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Hello, I am preparing for the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) examination. Can you plz provide me the page from where I can download the previous year question papers.

As per as my knowledge the AFMC has been discontinued and has been replaced by AIPMT. So here I am giving you the question paper of AIPMT. The questions are objective type of the Biology subject. I have taken following questions from the attachment:

1. Which one, of the following statements about all the four of Spongilla, Leech, Dolphin and Penguin is correct.
1) Spongilla has special collared cells called choanocytes, not found in the remaining three
2) All are bilaterally symmetrical
3) Penguin is homoiothermic while the remaining three are poikilothermic
4) Leech is a fresh water form while all others atemaririe

2. Which one of the following statements about human sperm incorrect?
1) Acrosome servesas a sensory structure leading the sperm towards the ovum
2) Acrosome serves no particular function
3) Acrosome has a conical pointed structure used for piercing and penetrating the egg, resulting in fertilisation
4) The sperm lysins in the acrosome dissolve the egg envelope facilitating fertilisation

3. The nerve centres which control the body temperature and the urge for eating are contained in
1) Cerebellum
2) Thalamus
3) Hypothalamus
4) Pons

4. What is true about RBCs in humans ?
1) They frarisport about 80 per cent oxygen only and the rest; 20 per cent of it is transported in dissolved state in blood plasma
2) They do not carry CO2 at all
3) They carry about 20–25 per cent of CO2
4) They do not carry CO2 at all. They carry about 20-25 per cent of CO2. They transport 99.5 percent of O2

5. Which one of the following is used as vector for cloning genes into higher organisms?
1) Rhizopus nigriccans
2) Retrovirus
3) Baculovirus
4) Salmonella typhimurium

Remaining questions are in the attachment, please click on it…
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: doc AIMPT Biology prelims question paper.doc (357.0 KB, 483 views)

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Default Re: AFMC question paper free download

Here I am giving you Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) entrance examination question biology paper as below:-

1. ABO blood grouping in humans is an example of
(1) Polygenic inheritance
(2) Multifactor inheritance
(3) Pleiotropic gene
(4) Multiple alleles

2. Dominant gene for tallness is T and for yellow colour is Y. A plant heterozygous for both the traits is selfed, then the ratio of pure homozygous dwarf and green offspring would be
(1) 1/4
(2) 4/16
(3) 3/16
(4) 1/16

If you want to get more question of the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC) entrance examination then you can see given below attachment:-
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf AFMC Question Paper Biology.pdf (212.9 KB, 1224 views)
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Old December 27th, 2014, 04:49 PM
Default Re: AFMC question paper free download

could we get the fully solved paper?
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Old August 8th, 2019, 12:43 PM
Default Re: AFMC question paper free download

Hi buddy here I am searching Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune entrance exam question paper to do its exam preparation so would you plz tell me from where I can do download its paper on free of cost ??
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Old August 8th, 2019, 12:44 PM
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Default Re: AFMC question paper free download

As you are asking for Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune entrance exam question paper , so on your demand I am providing same here :


1. If the velocity of light C, the universal gravitational constant G and Plancks constant h be chosen as fundamental quantities then the dimensions of mass is this system

a. hCG

b. hCG1

c. h1C1G

d. h1/2C1/2G1/2

2. The force F acting on a particle in terms of time t and distance x is given by

F = (AcosBx) (CsinDt)

