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Default Rajasthan university syllabus

Hy please can any body give me the syllabus of the Rajasthan university? How can I download the syllabus form its official website? What is the syllabus for the MA in Human Resource?
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Default Re: Rajasthan university syllabus

You are looking for the syllabus of the Rajasthan university.
I have it for MA.
Now I am uploading PDF file that contain complete syllabus like this:

4. Hindi
5. Philosophy
6. Sanskrit
7. Urdu
1. Anthropology
2. Economics
3. Garment Production and Expor
4. Geography
5. History
6. Mathematics
7. Political Science
8. Psychology
9. Public Administration
10. Sociology
11. Statistics
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File Type: pdf Rajasthan university MA human Recourse syllabus.pdf (116.4 KB, 40 views)
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Old February 9th, 2015, 11:48 AM
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Default Re: Rajasthan university syllabus

Will you provide me syllabus of M.A./M.Sc. ANTHROPOLOY Previous course of Rajasthan university?
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Default Re: Rajasthan university syllabus

As you want I am here providing you syllabus of M.A./M.Sc. ANTHROPOLOY Previous course of Rajasthan university.

Paper I- Social Anthropology

Horizons of Anthropology.
Basic Consept : Institution and group; community, society and culture, status and role; social structure and social organisation. Social function.
Marriage: The problems of universal definition; incest and prohibited categories; preferential forms of marriage. Marriage regulation and marriage payments: dowry and bride wealth.
The familly as the corner stone of human society: universality of the family. Functions of the family. Diverse forms of family nuclear extended joint family system in India.
Kunship the idea of kunship system and its place in social structure Classificatory and descriptive terms/systems according to Morgan and Murdock Privaleged famiharily avoidance and joking relatioship. Unilateral bilateral and double descent systems. Virilocal uxorilocal and meolocal residence paterns. Corporate kin group: lineage, clan, Kinbred. Structural implication of crosscousin marriage.
Economic anthropology : meaning, scope and differences from economics, Modes of exchange; barter; ceremonial exchange (kula, patlatch), reaprocity and redistribution; market and trade, Production. The debate between formalists and substranitivists about the relevance of economic theory for understanding primitive and peasant economics
Political Anthropology: meaning, scope and difference from political science. The locus power and functions of legitimate authority in different societies. Difference between state and stateless political systms. The rise of the state. Leadership patterns. Law and anthropological approach to its study. The cultural back ground of law. Extra-legal devices of social control.
Religion theories of origin,e.g. animism,animation Magic religion and science, Myth and ritual, Totemism and tabboo. Relation of religion to other social institutions. The contemporary anthropological perspective on the study of religion.
Social Stratification : caste, class and estate. The major features of caste system and its place in contemporary India,The impact of caste on non-Hindus in India.

Paper II-Physical and Archaeological Anthropology3 hrs Duration100 Marks
(A) Physical Anthropology 50 Marks

Meaning and scope of Physical Anthropology : Its relation to the other pranches of anthropology and to other sciences.
Foundations of the theory of organic evolution: Lamarckism, Neo-Lamarckism,Drawinism and synthetic theory. Human evolution: biological and culural dimension. Micro-evolution.

The Order Primate: Its evolutionary.K tendencies,(i.e. characteristics.) classification and distribution. A comparative study of primates with special reference to the anthropological aspects and man.
Fossil eveidence for human evolution: Dryopethecus,Ramapithecus Australopithrecines, Homo erectus Pithecanthropines, Homo-sapiens, Neaderthalensis and Homo sapiens.
Genetics: Definition: The Mendelian principles and their application to human populations.
Human variation : Racial differentiation of man bases of Recial classification, morphological,serological and genetic.Rolo of heredity and environment i the formation of races.

aper III-Field Work and Practicals 100 Marks
(A) Physical Anthropology(Practical) 50 Marks

Duration 3 hrs.
Identification and description of the major bones of human skeleton. Aging and sexing of lhuman bones with special reference of suture closure ossification centers and epiphyseal unions.
Measurements on the Cranium:
Maximum cranial length.
Maximum cranial breadthy
Maximum frontal breadthy
Bi-curricular breadth.
Greatest occipical breadth.
Bimastoid breadth.
Basion bregma height.
Horizontal circumference of the skull.
Frontal arc.
Paristal arc.
Occipital arc.
Frontal chord.
Parietal chord.
Orbital breadth.
Orbital Height
Bizygomatic Breadth.
Upper facial height.
Rasal height.
Nasal breadth.

Measurements on the mandible:
Bicondylar breadth.
Bigonial breadth.
Heights of the ramus.
Breadth of the ramus.

Cranial index
Frontal index.
Upper facial index.
Orbital index.
Rasal index.

Somatometric Measurements:
Height vertex.
Sitting height vertex.
Upper arm length.
Fore arm hebngth
Hand length.
Hand breadth.
Foot length.
Foot breadth.
Biacromial breadth.
Biacromial breadth.
Chest breadth.
Chest depth.
Chest girth.
Arm girth in the middle
Body weight.

For more detail here is the attachment.


Rajasthan University
JLN Marg, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302004 ‎
0141 271 1070

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File Type: doc M.A. M.Sc. ANTHROPOLOY previous year syllabus.doc (139.5 KB, 9 views)
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