe is expected to further drag Chinese growth in 2012. Debt overhang from the stimulus program particularly among local governments and a property price bubble challenge policy makers currently. The government's 12th FiveYear Plan adopted in March 2011 emphasizes continued economic reforms and the need to increase domestic consumption in order to make the economy less dependent on exports in the future. However China has made only marginal progress toward these rebalancing goals.
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf IGNOU-MCA-assignment.pdf (296.6 KB, 47 views)

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Default aaignments Solution

Dear Sir:
Can you help me in solves Assignments B.Com 2nd Year by IGNOU (English Medium) for Year 2011-12 (Term June 2012)
List of Subject are:
1- ECO 03
2- ECO 05
3- ECO 07
4- ECO 12
5- ECO 13
6- ECO 14
7- FST 01

on my ID: aarees2008@yahoo.com
as soon as Possible

Best Regards
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Default Re: IGNOU Solved Assignments

Hie Kindly upload the following solved assignment for Bcom A&F
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Abdus Salam
Default Re: IGNOU Solved Assignments

Hi I have taken admission in IGNOU through correspondence and I have to submit assignment in july , so plz provide me solved assignments of july session, I want the site from where I can get the assignments.
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Default Re: IGNOU Solved Assignments

You were looking for the assignments of Indira Gandhi National Open University BCA course. I have the assignments of all the subjects for all the semesters. Please let me know that for which semester you are looking for the assignments so that I can assist you with exact information.
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pulkit Srivastava
Default Re: IGNOU Solved Assignments

Hie Kindly upload the following solved assignment for BCA 5th
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Default Re: IGNOU Solved Assignments

plz send me mca 4th sem solved assignment,,plzzzzzz

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Default assignment

i am lokking for solved assignment of ignou
B.Com A&F
1. EEG-4
2. FST-1
3. ECO-13
4. AED-1
plz provide me if you have
thank u
amit jha

i have solved assignment of FEG-1,FEG-2
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Default Re: IGNOU Solved Assignments

I want MHD assinment solution for the sessin 20011-2012 wich is to be submitted befor 31 march 2012....kindly healp
email id - manishashukla93@yahoo.in
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Default Re: IGNOU Solved Assignments

Dear Sir:
Can you help me in solves Assignments B.Com 2nd Year by IGNOU (English Medium) for Year 2011-12 (Term June 2012)
List of Subject are:
1- ECO 08
2- ECO 09
3- ECO 10
4- ECO 11
5- EEC 07
6- ACS 01
on my ID:dilipkumar.iti@gmail.com
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