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Default Model question papers for Ph. D Course Study in Anna university

Do you have model question papers for 1st year course study - Ph. D - Power System?

You need Anna University PhD model question paper, here I am giving:
Anna Univ PhD question paper
Model Question Paper –Chemical Engineering

1. Fins are provided on heat transferring surface in order to increase

a) heat transfer area b) heat transfer coefficient

c) mechanical strength of the equipment d) temperature gradient

2. Preheating of feed into an evaporator

a) reduces economy b) increases the heat transfer area

c) decreases the heat transfer area d) requires higher pressure of operation

3. For a fluid rotating at constant angular velocity about vertical axis as a rigid body, the

pressure intensity varies as the

a) square of the radial distance b) radial distance linearly.

c) inverse of the radial distance d) elevation along vertical direction

4. Pump used for transportation of molten sodium, in fast breeder reactor is

a) reciprocating pump b) plunger pump

c) electromagnetic pump d) gear pump

5. Propellers are

a) axial flow mixers b) low speed impellers

c) used for mixing liquids of high viscosity d) radial flow mixers

7. The dimensionless group in mass transfers that is equivalent to Prandtl number

in heat transfer is

a) Nusselt number b) Sherwood number c) Schmidt number d) Stanton number

8. The heat capacities of substances

a) decreases with increase in temp

b) increase with temp increase

c) decrease and then increase as temp increase

d) increase and then decrease as temp increase

9. One bar is ________ kgf/cm2

a)1.033 b)0.987 c)1.0197 d)1.0

10. Trouton’s rule deals with the relationship between

a) sensible heat and boiling point b) latent heat and boiling point

c) heat of reaction and temperature d) heat of reaction and pressure

11. The smallest unit of information that the computer uses

a) Byte b) Word c) Bit d) Code

12. Supervisory control is used to

a) change only the set points or values

b) can not be used to change set points or values

c) changes both set points and values


13. Dead time is defined as

a) No effect is observed on the output of the system

b) effect is observed on the output of the system

c) No such observation on the output of the system d) none.

14. The change in Gibb’s free energy for vapourisation of a pure substances is

a) positive b) negative c) zero d) may be positive or negative

15. A Carnot cycle consists of the following steps.

a) two isothermals and two isentropics

b) two isobarics and two isothermals

c) two isochorics and two isobarics

d) two isothermals and two isochorics

16. Heat and work are

a) point functions b) properties of the system

c) path functions d) state description of the system.

17. If ‘n’ is the order of the reaction than unit of rate constant is

a) 1 b) (time)-1 (Concentration)n -1

(time) (Concentration)n –1

c) (time)n (Concentration) d) none of the above

18. Half life period of a chemical reaction is

a) The time required to reduce the concentration of the reacting substance to half its initial


b) half of the space time of a reaction

c) half of the residence time of a reaction

d) None of these

19. A trickle bed reactor is one which

a) has altogether three streams either entering or leaving

b) processes three reactants at different flow rates

c) processes three reactants with same flow rate

d) employs all the three phases ( i.e. solid, liquid and gas)

20. A consecutive reaction A k1 B k2 C is characterized by

a) maxima in the concentration of A b) maxima in the concentration of B

c) maxima in the concentration of C d) high exothermicity



MODEL QUESTION PAPER- Faculty of Electrical Engineering

1. International Ohm(D) is defined in terms of the resistance of

a) Cube of Copper

b) Cube of Carbon

c) A Column of Mercury

d) The Unit length of metal wire

2. Midway between two equal and similar charges , a third equal and similar charge is placed

, then this third charge will be

a) remain in stable equilibrium

b) be in unstable equilibrium

c) not be in equilibrium

d) will move out of the field of influence of the two charges

3. The unit of retentivity is

a) ampere turn

b) ampere turn per metre

c) weber

d) weber per sq. m.

4. Interpoles in DC machine are usually wound with

a) very fine gauge copper wire

b) heavy gauge copper wire

c) insulation material

d) interpoles do not need winding

5. Equalizer connections are required when parallel to

a) bipolar generators

b) shunt generators

c) series generators

d) compound generators

6. Regenerating braking on shunt motors is used when

a) the load is variable load

b) the load is constantly decreasing

c) the load has overhauling characteristics

d) the load also acts as braking force

7. A DC motor can be easily identified by

a) yoke

b) size of conductor

c) commutator

d) winding

8. Power factor of the magnetizing component of a transformer

a) unity

b) lagging

c) always leading

d) zero

9. Power is measured in terms of decibel in case of

a) transformers

b) current transformers

c ) auto transformers

d) electronic equipments

10. If two alternators are running in synchronism and the voltage of one machine is suddenly

increased, then

a) the machines will burn

b) both the machines will stop

c) synchronizing torque will be produced to restore further synchronism

d) nothing will happen

11. The maximum value of torque that a synchronous motor can develop without losing its

synchronism is known as

a) breaking torque

b) synchronizing torque

c) pull out torque

d) slip torque

12. Which motor has the highest power to weight ratio?

a) universal motor

b) induction motor

c) synchronous motor

d) capacitor start induction run motor

13. In a shaded pole motor shading coils are used to

a) reduce winding losses

b) reduce friction losses

c) produce rotating magnetic field

d) to protect against sparking

14. A 100MW thermal power plant will consume how many tons of coal in one hour

a) 50 tonnes

b) 150 tonnes

c) 1500 tonnes

d) 15000 tonnes

15. During load shedding

a) system voltage is reduced

b)system frequency is reduced

c) some loads are switched off

d) system power factor is changed

16. In a transmission line having negligible resistance the surge impedance is

a) Sqrt. of (L + C)

b) Sqrt. of (C / L)

c) Sqrt. of (1 / LC)

d) Sqrt. of (LC)

