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How I get the Syllabus For Physics Honours of the University Of Calcutta please tell me how I get more information about it and have you any more information about this if you have please tell me and can you tell me about its official website from which I can get more information about this.

As per your request, I am giving you syllabus of the University Of Calcutta for Physics Honours.

Paper II

Unit I

Classical Mechanics I (25 Marks)
1. Mechanics of a Single Particle Velocity and acceleration of a particle in (i) plane polar coordinates - radial and cross-radial components (ii) spherical polar and (iii) cylindrical polar co-ordinate system; Time and path integral of force; work and energy; Conservative force and concept of potential; Dissipative forces; Conservation of linear and angular momentum.

2. Mechanics of a System of Particles
Linear momentum, angular momentum and energy - centre of mass decompositon; Equations of motion, conservation of linear and angular momenta. (6)

3. Rotational Motion
Moment of inertia, radius of gyration; Energy and angular momentum of rotating systems of particles; Parallel and perpendicular axes theorems of moment of inertia; Calculation of moment of inertia for simple symmetric systems; Ellipsoid of inertia and inertia tensor; Setting up of principal axes in simple symmetric cases. Rotating frames of reference - Coriolis and centrifugal forces, simple examples. Force-free motion of rigid bodies - free spherical top and free symmetric top.

Thermal Physics I

1.Kinetic Theory of Gases
Basic assumptions of kinetic theory, Ideal gas approximation, deduction of perfect gas laws. Maxwell’s distribution law (both in terms of velocity and energy), root mean square and most probable speeds. Finite size of molecules : Collision probability, Distribution of free paths and mean free path from Maxwell’s distribution. Degrees of freedom, equipartition of energy (detailed derivation not required).

2.Transport Phenomena Viscosity, thermal conduction and diffusion in gases. Brownian Motion: Einstein’s theory, Perrin’s work, determination of Avogardo number. (4)

3.Real Gases
Nature of intermolecular interaction : isotherms of real gases. van der-Waals equation of state, Other equations of state (mention only), critical constants of a gas, law of corresponding states; Virial Coefficients

4.Conduction of Heat
Thermal conductivity, diffusivity. Fourier’s equation for heat conduction – its solution for rectilinear and radial (spherical and cylindrical) flow of heat. (3)
Radiation : Spectral emissive and absorptive powers, Kirchoff’s law, blackbody radiation, energy density, radiation pressure. Stefan-Boltzmann law, Newton 's law of cooling, Planck’s law (no detailed derivation)

For complete syllabus, Download the attachment.

Contact Details:
University Of Calcutta
Senate House, 87/1, College Street, Kolkata, West Bengal 700073 ‎
033 2241 0071

Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf University Of Calcutta Physics Honours Syllabus .pdf (275.3 KB, 38 views)

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Default Re: University Of Calcutta Syllabus For Physics Honours

Here I am giving you PDF for Syllabus of Physics Honors for University Of Calcutta.

PDF has whole syllabus and contains three parts and each part is having the three papers or more than three papers but total paper is 8 papers.
Some contents of PDF are showed as below:-

Paper I
Unit - I
1. Preliminary Topics
Infinite sequences and series - convergence and divergence, conditional and absolute convergence, ratio test for
convergence. Functions of several real variables - partial differentiation, Taylor's series, multiple integrals.
Random variables and probabilities - statistical expectation value, variance; Analysis of random errors: Probability
distribution functions (Binomial, Gaussian, and Poisson) (10)
2. Vector Analysis
Transformation properties of vectors; Differentiation and integration of vectors; Line integral, volume integral and
surface integral involving vector fields; Gradient, divergence and curl of a vector field; Gauss' divergence
theorem, Stokes' theorem, Green's theorem - application to simple problems; Orthogonal curvilinear co-ordinate
systems, unit vectors in such systems, illustration by plane, spherical and cylindrical co-ordinate systems only.
3. Matrices
Hermitian adjoint and inverse of a matrix; Hermitian, orthogonal, and unitary matrices; Eigenvalue and
eigenvector (for both degenerate and non-degenerate cases); Similarity transformation; diagonalisation of real
symmetric matrices.

For more information you can see attach PDF as below:-
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf University Of Calcutta Syllabus For Physics Honors.pdf (275.3 KB, 43 views)
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Default Re: University Of Calcutta Syllabus For Physics Honours

I want to do M.Sc Physics Honors from University of Calcutta searching for course syllabus. Will you provide University Of Calcutta Syllabus For Physics Honours and admission eligibility?
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Default Re: University Of Calcutta Syllabus For Physics Honours

University of Calcutta is a collegiate public state university located in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

It was established on 24 January 1857, and was one of the first institutions in Asia to be established as a multidisciplinary and Western-style university.

The college offers Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physics. It is a three year full time degree programme.

As per your request below I am providing you the University Of Calcutta Syllabus For Physics Honours:

University Of Calcutta Syllabus For Physics Honours

Admission Eligibility

A candidate may be admitted to the first year of three-year B.A./B.Sc./B.Com. (Honours/General/Major) or B.Mus. (Honours/General) Courses of Studies on passing H.S. (10+2) Examination in General or Vocational Stream conducted by West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education or an equivalent examination conducted by other State Board/Council, or Rabindra Mukta Vidyalaya or National Open School recognized by the Distant Learning Council


University of Calcutta
87, 1, College St, Calcutta University, College Square
Kolkata, West Bengal 700073
Phone: 033 2219 2286
Attached Files Available for Download
File Type: pdf University Of Calcutta Syllabus For Physics Honours.pdf (1.14 MB, 3 views)
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