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I am searching for BBA question paper of University Of Madras so can anyone provide me the same?

You want to get BBA question paper of University Of Madras so I have and providing you. Following are some question given in question paper:

1. (a) Explain the meaning, nature and scope of public personnel administration.
(b) Describe the behavioural approach to the study of personnel administration.

2. (a) Discuss the role of Human Resource
(b) Describe the methods of Manpower planning.

Complete paper is given in attached pdf file. You are free to download it:

University of Madras
University Building, Chepauk Campus,
Triplicane Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600005
Ph: 044 2539 9570


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Default Old Question Papers Of University Of Madras

Hello sir, I am Sonu. I want you to help me by providing me with the Old question paper of MSc Chemistry, subject Physical Chemistry II. Can you help me?
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Default Re: Old Question Papers Of University Of Madras

As you have asked for the Old question paper of MSc Chemistry, subject Physical Chemistry II, I am providing you with it, check below for the details

1. Define the term : specific viscosity.
2. A protein sample consist of an equimolar mixture of haemoglobin (M = 15.5 kg mol–1), ribonuclease (M = 13.7 kg mol–1) and myoglobin (M = 17.2 kg mol–1) Calculate the number average weight of the sample.
3. What is the role of inhibitors in polymerization reactions?
4. What is an adsorption isotherm?
5. What is catalysis? Give an example for
semiconductor oxide acts as a catalyst.
6. What is opposing reaction? Give an example.
7. Define relaxation time.
8. What are the limitations of Langmuir adsorption theory?
9. What is compton effect?
10. The speed of an electron is 1  103 m s–1.
Calculate the de Broglie wavelength of the electron. (h = 6.626  10–34 kg m2 s–1 and mass of e– = 9.1  10–31 kg)

(4  20 = 80 marks)
Answer ALL questions.

11. (a)
(i) Discuss the kinetics of free radical addition polymerization reactions. (10)
(ii) Describe the determination of molecular weight by light scattering method

12. (a) (i) Discuss the effect of substrate
concentration, pH and temperature on
enzyme catalysed reaction. (10)
(ii) Derive BET adsorption isotherm. (10)

(b) (i) Explain the role of inhibitors on
enzyme catalysed reaction. (10)
(ii) Derive Michaelis-Menten equation. (10)
13. (a) (i) Derive the rate expression for the
reaction between H2 and Br2. (10)
(ii) Describe the pressure and temperature
jump methods of fast reaction kinetics.
(b) (i) Discuss the kinetics of parallel
reactions with an example. (10)
(ii) Discuss the detailed account of the
study fast reactions by stopped flow
method. (10)
14. (a) (i) Set up and solve the Schrodinger wave
equation for the rigid rotor. (10)
(ii) State and discuss Heisenberg's
uncertainty principle. (10)
(b) (i) Explain the quantum mechanical
treatment of simple harmonic
oscillator. (10)
(ii) What is the concept of particle in a
three dimensional box? Derive the
expression for normalized eigen
function and total energy of particle in
a three dimensional box. (10)
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