17. Which of the following is not a part of a circuit breaker?

a) explosion part

b) fixed and moving contacts

c) conservator

d) operating mechanism

18. The break down voltage of a cable depends on

a) time of application of voltage

b) working temperature

c) presence of moisture

d) all the above

19. In a mercury arc rectifier, positive ions are attracted towards

a) mercury pool

b) shell bottom

c) cathode

d) anode

20. Polarization of dielectric materials results in

a) absorption of electrons

b) release of high velocity protons

c) creation of electric dipoles

d) production of eddy currents


Ph.D. Entrance Examination (Electronics & Communication Engineering)


1. An intrinsic semiconductor at absolute zero temperature

a. Behaves like an insulator

b. Behave like a metallic conductor

c. Has a large no. of holes

d. Has a few hole and few free electrons

2. High frequency inductors and capacitors are commonly placed with

silver because

a. Reduce their DC resistances

b. Reduce their AC resistances

c. Increase their DC resistances

d. Increase their DC resistances

3. At 0°K, the forbidden energy gap in silicon is

a. 0.785eV

b. 1.21 eV

c. 0.72 eV

d. 1.1 eV

4. Large scale integration

a. Does not require costly process facilities

b. Cannot be applied to MOS systems

c. Refers to only integrated electronic components fabricated in full size of


d. Refers to technology used to fabricate IC’s with complexity above 100


5. 550 IC is

a. An Op Amp

b. Timer

c. Voltage regulator

d. Counter

6. Select a 32 bit microprocessor

a. Intel 80186

b. Intel 80286

c. Intel pentium IV

d. Motorola’s MC 68000

7. Which of the following transistor is affected by static electricity

a. NPN transistor


c. UJT


8. In a resonant circuit, the power factor at resonance is

a. Zero

b. Unity

c. 0.5

d. ½

9. A digital voltmeter measures

a. Peak value

b. Peak to peak value

c. RMS value

d. Average value

10. Which is the following amplifier produces the least distortion?

a. Class A

b. Class AB

c. Class B

d. Class C

11. What technology is used for flat panel display?

a. Solid state

b. RBG monitor


d. Direct view storage tube

12. A switch – tail ring counter is made by using a single D flip-flop. The

circuit is a

a. SR flip-flop

b. JK flip-flop

c. D flip-flop

d. T Flop-flop

13. In FM broadcast, the maximum modulation frequency is restricted to

a. 5 KHz

b. 10 KHz

c. 15 KHz

d. 20 KHz

14. The baud rate is

a. Always equal to the bit transfer rate

b. Equal to twice the bandwidth of an ideal channel

c. Not equal to the signaling rate

d. Equal to one-half the bandwidth of ideal channel

15. Pre-emphasis circuit is used

a. After modulation

b. Before modulation

c. Before detection

d. After detection

16. Transient response of system is basically because of

a. Coupling

b. Forces

c. Friction

d. Stored energy

17. A rectangular or a circular wave guide is

a. A resonance circuit

b. High-pass filter

c. Low-pass filter

d. None of the above

18. The S / N power ratio for a satellite signal depends on

a. Bandwidth

b. Free-space path losses

c. Effective isotropically radiated power

d. All of the above

19. Which of the following satellite system is an international system?



c. ATS-6

d. None of these

20. A radar systems can be used to

a. Determine both range as well as velocity of moving target

b. Identify a target

c. Do imaging of a target

d. All of the above

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Default Re: Model question papers for Ph. D Course Study in Anna university

Give me link where I can get paper and course structure of PhD in Ann University.
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Default Re: Model question papers for Ph. D Course Study in Anna university

I completed masters and want to do PHD from Anna University, Chennai. Will you provide Model Question Papers for Ph. D Course Study In Anna University also tell PhD eligibility?
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Default Re: Model question papers for Ph. D Course Study in Anna university

Anna University, Chennai is one of the largest university in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is also accredited with five star rating from UGC.

Centre for Research is functioning from the inception of Anna University on 4th September 1978, offering research programmes in different branches of Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Planning, Science & Humanities and Management Sciences leading to award of Ph.D. degree.

The last date to apply for Ph.D program at Anna University is March 5, 2020

Model Question Papers for Ph. D is not available but below I am providing you the entrance test PhD Syllabus of Anna University:

PhD Syllabus of Anna University

PhD Eligibility:

Candidates must have master's degree or any other qualification recognized as equivalent in the fields of study that the candidate is applying to

Candidates must have bachelor's degree in Engineering / Technology of the University or any other qualification recognized as equivalent in the fields of study with a minimum of 15 years of Research and development (R & D) experience in National Research Laboratories / Public sector undertakings and with minimum of three publications in referred impact factor journals or two approved international patents in the last five years.

Candidates must have a minimum of 55% marks or CGPA of 5.5 on a 10 point scale in the qualifying examination (50% marks or CGPA of 5.0 on a 10 point scale for SC/ST candidates).



Centre for Research
Email : dirresearch@annauniv.edu,

Phone : 044-2235 7366
Fax : 044-2220 1213
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf PhD Syllabus of Anna University.pdf (865.1 KB, 17 views)
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Default Re: Model question papers for Ph. D Course Study in Anna university

I will completed my M.Sc., Mathematics and after I will do the ph.d in anna university so I will prepare the entrance exam so please provide the pervious year question paper in my email id is saravanarajcibi21000@gmail.com send my mail quickly
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Default Re: Model question papers for Ph. D Physics in Anna university

I need anna university Model question papers for Phd physics entrance examination. Can you mail it. My mail id is kavinayaramalingam34433@gmail.com
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model papers

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