The dimensions of (AC) and (BD) respectively are

a. MLT2, M0L1T1

b. MLT2, ML1T1

c. ML2T2, M0L1T2

d. MLT2, M0L1T1

3. The density of a material in the CGS system is 8 g/cm3. In a system in which the unit of length is 5 cm and the unit of mass is 20 g, the density is

a. 16 units

b. 25 units

c. 32 units

d. 50 units

4. Two forces P and Q acting at a point are such that if P is reversed, the direction of the resultant is turned through 90. Then

a. P = Q

b. P = 2Q

c. P = Q/2

d. Non relation between P & Q

5. Of the following which one has dimensions different from the remaining three

a. Energy per unit volume

b. Force per unit area

c. Stress strain

d. Force area

6. How many moles of HCl will be present in 100 mL of a solution of specific gravity 1.08, containing 20% HCl by mass ?

a. 0.50

b. 0.60

c. 0.80

d. 0.12

7. The solubility of K2SO4 in water is 16g at C. The minimum amount of water required to dissolve 4g K2SO4 is:

a. 10g

b. 25g

c. 50g

d. 75g

8. 1.0 g of pure calcium carbonate was found to require 50 mL of dilute HCl for complete reactions. The strength of the HCl solution is given by:

a. 4 N

b. 2 N

c. 0.4 N

d. 0.2 N

9. In Haber process, 30 L of dihydrogen and 30L of dinitrogen were taken for reaction which yielded only 50% of the expected product. What will be the composition of the gaseous mixture under the aforesaid conditions in the end?

a. 20 L NH3, 25 L N2 and 20 L H2

b. 10 L NH3, 25 L N2 and 15 L H2

c. 20 L NH3, 10 L N2 and 30 L H2

d. 20 L NH3, 25 L N2 and 15 L H2

10. For the reaction A + 2B ->C, 5 moles of A and 8 moles of B will produce

a. 5 moles of C

b. 4 moles of C

c. 8 moles of C (4) 13 moles of C

d. The number of gram atoms of oxygen in 0.16 mol

11. A room has dimension 5m 3m 4m. A mosquito files from one corner of the room to its diagonally opposite corner, then magnitude of displacement of mosquito is

a. 5 m

b. 5 2 m

c. 4 m

d. 3 m

12. If the resultant of the two vectors having magnitude of 7 and 4 is 11, the dot product of the two vectors could be

a. 28

b. 3

c. Zero

d. 7/4

13. A force vector F = 2I + 3 N acts at a point P (4m, 2m) in xy plane then magnitude moment of force about origin of co-odinate system is

a. 14 Nm

b. 8 Nm

c. 12 Nm

d. Zero

14. Maximum and minimum magnitudes of the resultant of two vectors of magnitudes P and Q are in the ratio 3 : 1. Which of the following relations is true

a. P = 2Q

b. P = Q

c. PQ = 1

d. None of these

15. Which pair of the following forces will never give resultant force of 2N

a. 2 N and 2 N

b. 1 N and 1 N

c. 1 N and 3 N

d. 1 N and 4 N

16. The equivalent weight of KIO3 in the reaction,

2Cr(OH)3 + (OH) + KIO3 2CrO42 + 5H2O + KI is :

a. Molecular weight

b. (Molecularweight)/3

c. (Molecularweight)/6

d. (Molecularweight)/2

17. 1g of a metal required 50 mL of 0.5 N HCl to dissolve it.The equivalent mass of the metal is :

a. 25

b. 50

c. 20

d. 40

18. When KMnO4 is reduced with oxalic acid in acidic medium, the oxidation number of Mn changes from :

a. 7 to 4

b. 6 to 4

c. 7 to 2

d. 4 to 2

19. In nitric oxide (NO), the oxidation state of nitrogen is:

a. 2

b. +1

c. 1

d. +2

20. A compound of Xe and F is found to have 53.3 % Xe. Oxidation number of Xe in this compound is :

a. 4

b. zero

c. +4

d. +6

21. A particle has an initial velocity of 9 m/s due east and a constant acceleration of 2 m/s2 due west. The distance covered by the particle in the fifth second of its motion is

a. 0

b. 0.5 m

c. 2 m

d. none of these

22. A very large number of balls are thrown vertically upwards in quick secessions is such a way that the next ball is thrown when the previous one is at the maximum height. If the maximum height is 5m.The number of balls thrown per minute is: (Take g = 10 m/ s2 )

a. 80

b. 120

c. 40

d. 60
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