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Unregistered 12:00 PM December 8th, 2012
hello, i am going to take admission in the MBA in information systems distance education from the Bharathiar University so please prove me syllabus of Bharathiar University distance education.
Sumit Bhardwaj 12:01 PM December 10th, 2012
As you are looking for the syllabus here I am providing you Bharathiar University MBA in information system from Distance Education I am giving you a pdf file that have complete syllabus but I am providing here some of the contains in it:-

MBA first semester syllabus:-

The detailed syllabus is in the file. You can get the syllabus after downloading the file.
Attached: BU MBA for information systems syllabus.pdf (490.3 KB) 
Unregistered 01:07 PM February 16th, 2013
Seen one website learnixmba They are providing online tuition class for MBA students. Has any one joined their class ? How good the online tuition will be ?
Unregistered 09:54 AM March 15th, 2013
I joined MBA ( International business ) on 2008 , and i have to complete 4 papers , when is the syllabus chaging , if syllabus change then what will happen to my MBA
Unregistered 01:57 PM February 21st, 2014
Will you please provide here Bharathiar University School of Distance Education M.B.A. Entrepreneurship syllabus?
Vinodt 02:01 PM February 21st, 2014
Bharathiar University School of Distance Education M.B.A. Entrepreneurship course details are:

M.B.A. Entrepreneurship

Duration: 2 Years
The applicant should have a bachelors degree from any recognized University.


1st Year
Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour
Managerial Economics
Accounting and Finance for Managers
Marketing Management
Human Resource Management
Quantitative Techniques for Management
Research Methods for Management

2nd Year
Entrepreneurial Finance
Entrepreneurship Development
Project management
Information Technology and E-Commerce
Technology Innovation and Sustainable Enterprise
Business Plan and Ethics
Managing Diversity
Project Work

For detailed syllabus here is attachment:

Bharathiar University
Coimbatore-641 046. India.
Phone: (91) 422-2428100, 2428108, 2428126, 2422335. Fax: (91) 422-2422387. Email: regr@buc.edu.in


Attached: BU SDE M.B.A. Entrepreneurship Syllabus.pdf (154.1 KB) 
Unregistered 01:27 PM November 2nd, 2014
iam a bca graduate.now iam working in dubai as a document controller...i wand study mba..so which mba specialization is better for my job....iam interested in hem, marketing,ib and project management.so please provide all details of these....i wanna all details.
Unregistered 01:04 PM October 8th, 2015
Hello sir I am looking for the Bharathiar University School of distance education MBA Syllabus so can you please provide me the same?
shabnams 01:06 PM October 8th, 2015
The School of Distance Education (SDE) of Bharathiar University was founded in 1991-92, it has 202 centres spreading over 23 states.

Here I am providing you Bharathiar University School of distance education MBA Syllabus……

First Year

1.1 Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour
1.2 Managerial Economics
1.3 Accounting and Finance for Managers
1.4 Marketing Management
1.5 Human Resource Management
1.6 Quantitative Techniques for Management
1.7 Research Methods for Management
1.8 Corporate Communication
1.9 Operations Management

Second Year

2.1 Service Marketing
2.2 Brand Management
2.3 Management Information System
2.4 International Business
2.5 Strategic Management
2.6 Labour Welfare and Industrial Relations
2.7 Financial Services
2.8 Equity Research and Portfolio Management
2.9 Training & Development


Unit I :
Introduction to services - Characteristics of service marketing – Difference between Goods and Service Marketing - Concepts of Services Marketing Triangle – Services Marketing Planning – Globalization of Service.

Unit II : Marketing mix in Service Marketing – Service Product Design – Service offer – Service Differentiation – Service Demand and Capacity Management- Strategy for Managing Demand – Services Pricing – Service Distribution Channel and Delivery – Service Promotion – External Communication.

Unit III :
Physical Evidence – Services cape – People in Service Delivery – Internal Marketing and Empowerment – Service Process – Service Design and Positioning – New Service Development Types , Stages – Targeting and segmenting – Position Strategy in service – Consumer Behaviour in services – Customer Relationship in Management – Technology and its impact on services.

Unit IV : Delivery of Quality Services – GAP models of Service Quality – Key factors and Strategies for closing the gap – SERQUAL – SERVLOL – SERVPERF – Service Failure – Service Recovery – Service Guarantee – Complaint Management.

Unit V : Marketing of Banking , Insurance , I.T enabled Services, Health Services, Educatinal Services and Hospitality Services including Hotel , Travel , Tourism, Transport and Social Marketing.

1. Zeithmal V and Bitner M.J Service Marketing, 1996, The McGraw – Hill Company.

2. Christopher Lovelock, Service Marketing, 2010. Pearson.

3. Bhattacharjee-Services Marketing , 2006, JaicoBooks.

4. Ravi Shankar, Service Marketing, 2002, 1st edition, Excel books.

5. K. Rama Mohana Rao, Services Marketing, 2nd edition, 2011,Pearson Education.

6. S.M. Jha, Service Marketing, Himalaya Publishing House – Revised Edition 2000.

Rest of the syllabus here I am attaching pdf file which is free for download…..

Bharathiar University
Shop No.302, Sri Laxshmi Complex
Cross Cut Rd
Peranaidu Layout,
Tamil Nadu 641012

Attached: Bharathiar University School of distance education MBA Syllabus.pdf (234.2 KB) 
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